50 Physical Therapy Quotes For The Road To Rehabilitation

Dig deep with these physical therapy quotes celebrating all those on the road to rehabilitation and honoring those who have successfully rehabilitated.

Healing can be a complicated process.

We will need to heal from many things in life, but physical therapy is one of the most taxing hardships to recover from.

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What are the benefits of reading these physical therapy quotes?

Physical therapy is not all physical.

Much of the difficulty during a person’s rehabilitation is mental anguish.

Finding the motivation to continue going through a challenging therapy session requires willpower by the patient and a special kind of patience on the therapist’s part.

Prevention is key to our health.

It is better to be proactive with our health.

Joerg Teichmann is a world-renowned physical therapist who reminds us, “Being physically healthy is not expensive! Being injured is. So prevent injuries!”

We must actively train our bodies to keep them in the best condition possible to prevent injuries.

Some things you can do are:

  • gradually increase our physical activity
  • eat well and stretch before and after exercise
  • rest when you need it

Physical therapy healing quotes

1. “You are not sick. You are injured.” — Joerg Teichmann

2. “Human anatomy is a consequence of function.” — Serge Gracovetsky

3. “Rest is not the answer. Activity and therapy help healing most.” — Joerg Teichmann

4. “Mind control is built on lies and manipulation of attachment needs.” — Valerie Sinason

5. “Athletes (/patients) who understand the ‘why’ are more likely to buy into your ‘how.’” — Altis

6. “Each body is different. Therefore each rehabilitation must be different.” — Joerg Teichmann

7. “Being physically healthy is not expensive! Being injured is. So prevent injuries!” — Joerg Teichmann

8. “Patients cringed as soon as the door swung open to reveal, ta da! Physical Therapy!” — Adele Levine

9. “That awkward moment at physical therapy when you’ve completely lost count of your reps.” — Anonymous

Physical therapy schools quotes

10. “Health is the greatest strength.” — Lailah Gifty

11. “Effective reassurance is a bloody good pain killer.” — Louis Gifford

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12. “That which enhances performance prevents injury.” — Larry Hamilton

13. “It’s not just what pain is. It’s what it means to that person.” — Sarah Haag

14. “Strength training is coordination training against resistance.” — Frans Bosch

15. “A physical therapist does some unbelievable stretching with me.” — Brian O’Driscoll

16. “I like going to the gym every day because I’m in physiotherapy every day.” — Daniel Craig

17. “It’s not the load that breaks an individual down. It’s the load they are not prepared for.” — Tim Gabbett

18. “Before commencing any program of sustained physical inactivity, consult your physician.” — Martin Clay Fowler

19. “The relationship between pain and the state of the tissues becomes weaker as pain persists.” — Lorimer Moseley

20. “No class in physical therapy school prepared me to counsel a patient dealing with a life-changing injury.” — Adele Levine

21. “While we universally love our patients, there’s always one rotten apple in the bunch who just breaks you down.” — Adele Levine

Physical therapy salary quotes

22. “Movement Principles produce movement techniques” — Ido Portal

23. “I’d always had an interest in physiotherapy and psychology.” — Bob Paisley

24. “You can find hope in despair. Dwell on positive thoughts.” — Lailah Gifty Akita

25. “If you think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” — Bret Contreras

26. “The notion of ‘bad’ movement patterns is a danger to the spontaneity of our existence.” — Louis Gifford

27. “Even the physical therapist, who until that day has been seen as an unwelcome tormentor, is pulled into the picture.” — Adele Levine

28. “Let’s not wait for perfect conditions to begin. Let’s begin to make perfection conditions for a healthy physical condition.” — Joerg Teichmann

29. “Love without restraint makes one saint and the other faint; the sweetest face and the tenderest embrace bring the sun to every place in such grace.” — Ana Claudia Antunes

30. “That’s how I got to where I am, which is this whole patient experience, front desk training, and understanding that we, both as PTs behind our names, are not the most important people.” — Jerry Durham

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Physical therapy humor quotes

31. “Physical therapy has a high burnout rate. The long hours of intense one-on-one time is emotionally fatiguing.” — Adele Levine

32. “Having a limp is okay, probably cool, if you are a desk jockey working from home, but poor publicity if you are a physical therapist.” — Adele Levine

33. “I chose PT because I wanted to fuse my love of science and biomechanics with the ability to be on the frontlines of hands-on patient care.” — Ben Fung

34. “Whenever things are not resolving with reasonable intervention, one must think of two things: either the injury was severe or the diagnosis is incorrect.” — The Gait Guys

35. “It is my hope that I can help women to better understand their bodies and empower them to be strong advocates for themselves when they approach their healthcare providers.” — Dr. Ann Wendal

36. “PTs deal in human movement quite frequently. But, we remain skeptical that attempts to create a human movement system will contribute meaningfully to education, research, clinical practice, or advocacy efforts.” — Kyle Ridgeway

Physical therapy t-shirt quotes

37. “One patient got up and used his wound care supplies to tape his hospital door shut.” — Adele Levine

38. “All the material wealth cannot be substituted for the spiritual, physical, emotion and mental well-being.” — Lailah Gifty Akita

39. “Whenever I saw a person I couldn’t place, I quickly looked at their legs—as if that would help me identify them.” — Adele Levine

40. “Sedentary living doubles the likelihood of stroke and coronary artery disease, making it as risky as smoking, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.” — Martin Clay Fowler

41. “I had a bad back for a couple of years. I had to do a lot of physiotherapy for it. What I couldn’t understand at the time was why the therapists had me doing a lot of stomach work.” — Hugh Jackman

Physical therapy famous quotes

42. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” — Audrey Hepburn

43. “A physical therapist does some unbelievable stretching with me.” — Brian O’Driscoll

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44. “Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.” — Susan Gale

45. “If you experience drowsiness, difficulty in concentration, or craving for stimulation, discontinue inactivity immediately.” — Martin Clay Fowler

46. “Happiness is a state of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Think pleasantly, engage sport, and read daily to enhance your well-being.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

47. “As you identify dysfunctional movement patterns, you should understand that for some reason or another these patterns have been learned and reinforced, or they would not be present.” — Grey Cook.

Physical therapy associates quotes

48. “Simple tasks became monumental nightmares.” — Kathleen Klawitter

49. “Given how tedious and dull the hospital could be, I always expected hospital inpatients to be happy to see us. But they frequently had the opposite reaction.” — Adele Levine

50. “If unaccustomed to sitting for extended periods, you may experience weak muscles, low bone density, high cholesterol, hyperglycaemia, a rapid resting heart rate, mental decline, mood disorders, and obesity. Start slowly and increase inactivity gradually.” — Martin Clay Fowler

Prevention and being proactive will help

Prevention and a proactive approach to health are powerful tools we can use to stay strong and healthy.

Author Bret Contreras said, “If you think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.”

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Anyone who has completed physical therapy to repair an injury to strengthen a weak body area knows how tough it can be.

However, there is a silver lining to these challenges.

American author Susan Gale suggests, “Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.”

Physical disabilities and injuries can alter our lives, but they can also provide the opportunity for us to deal with challenges that bring out the best in us.

Have you ever had to complete physical therapy?

What was the most challenging part of your journey?

Let us know in the comments.

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