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Some Words About New Mexico

New Mexico is located in the southwestern region of the U.S.

It is a land that is rich in history and culture.

The natural beauty of this area is also worthy of praise.

This land is known for its diverse culinary traditions and vivid art scene.

New Mexico is a tourist attraction that simply captivates the soul.

Rich Culture

New Mexico is known for its rich culture.

Hispanic, indigenous, and Anglo influences have shaped it. 

The Native American communities include:

  • Navajo
  • Apache 
  • Pueblo 

These communities have preserved their true identity by continuing with their ancient traditions.

Native American Heritage

New Mexico is known for its Pueblo communities, including Acoma, Taos, and Zuni.

Visitors can enjoy watching ancient ceremonies, architecture, and artistry. 

The state also hosts many traditional festivals to showcase its rich heritage.

Art and Literature

New Mexico is a haven for writers and artists seeking inspiration from this state’s rich culture.

The landscapes are also vibrant.

This region has captivated renowned artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe.

Spanish and Mexican Influence

The Spanish settlers also inspire New Mexico’s culture.

They arrived in the region during the 16th century.

Their culture and living style has left an indelible mark on the culture of New Mexico.

The unique architecture seen in towns like Albuquerque and Santa Fe is inspired by Spanish architecture.

The Land of Enchantment

New Mexico has a nickname that relates to the vastness of its landscapes. 

It is called the ‘Land of Enchantment’ due to its expansive desert.

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains and its majestic peaks are also noteworthy.

Visitors also like the Rio Grande Gorge and its rugged beauty.

Outdoor Adventures

New Mexico is a paradise for outdoor adventurers.

One can perform a wide range of activities in New Mexico.

These include 

  • Hiking 
  • Camping
  • Skiing down the slopes of Taos and Santa Fe

Top 10 New Mexico Quotes

Listed here are the top 10 New Mexico quotes about New Mexico, known for its fascinating history, beautiful scenery, and unique culture.

1. “We are not strangers to poverty in New Mexico.” — Deb Haaland

2. “New Mexico has been, in the past, a swing state.” — Heather Wilson

3. “Las Vegas, New Mexico, has had a lot of great movies shot there.” — Bill Hader

4. “All calculations based on experience elsewhere fail in New Mexico.” — Lew Wallace

5. “New Mexico is an environment where we are open for business.” — Susana Martinez

6. “I have traveled to many places but have no desire to leave New Mexico.” — Rudolfo Anaya

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7. “I grew up in trailer houses in New Mexico, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.” — Ronnie Dunn

8. “Until I came to New Mexico, I never realized how much beauty water adds to a river.” — Mark Twain

9. “I know aliens from other worlds are required to arrive in New Mexico, but why stay there?” — Roger Ebert

10. “Growing up on a small farm in New Mexico, my family didn’t have much, but we had each other.” — Ben Ray Lujan

New Mexico Quotes On Landscapes, Culture, and Celestial Connections

Discover the beauty of New Mexico through inspiring quotes on its landscapes, rich culture, and deep, celestial connections.

11. “I came to know Christ at the age of 13 during church camp at Glorieta, New Mexico.” — Bart Millard

12. “I think New Mexico was the greatest experience from the outside world that I have ever had.” — D. H. Lawrence

13. “I lived in New Mexico until I was seventeen, and honestly, I’ve been homesick ever since I left.” — Liza Campbell

14. “I had been to New Mexico many times. I loved it. It’s a very exotic, interesting, severely crazy environment.” — Campbell Scott

15. “In New Mexico, we’re very lucky that we have laws in place that really help ensure that Native Americans’ right to vote is unencumbered.” — Deb Haaland

16. “Our small airports and rail stations are hubs of commerce that connect rural New Mexico with markets across the United States and the world.” — Ben Ray Lujan

17. “Coming from a small town in New Mexico – Lovington, New Mexico – I was very happy to go to college for free and get a scholarship to play college football.” — Brian Urlacher

18. “I never camped as a kid, but I really got into camping and sleeping outdoors. I’ve also done some amazing river floats in New Mexico and Idaho. It’s peaceful and awesome.” — Conor Oberst

19. “The good news about New Mexico is we bring a lot of movies, a lot of television series out here, so I’m hoping I continue to work out here in New Mexico along with being part of my community.” — Steven Michael Quezada

20. “What most people don’t understand is that UFOs are on a cosmic tourist route. That’s why they’re always seen in Arizona, Scotland, and New Mexico.” — Alice Cooper

New Mexico Quotes by the Governor

Here New Mexico’s governor Michelle Lujan Grisham shares quotes about the state’s history, future, and people.

