25 Kenma Kozume Quotes About Achieving Victory

Feel your competitor’s spirit rise with our Kenma Kozume quotes. 

Kenma is a fan favorite in the anime Haikyu!! 

Check out our Kenma Kozume quotes below to learn more! 

Who is Kenma Kozume?

Kenma Kozume is the volleyball team’s setter. 

He is referred to as the heart and brain of his teammates and is usually quiet, composed, and very analytical. 

Kenma only gets worked up over certain people and video games. 

Throughout the series, we see his growth as a character. 

Check out these facts about Kenma below:

  • Kenma is a Libra. 
  • He dyed his hair so he didn’t stand out in school. 
  • Kenma did not like sports at first, but Kuroo introduced him to volleyball, and he fell in love with it. 

Why does Kenma dye his hair?

We all want to be unique, especially when competing. 

Dennis Rodman famously dyed his hair in various colors to stand out while in the NBA. 

Athletes are often members of teams, so they must do unique things as individuals to stand out. 

In the series, Kenma dyes his hair because Taketora tells him his hair makes him look like Sadako.

Kenma does not realize they are referring to the length of his hair, so he does his hair blonde. 

He does not die his roots, so when his hair grows, he has dark and light hair, and his peers call him pudding head. 

Why did Kenma get canceled?

We are living during the era of cancel culture. 

Cancel culture is when people deemed to have acted or spoken in offensive or unacceptable manners are boycotted, shunned, and ostracised. 

The shunning may or may not extend to social or professional circles. 

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Even though he is a fictional character, Kenma was canceled. 

In an episode of Haikyu!!, Kenma says, “If you get boring, I’ll drop you.” 

This response angered fans and has been met with criticism online. 

Some fans of the show feel that his behavior falls under the category of toxic and canceled Kenma on social media. 

To learn more, check out our Kenma Kozume quotes below! 

Short Kenma Kozume Quotes About Living Your Best Life

Kenma is laid back, logical, and always ready to keep pushing himself. 

1. “The world won’t be destroyed.” — Kenma Kozume

2. “Evil won’t flourish across the land.” — Kenma Kozume

3. “And it was the most fun I’ve had in my life.” — Kenma Kozume

4. “But if I keep playing over and over again, I can conquer it.” — Kenma Kozume

5. “I feel anxious if my field of vision is too wide, so I can’t cut my hair.” — Kenma Kozume

More Short Kenma Kozume Quotes About Achieving Victory

Kenma knows victory is a team effort; these quotes remind us why. 

6. “I’m not fired up.” — Kenma Kozume

7. “It’s not easy to sync with a mess like you.” — Kenma Kozume

8. “It’s not because of me but because of everyone.” — Kenma Kozume

9. “We only had enough people for a game, but it was kinda fun.” — Kenma Kozume

10. “My nerves were always on edge because I didn’t want to be noticed.” — Kenma Kozume

How To Be Like Kenma Kozume Quotes You Can Learn From

Who doesn’t want to be like Kenma? 

11. “This hurts. This is painful. I don’t want it to ever end.” — Kenma Kozume

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12. “I’m even now facing a hurdle that seems impossible to actually get past.” — Kenma Kozume

13. “This shows me that I can keep playing it over and over again; you can conquer it.” — Kenma Kozume

14. “Even if a game doesn’t seem clearable at first, after playing it over and over again, you can conquer it.”— Kenma Kozume

15. “Y’know, no matter which one of us lost or which of us won, no one was going to die. No one’s coming back to life either.” — Kenma Kozume

The Best Kenma Quotes about Getting Along With Others

Kenma does not like people but loves performing in the clutch in front of crowds. 

16. “It isn’t like we had a grand adventure across a sprawling fantasy world.” — Kenma Kozume

17. “When you asked about our team, I said I thought we’re good. But that’s not because I’m on it. It’s because we’re together.” — Kenma Kozume

18. “I’m not good with people, and I don’t want to interact with them. And yet, I’m very concerned about what others think about me.” — Kenma Kozume

19. “I’ve been thinking that lately. You’re fun to play against, so I’d like to face you in a real match. A match where losing means an instant game over.” — Kenma Kozume

20. “We just ran in circles in a rectangle 18 meters long and nine meters wide trying desperately hard to make a ball hit the floor in one spot and not hit the floor in another.” — Kenma Kozume

Kenma Quotes and Sayings about Trash Talk and Referees 

These Kenma Kozume quotes show that he is a competitor who doesn’t mind mixing it up with the competition. 

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21. “That sure would be nice.” — Kenma Kozume

22. “Or it could be that he just can’t hear them.” — Kenma Kozume

23. “The lot over at Nohebi sure know how to pick the right people to rile up.” — Kenma Kozume

24. “I guess the ref must be the type to turn the other cheek about this kind of stuff.” — Kenma Kozume

25. “If only the numbskull squad over here wouldn’t get baited so easily by their trash-talking.” — Kenma Kozume

Is Kenma gay?

People and characters should be free to choose whatever sexuality makes them happy. Some fans who watch Haikyu!! have wondered if Kenma was in a gay relationship. 

Representation is important, and when people see themselves in characters in a show or series, it makes those characters relatable. 

In the past, there was not always a diverse set of characters for everyone to identify with. 

However, times are changing, and we see more entertainment diversity. 

Some fans say Kenma is a demisexual trans boy. 

However, the official cannon of the series does not indicate Kenma’s sexuality. 

Haikyu!! does not have any LGBTQ+ characters in its canon.  

However, the fandom is a different story. 

Sometimes fandom can overshadow the canon of a story, and in this instance, that seems to be the case. 

If you look online, Kenma is a fan favorite. 

Anytime a character can make people feel seen, that is a win for everyone. 

Do you have a favorite Kenma quote?

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