20 Mayor of Kingstown Quotes From the Paramount+ Television Series

Check out these Mayor of Kingstown quotes about how the local prison’s staff rules a small town.

Mayor of Kingstown is a television series that premiered in 2021 as a crime thriller.

The series was created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon and starred Jeremy Renner, Dianne West, Hugh Dillon, Tobi Bamtefa, and many other talented actors.

Mayor of Kingstown completed the 10-episode first season, and the second season premiered in January 2023.

The show has received low approval ratings but has a steady audience.

The show’s plot follows the McLusky family, the power brokers in the fictional small town of Kingstown, MI.

The prison is the only thriving industry in Kingstown, and the town is full of racism and corruption.

Take a look at these Mayor of Kingstown quotes to learn more about the television series.

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Mayor of Kingstown quotes from Mike McLusky

1. “I negotiate for you. I don’t negotiate with you.” — Mike McLusky

2. “When I say I do a thing… that thing gets fucking done.” — Mike McLusky

3. “I run with the biggest gang in the city, the ones with the fucking badges.” — Mike McLusky

4. “Don’t tell me the story that you want to be true. Just tell me the fucking truth.” — Mike McLusky

5. “We don’t break the law. You know that. We bend it. To make peace. For everybody.” — Mike McLusky

6. “Everyone’s done a deal with the fucking devil and nobody wants to fucking keep it. That’s not how the devil works.” — Mike McLusky

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7. “Number one, I’m not your brother. Two, don’t act like I fucking work for you. If you want something from me, you fucking ask. And then you fucking pay for it like everybody else.” — Mike McLusky

8. “This is a company town and the business is incarceration. Seven prisons in a 10-mile radius. 20,000 lost souls with no hope, no future. And I’m their link to a world that doesn’t want them. I’m the life raft. I’m the mayor of Kingstown.” — Mike McLusky

Mayor of Kingstown quotes from Iris

9. “Hope sells for a pretty penny.” — Iris

10. “No one can have me. That’s my appeal.” — Iris

11. “I think the only mysterious thing about the human body is the eyes.” — Iris

12. “The devil. It’s what we all are. You. Me. We’re all just fucking monsters.” — Iris

13. “Never believed in Heaven or Hell. Or God or the devil. Still don’t believe in God. But I believe in the devil. Because he looked me right in the eye.” — Iris

14. “I had 100 guys swear that they’d die for me. None swear to kill. Never entered their selfish minds. But you? Didn’t even swear it. You just did it. You killed them for me.” — Iris

Mayor of Kingstown quotes from Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington & Miriam McLusky

15. “When there’s peace in the jungle, you gotta enjoy the quiet.” — Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington

16. “If you die before your child is born, your child has lost her war before it’s even started.” — Miriam McLusky

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17. “To think about the evolution of man, it’s always a good idea to remember that we’re all animals.” — Miriam McLusky

18. “This levee got to break on its own. Can’t plug every hole. Sometimes you just gotta let that dam bust open.” — Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington

19. “That’s the thing with problems. You can leave them as long as you want. They’re still gonna be there when you get back.” — Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington

20. “For 500 years, running fast is the only thing that can free a black man. But slavery ended 150 years ago. And it’s still the only thing that frees a black man.” — Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington

Who are the McLusky Family?

The McLusky family has been the power brokers in Kingstown for a couple of generations.

While most heads of prisons are called “Wardens,” in Kingstown, they are called “The Mayor.”

The current “Mayor” is Mike McLusky, who took over from his brother Mitch, who was killed in episode one, and their dad had been the “Mayor” before Mitch.

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