25 Outer Banks Quotes to Hold You Over Until Season 3

These Outer Banks quotes will help you relive the first two seasons.

Outer Banks is an action-adventure mystery teen drama television series that was released last April 15, 2020, on Netflix.

It was created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke.

The story is set on the coastal town along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

It follows a group of working-class teenagers called Pogue and their ringleader John B., who is determined to find out what happened to his missing father.

Along their adventure, they unravel a treasure tied to John B.’s father.

This series connects to its viewers by showing obstacles we encounter in life such as love, fighting, friendship, money, and the disenfranchisement of being an American teen.

These Outer Banks quotes will keep you intrigued and thrilled.

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Outer Banks quotes from John B

1. “The Outer Banks, paradise on Earth. It’s the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses. Two tribes, one island.” ― John B

2. “Until I see a body, I’m not giving up.” ― John B

3. “That’s JJ. Mild kleptomaniac and a future tax cheat.” ― John B

4. “We’re the Pogues and our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time.” ― John B

5. “The downside of Pogue life is we’re ignored and neglected. But the upside of Pogue life? We’re ignored and neglected, which means we do whatever we want, whenever we want.” ― John B

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6. “Denial’s underrated. You should try it sometime. It’s highly effective, and it’s only denial if you’re wrong.” ― John B

7. “Back in the friend zone.” ― John B

8. “There’s a moment in every kid’s life when you feel like anything’s possible. When you feel like you’ve got the total mojo. You could, I don’t know, free-climb El Capitan, land on Mars, or, uh… get elected president. The whole world’s there for the taking if you’ve got the sack to go for it. And then, when you least expect it, some Kook shows up and tells you there’s no eternal mystery. And then all that talk about free-climbing and Mars and the president… bullshit.” ― John B

9. “And that’s when the stories start, my dad missing, my uncle MIA, and the bride of Frankenstein threatening foster care.” ― John B

10. “It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.” ― John B

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More Outer Banks quotes from John B

11. “That’s JJ. Mild kleptomaniac and a future tax cheat.” ― John B

12. “Look, love just walked in, okay.” ― John B

13. “Pogues. Pogies. The throwaway fish. Lowest member of the food chain.” ― John B

14. “All right. This is figure eight. The rich side of the island. Home of the Kooks. So, guess where we don’t live.” ― John B

15. “You know, wars have been started for less, Sarah Cameron.” ― John B.

16. “I looked like I got kicked out of the barbershop quartet.” ― John B

17. “Wow pope, that’s a rare outburst of emotion.” ― John B.

18. “That’s JJ, my best friend since the third grade. He’s about as local as they come. Latest in a long line of fishing, drinking, smuggling, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water.” ― John B

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19. “Woogity Woogity.” ― Pope

20. “You want to make our own incriminating evidence? Is that what you’re talking about?” ― John B

Outer Banks quotes from Sarah

21. “Can we drop the whole Pogues versus Kooks thing?” ― Sarah

22. “You act like I’ve never seen a boy in underwear before, John B… I have a brother. Get your head out of the gutter, John B.” ― Sarah

23. “You love being seen with me, but you don‘t love me.” ― Sarah

24. “When people get close to me, I feel trapped. And I bail and I blame them for it.” ― Sarah

25. “Imagine if you get really old and your nipples.. and your boobs get saggy and you have your eyes there, you can see if the shoes untied.” ― Sarah

Which of these Outer Banks quotes is your favorite?

Season 3 of this series is yet to be announced but based on the positive feedback from viewers, it will likely make a comeback in 2022.

Fans were left with an epic twist along with a major cliffhanger as the Pogues were stranded on yet another island after losing a fortune for the second time.

The sun-soaked scenery makes it feel emotionally authentic, especially for teens.

The story is also intriguing as it represents a separation of social and class hierarchy among the characters.

This series brings us the adventure of teen romance, friendship, and treasure hunting.

Think of these Outer Banks quotes and sayings when you want to relive your summer adventures.

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