25 Pepe Le Pew Quotes From the Looney Tunes Character

Fans of Looney Tunes will love these Pepe Le Pew quotes!

Pepe Le Pew is an animated French striped skunk in Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies and was first introduced in 1945.

He is a hopeless romantic, but his offensive odor and aggressive pursuit of love chase most characters away from him.

Pepe Le Pew was created by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese and was designed by Bob Givens in 1945 and by Robert Gribbroek from 1947 through the present.

We typically find Pepe chasing a female black cat named Penelope Pussycat, who Pepe believes is a skunk like him.

Although Penelope frantically tries to get away from Pepe, he is always just a step behind, even though he just hops after her at a leisurely pace.

Enjoy learning more about this funny romantic through these Pepe Le Pew quotes!

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See if you remember these Pepe Le Pew quotes from watching cartoons as a child.

1. “Ah, my darling, I love you. Where have I been all your life?” — Pepe Le Pew

2. “Au revoir, pidgeon. Sweeting is such part sorrow.” — Pepe Le Pew

3. “She flips me.” — Pepe Le Pew

4. “All is love in fair and war.” — Pepe Le Pew

5. “I am ze locksmith of love, no?” — Pepe Le Pew

6. “You stop resisting me, bebe, and I’ll stop resisting you.” — Pepe Le Pew

7. “Permit me to introduce myself; I am your new lover.” — Pepe Le Pew

8. “Come, my little peanut of brittle. I will help you.” — Pepe Le Pew

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9. “When you are a skunk, you learn how to hold your breath for a long time.” — Pepe Le Pew

10. “There are plenty of fish in the ocean…………… if you like fish. Personally, I prefer girls.” — Pepe Le Pew

11. “The game of love is never called on account of darkness.” — Pepe Le Pew

12. “Do you know that when you are in love, it is impossible to get insurance?!” — Pepe Le Pew

13. “Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no? — Pepe Le Pew

14. “I always got A’s in gym.” — Pepe Le Pew

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Pepe Le Pew Quotes Chasing After His Love Interest

See if you can find a good line to try on your crush or partner with these Pepe Le Pew quotes.

15. “Where are you, my melon-baby-choly?!” — Pepe Le Pew

16. “You are my peanut; I am your brittle!” — Pepe Le Pew

17. “Come back! Ze corned beef does not run away from ze cabbage! — Pepe Le Pew

18. “I am ze captain, and you are ze first mate. Promotions will follow quickly!” — Pepe Le Pew

19. “Where are you, my little object of art? I am here to collect you.” — Pepe Le Pew

20. “You are ze corned beef to me, and I am ze cabbage to you.” — Pepe Le Pew

21. “You may call me Streetcar because of my desire for you.” — Pepe Le Pew

22. “You know, most men would get discouraged by now; fortunately for you, I am not most men!” — Pepe Le Pew

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23. “Where are you, my little gumbo of chicken? Your French fried shrimp is sizzling for you.” — Pepe Le Pew

24. “Eenie, meenie, miney mo, catch a lover by ze toe, if she ‘oller, ‘old her closer; eenie, meenie, miney mosa.” — Pepe Le Pew

25. “Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Eez eet really worth eet?’ And I answer myself, ‘YES!’” — Pepe Le Pew

Does Pepe Le Pew Ever Convince Penelope to Fall in Love With Him?

Pepe is constantly chasing Penelope and professing his love with romantic phrases or situations, but his odor and overbearing demeanor constantly chase Penelope away.

That all changes in a couple of shorts when Penelope becomes madly and aggressively in love with Pepe, and the chasee becomes the chaser.

We quickly find out that Pepe prefers to be in pursuit as he is put off and scared by over-aggressive females.

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