25 Monogatari Quotes That Explore The Spirit World

If you are a fan of the supernatural, you will love our Monogatari quotes. 

Monogatari is a very popular light novel and animated series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. 

Check out our Monogatari quotes below. 

What is Monogatari?

Monogatari is a Japanese light novel and animated series exploring ghosts, spirits, animal guides, and other supernatural phenomena. 

Check out these astonishing facts about Monotagari below: 

  • The author says he wrote the series to entertain himself. 
  • Some new fans are confused about getting the correct watch order for the series.
  • Monotagari is one of the world’s most popular anime series without an English dub. 

The series is centered around the character Koyomi Araragi, a high school student who survives a vampire attack. 

After the attack, Kiyomi’s world expands as he becomes aware of aspects of life he was previously unaware of. 

The show’s brilliance comes from the way the writers connect supernatural phenomena with the emotional and mental experiences the characters embody. 

What is Monogatari known for?

One of the coolest aspects of the series is that each character embodies an emotion or personality type. 

The anime explores the adolescence of each character and how their feelings and problems connect. 

Another interesting aspect of the series is the way the stories are presented. 

Many of us are used to linear storytelling patterns, but Monogatari is unique because the plot is told from a non-linear perspective. 

As the audience, we get pieces of each character, but those pieces may occur in the past, future, or present. 

Each character has an item, body part, or personality set that symbolizes a spiritual or animal connection. 

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Monotagari is a fantasy series, yet the writers use dialogue and wordplay to create deeply layered metaphors about our lives, feelings, and the physical world. 

To learn more, check out our Monotagari quotes below. 

Short Monogatari Quotes from Kaiki Deishu

Below are some of Kaiki Deishu’s most memorable quotes. 

1. “Have suspicions, not faith.” — Kaiki Deishu

2. “The fake is of far greater value.” — Kaiki Deishu

3. “Romance can strengthen people, but it can also make them useless.” — Kaiki Deishu

4. “In its deliberate attempt to be real, it’s more real than the real thing.” — Kaiki Deishu

5. “Be careful of what is the truth and what is lie. In other words, always doubt yourself.” — Kaiki Deishu

Famous Monogatari Quotes from Shinobu Oshino 

Here are some of Shinobu Oshino’s most memorable quotes.

6. “The sun is my enemy, but the moon has been good to me.” — Shinobu Oshino

7. “No matter what bonds you forge with others, time will tear them apart.”  — Shinobu Oshino

8. “We can’t let the past be mere water under the bridge. Even so, there’s no reason that we can’t come together.” — Shinobu Oshino

9. “There’s no reason a fake can’t do what the real thing would. And it’s possible for a fake to be more real than the real thing.” — Shinobu Oshino

10. “It’s not good to expect too much, but you can’t do anything if you’re overly pessimistic. If you just wait thinking it’s useless, nothing will come of it.” — Shinobu Oshino

The Best Monogatari Quotes from Meme Oshino

Meme is a realist, and these quotes remind us why it is beneficial to live our truth. 

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11. “Everyone has things they can’t say on impulse.” — Meme Oshino

12. “I don’t think much of you for sending a girl your age to the place where a weird man lives.” — Meme Oshino

13. “No person exists that is just virtuous, and kindness is only something piled on the outside.” — Meme Oshino

14. “There are no humans with just virtue and fairness. Rather, they try to be that and just build up stress.” — Meme Oshino

15. “It’s not like people only look for help by saying ‘please help me.’ In similiar vein, it’s not like you’re only in love with someone if you say, “I love you.” — Meme Oshino

Top Monogatari Quotes from Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi reminds us that kindness is not always met with kindness. 

16. “Kindness can sometimes translate to hostility.” — Hitagi Senjougahara

17. “Different conclusions are reached when one fact is viewed from two separate points of view.” — Hitagi Senjougahara

18. “When that happens, there is no immediate way to judge which point of view is the correct one.”  — Hitagi Senjougahara

19. “Unfortunately, a psychotic virgin, starved for love and likely to fall for anyone who would be a little nice to her, has set eyes on you.” — Hitagi Senjougahara

20. “There is no way to conclude one’s own conclusion is the correct one. But for that exact reason, it is also premature to decide one’s own conclusion is wrong.” — Hitagi Senjougahara

Monogatari Quotes and Sayings from Araragai Koyomi

Here are some wise quotes from Araragai Koyomi.

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21. “It’s impossible for someone to replace someone else.” — Araragai Koyomi

22. “Do you need something? We can just chat about something else now.” — Araragai Koyomi

23. “People save themselves on their own. Nobody can ever save someone else.” — Araragai Koyomi

24. “Why would I choose such a gruesome way to kill myself? Let me die painlessly.” — Araragai Koyomi

25. “If you’re going to selfishly admire someone only to be disillusioned later, then maybe you shouldn’t try to get to know them better at all.” — Araragi Koyomi

Is Monogatari hard to understand?

Fans of the series love the idea that Monogatari is a layered and sometimes complicated story. 

The writing in the series is multi-dimensional and can sometimes be confusing. 

This can challenge new fans because they may need to figure out where to start or where a particular storyline will take them. 

However, this makes the series worth watching and reading for many. 

In a crisis, the human mind can do wondrous things. 

Blending psychological issues with the supernatural exposes fans to new scientific and esoteric terminology they may be unfamiliar with. 

The show is not all vampires and devils, as the series is also full of worthwhile practical wisdom. 

One example comes from the character Kaiki Deishu who laments, “Just as there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved by being right, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved by money.”

What do you love about Monogatari?

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