21. “New Mexicans are ready to take state government right back!” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

25. “The status quo will not stand because we believe in a very different New Mexico.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

30. “The Energy Transition Act fundamentally changes the dynamic in New Mexico.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

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22. “As a widow and a caregiver and a single mother, I’m living the experience that New Mexicans are.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

23. “Workers and students and part-time working parents across New Mexico are taking home too little, trying to stretch dollars as far as they’ll go to pay for basic necessities.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

24. “When I campaigned for governor, I was clear about where our priorities must lie: Opportunity for New Mexico students and long-overdue recognition of New Mexico educators and staff.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

26. “As governor, I’ll work to make New Mexico a national leader in clean energy by moving to renewable energies such as solar and wind and through innovative, smart policy and practices such as methane mitigation.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

27. “New Mexico, if you will, has become an Ellis Island, and we want to take that issue seriously, and we’re not going to shy away that it presents significant challenges.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

28. “I recognize and appreciate the legitimate concerns of residents and officials in southwestern New Mexico, particularly Hidalgo County, who have asked for our assistance, as migrants and asylum-seekers continue to appear at their doorstep.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

29. “I think growing up in Santa Fe or Northern New Mexico, in general, instills a sense of humor in people, a sort of easygoing sense of not taking yourself too seriously, while still being very proud of where you come from, and that’s something we all share.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

New Mexico Quotes by Actors

The quotes below are from actors who have experienced this remarkable place.

31. “New Mexico was such a strange place; it was like filming on Mars.” — Kelly Macdonald

32. “My father was raised in the mountains of New Mexico, and he picked cotton for a dollar a day.” — Val Kilmer

33. “I grew up all over the place, but the majority of my years were spent in Albuquerque, New Mexico.” — Freddie Prinze, Jr.

34. “Being in New Mexico was such a great experience for me, and I hope to get back there one day for some more films or TV.” — Joanna Going

35. “Sometimes I think New Mexico is the one place where I could almost live there. It helps your acting; there’s magic in that place.” — Mark Margolis

36. “I just wanted to go west, and I finally did it when I was barely 21. I went off to volunteer at a Navajo reservation in New Mexico.” — Michael Keaton

37. “In New Mexico, my local church did a nativity play, and I was cast as Wise Man #3. Of course, Wise Man #3 had no damn lines.” — Baron Vaughn

38. “I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And I travel a tremendous amount.” — Ali MacGraw

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39. “My concern for education in New Mexico has always been there. I’m one of those kids that struggled through school, and I feel like I fell through the cracks.” — Steven Michael Quezada

40. “I used to be sick of the backroads of Minnesota. I had to drive 30 miles to get home every day and take the school bus for two hours. But to drive through America and see the backroads, from Nashville to Memphis, Lovick to New Mexico, was incredible.” — Garrett Hedlund

New Mexico Quotes by Politicians

These quotes, by prominent political figures, show their concerns for New Mexico’s cultural heritage and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

41. “We need to grow the private sector in every corner of New Mexico.” — Susana Martinez

42. “New Mexico is one of the top energy-producing states in the nation.” — Heather Wilson

43. “New Mexico is full of brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to service.” — Tom Udall

44. “It would be nice if every state were like New Mexico and cared about the Indian vote.” — Deb Haaland

45. “Here in New Mexico, we have a proud tradition of service and respect for the military.” — Ben Ray Lujan

46. “New Mexico is the second Hollywood. No, it is, it is. They built all sorts of film studios.” — Gary Johnson

47. “Mr. Tyler acquired Texas by voluntary compact, and Mr. Polk California and New Mexico by successful war.” — Robert Toombs

48. “We don’t want crimes committed in New Mexico falling through the cracks. This legislation ensures that there is no area of our state where crimes can be committed without consequence.” — Pete Domenici

49. “Had I stayed longer in some primaries, I would have probably done better in states like Nevada, California, and New Mexico – but I ran out of the money after the second primary in New Hampshire.” — Bill Richardson

50. “I don’t see the minimum wage as a fight between capital and labor, between persistent small businesses and diligent employees. I think offering New Mexicans a pathway out of poverty helps all of us, no matter which side of the check you sign.” — Michelle Lujan Grisham

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