20 Unstoppable Quotes From the Hit Action Movie

Fans of disaster action movies will love these Unstoppable quotes from the hit movie.

Unstoppable was a disaster-action thriller movie released in 2010.

It was the last movie that Tony Scott directed before his death in 2012.

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The movie stars Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, and Rosario Davis, among others.

Unstoppable was released to mostly positive reviews and did well at the box office, where it grossed $167 million against a budget ranging from $85 and $100 million.

The movie’s plot involves a runaway train locomotive with train cars carrying dangerous phenol that will cause a disaster if the train derails in a populated area.

The yardmaster Connie, inspector Werner, railroad engineer Frank Barnes, and conductor Will Colson must devise a plan to stop the train from killing thousands of people.

There are a few lessons we can learn from these Unstoppable quotes, including:

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Intense Unstoppable Quotes

Check out some of the most intense quotes from a very intense movie!

1. “Now you stop your pursuit, or I will fire you!”  Oscar

2. “You want to go and kill yourself, you do it alone.”  Will

3. “There’s a good chance the derailleur won’t work.”  Frank

4. “You got too much train traveling entirely too fast.”  Frank

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5. “I can’t decide which one of you I’m going to kiss first.”  Connie

6. “One rule only: you’re gonna do something, you do it right.”  Frank

7. “So you’re gonna risk your life for us with three weeks left.”  Oscar

8. “Frank, that train’s carrying 30,000 gallons of toxic chemicals.”  Connie

9. “A train that size going that fast, it will vaporize anything that gets in its way.”  Frank

10. “I am not jeopardizing more personnel and more property just because some engineer wants to play hero.”  Oscar

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Classic Unstoppable Quotes

Check out some of the most classic quotes from the movie.

11. “You are a funny guy. Well-trained, but funny.”  Frank

12. “Frank, the stop blocks are up. Is there a problem?”  Will

13. “It got away from you? It’s a train, Dewey, not a chipmunk!”  Connie

14. “In training, they just give you an F. Out here, you get killed.”  Frank

15. “It wasn’t even him that was texting her. It was my sister-in-law.”  Will

16. “Hey, don’t get sentimental on me. Makes me think I’m gonna die.”  Frank

17. “I don’t wanna look out this window and see you in that yellow vest. It’ll freak me out.”  Frank

18. “I received my 90-day notice in the mail; 72 days ago. Forced early retirement, half benefits.”  Frank

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19. “Mr. Galvin, with all due respect, I’ve been railroading 28 years. I’m telling you, we got a real chance to stop this thing.”  Frank

20. “Frank, running in reverse, how are you gonna gauge our gap distance? I could go out there; I could signal you by hand.”  Will

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Can the Train be Stopped?

After unsuccessfully trying to board the moving train from a helicopter and failing to derail it in a rural area, the only hope is Engineer Barnes and Conductor Colson.

They unhook their locomotive and chase the runaway train in reverse.

When they finally catch the train, they hook up to it and try to slow it with their brakes, but it is too heavy.

Barnes and Colson are forced to board the runaway train, apply the brakes manually, and save the day!

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