Why You Should Say YES to New Things More Often

The thought of trying something new conjures up diverse emotions for different people.

For some, the thought is exciting, adventurous, and thrilling.

For others, it’s risky, fearful, and stressful.

So while there are those who would jump and say YES at these chances, others dread the very possibility of a new experience, quickly saying “NO” to any such request.

Ready to say YES to life?

But saying “YES” to every new thing may not be wise as well. ‘

New’ isn’t always necessarily good for you, and it might not always fit with your interests or ethics.

However, saying “NO” simply out of fear, nervousness, or worry, restricts your ability to grow and have the types of experiences that can help you realize a more fulfilling life.

Saying “YES” can bring great value to you as a person.

It can even be the catalyst to drive the same in others.

3 Reasons why you should say YES to new things more often

1. Saying “YES” to new things can lead to new opportunities.

say YES to new things more often

The popular saying “seize the day”, speaks volumes to what it means to say YES to new things and why we need to do it.

Choosing to say so opens up yourself to change.

You put yourself in the position to experience possibilities that you could not design or chart on your own.

New things and experiences can open your eyes, mind, and heart to new discoveries.

This can help give you direction to plan your future, go after your dreams, meet the right people, and create the right connections.

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It makes it possible for you to accomplish goals, land your next job, or even meet “the one” you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Saying “YES” to something new can re-shape your entire life for good, giving you the ability to inspire and help others to do the same.

Jeff Moore for instance, said “YES” when he launched Everyday Power.

It has since impacted thousands of people.

He could have shrugged off the idea (saying “NO”) – but think of the void that would exist.

By saying “YES”, he has positively impacted his life and the lives of:

  • Readers (from all walks of life) looking for inspiration, guidance, and tips;
  • Contributors looking for an outlet and opportunity to share and to develop.

Just think about the Web of connections formed when ONE person said “YES” to something new!

2. It helps with our personal growth.

say YES to new things more often

Saying “YES” to new things can help expand your knowledge as well as increase your understanding of others.

It’s also a great way of gaining information about current interests, or subjects you wish to learn more about.

Trying new things can present opportunities not only to explore one’s likes, but also build up dreams into something real.

Expanding your horizons helps to increase your awareness of what is available.

It exposes you to options that can make a difference in defining your future.

Saying “YES” to a new place, event, or idea is a way of gathering information to aid you in deciding what, or where, you want to be.

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Personally, choosing to say YES to going away to college truly broadened my views and expanded my horizons. 

Meeting individuals from different backgrounds with varying interests and talents uncovered a wide array of perceptions and understanding.

This experience shaped my ability to interact comfortably and peacefully with a melting pot of personalities.

Think about it: if you have dreams of leadership, you must be able to deal with a lot of different personality types and backgrounds.

If you always stay in one area you’re familiar with, it becomes quite difficult to grow and prepare yourself for that role.

What happens if a situation calls for you to coordinate with all kinds of individuals?

Opening your life to change and letting yourself explore something new by saying “YES” helps you build the skill set needed to successfully operate in most any environment.

3. Choose wisely when you say YES.

say YES to new things more often

Saying “YES” takes you down one path, and saying “NO” leads you on another.

The path connected to each answer typically flow in parallel and never meet.

So when you say YES or NO, you are:

  • Choosing the roads you will travel;
  • Selecting the people you will meet;
  • Deciding what or who you will encounter along the way; as well as
  • Defining your likely destination.

So when you do say YES, it shouldn’t be on a whim.

It shouldn’t be because you are pressured.

Even though you are heading into the unknown, your “YES” must come with some hope and belief.

Your “YES” must come from a place of expectancy.

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There should be some thought or consideration of your goals, hopes, and dreams.

You should perceive how saying “YES” will impact your life, as well as those around you. 

But don’t get too bogged down in analysis.

Develop your sense of who or what can help you achieve the things you want in life; and grow your intuition enough to detect negative behaviors, situations, or places that might be harmful to you.

Take all these elements into consideration.

So when something new comes along, you can quickly assess it and see if you sense great possibilities.

“Seize the day” with a resounding “YES”!

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