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Narcos Quotes About the Drug-Kingpin Himself

These Narcos quotes give you a deep dive into the life of a cartel leader.

Narcos is a very popular Netflix series centered on the life story of drug-kingpin, Pablo Escobar, who made billions of fortune by mass-producing cocaine and exporting it to U.S. consumers.

The show made it hard to hate Escobar since it basically humanized him and brought reasons to his violent actions.

Narcos accurately portrayed how money can make you ruler of your world. Escobar had all the power in his hands and people in his pocket.

These Narcos quotes will make you realize how much power drug cartels have and how much they can influence your lives directly or indirectly.

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Narcos quotes by Pablo Escobar

1. “Geniuses are always branded as crazy.” — Pablo Escobar

2. “Lies are necessary when the truth is too difficult to believe.” — Pablo Escobar

3. “I’ll never surrender.” — Pablo Escobar

4. “There is no business like blow business.” — Pablo Escobar

5. “They may separate us, but they’ll never be able to destroy us.” — Pablo Escobar

6. “I don’t want to be good. I am going to be great.” — Pablo Escobar

7. “I am not a rich person. I am a poor person with money.” — Pablo Escobar

8. “To have power does not mean that one can abuse the poor.” — Pablo Escobar

9. “Lies are necessary, when the truth is too difficult to believe.” — Pablo Escobar

10. “The purpose of war is peace.” — Pablo Escobar

11. “There’s cash buried everywhere. The guerillas, the paramilitary, the narcos… Everybody’s burying cash.” — Pablo Escobar

12. “There is a time to fight and there is a time to be clever.” — Pablo Escobar

13. “Silver or lead. You decide.” — Pablo Escobar

14. “I’ll die before I ever leave Colombia again.” — Pablo Escobar

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15. “I turned myself in to that punk, the vice minister of justice. But since there is no justice in this country, he is the vice minister of nothing.” — Pablo Escobar

16. “We have to create a presence so disruptive they’ll want nothing but peace.” — Pablo Escobar

17. “I would like to die on my own two feet. In the year 3047.” — Pablo Escobar

18. “The men of always aren’t interested in the children of never.” — Pablo Escobar

19. “No one wants war, Carlito. Especially when they know they would lose.” — Pablo Escobar

20. “There is nothing lower than a rat. And if we let the rats run free, the streets will be filled with them.” — Pablo Escobar

21. “I am Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. My eyes are everywhere. That means you guys can’t move a finger in all of Antioquia without me knowing about it. Do you understand? Not a finger. One day, I’m going to be president of the Republic of Colombia. So look, I make deals for a living. Now, you can stay calm and accept my deal, or accept the consequences.” — Pablo Escobar

22. “This is my city, Limón. These are my people. Medellín will never betray me.” — Pablo Escobar

Narcos quotes by Javier Pena

23. “Everybody works for somebody.” — Javier Pena

24. “But sometimes even the best get unlucky.” — Javier Pena

25. “Sometimes you have to put on a little show, helps bring the best out of people.” — Javier Pena

26. “Things don’t always go according to plan. You can use every hope and prayer you have, take your shot, and everything still goes to shit.” — Javier Pena

27. “There’s no way out, Carlitos. You’re going to Disneyland.” — Javier Pena

28. “This cat is DEA. Mark my words, it will get justice.” — Javier Pena

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29. “Sleep with a communist? That would be downright un-American.” — Javier Pena

30. “To kill a monster, sometimes you have to get in bed with other monsters.” — Javier Pena

31. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend, until he becomes my enemy again. When that happens, God help them.” — Javier Pena

32. “Money makes the world go ’round. Legal or illegal, good guys and bad guys, we all chase money. For the DEA, it’s about budget meetings and kissing the right ass to keep the funding flowing. But if you’re a trafficker, getting the money is easy. It’s holding onto it that’s hard.” — Javier Pena

33. “No matter how well you hide it, money always leaves a trail.” — Javier Pena

Narcos quotes by Steve Murphy

34. “Back then, we were just finding out about the effects of cocaine on the human brain. We didn’t know much, but we knew it was some pretty powerful s***.” — Steve Murphy

35. “Cocaine hijacks the pleasure centers in the brain. A rat will choose cocaine over food and water. It would choose cocaine over sleep, over sex, over life itself. The human brain isn’t quite the same as a rodent’s unless we’re talking about cocaine.” — Steve Murphy

36. “They say when a nuclear holocaust destroys the world, only the cockroaches will survive.” — Steve Murphy

37. “The hippies had been replaced by Colombians, and these guys didn’t wear flip-flops.” — Steve Murphy

38. “Sometimes bad guys do good things.” — Steve Murphy

39. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the narco world, it’s that life is more complicated than you think. Good and bad, they’re relative concepts.” — Steve Murphy

40. “The bad guys need to get lucky every time. The good guys just need to get lucky once.” — Steve Murphy

Narcos quotes by Jose Rodriguez Gacha

41. “Careful with the threat you cannot execute.” — Jose Rodriguez Gacha

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42. “Everyone in the world has a price.” — Jose Rodriguez Gacha

Narcos quotes by Tata Escobar

43. “What good is having all the money in the world if you can’t go home?” — Tata Escobar

44. “When the time comes, it will just be you and me. And I will be a part of this, Pablo.” — Tata Escobar

45. “I know, Carlos, that wherever I go, I’ll always be Pablo Escobar’s wife. My children will always be Pablo Escobar’s children. Even if we lived in exile with him. But without him? No.” — Tata Escobar

Narcos quotes from other characters

46. “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” — Gilberto Rodriguez

47. “Sometimes even the largest companies depend on a small outcome to determine their future.” — Gilberto Rodriguez

48. “Not everyone’s for sale, Pablo. You just keep hiding, and I will find you. Don’t know when but I will find you. And when I find you, I’m going to kill you.” — Horacio Carrillo

49. “If you support evil, you are evil.” — Horacio Carrillo

50. “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” — Pacho Herrera

Which of these Narcos quotes is your favorite?

This series is action-packed and will definitely leave you wanting more.

It gives an interesting narrative to the lives of drug lords and their gangs which somehow humanizes their violent actions and unforgiving nature.

As the director of this series has said “We love Pablo. We don’t love the man.”

Remember that using narcotics and illegal drugs is not only a dangerous addiction but also an unwilling and selfish support to drug cartels around the world.

Hopefully, these Narcos quotes and sayings will give you a better perspective as to what narcotics do to the lives of people around you.

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