20 Spike Spiegel Quotes From the Cool Anime Character

Fans of anime will love these Spike Spiegel quotes from the legendary character.

Spike Spiegel is a fictional character that first appeared in 1998 in the anime series Cowboy Bebop.

Spike was created by Shinichiro Watanabe as a mirror image of himself and was designed by Toshihiro Kawamoto to be a leader.

What are the benefits of reading these Spike Spiegel quotes?

In Japanese, Spike is voiced by Koichi Yamadera; in English, he is voiced by Steven Blum.

Spike partnered with Jet Black, who is captain of the spaceship Bebop.

Together, the two are bounty hunters chasing criminals across all the Solar System’s populated places.

Spike’s physical attributes are a slim build on a 6’1” tall frame with fluffy hair.

Spike is a master of the martial art Jeet Kune Do and a heavy smoker seen smoking in most of his scenes.

Enjoy these Spike Spiegel quotes to learn more about this character.

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The favorite Spike Spiegel quotes

Check out some of the favorite Spike Spiegel quotes!

1. “Whatever happens, happens.”  Spike Spiegel

2. “They say hunger is the best spice.”  Spike Spiegel

3. “Fearless is dead. I go by Spike Spiegel these days.”  Spike Spiegel

4. “Maybe this is the one, the one I won’t come back from.”  Spike Spiegel

5. “Don’t you want to hang out and waste your life with us?”  Spike Spiegel

6. “You think I’m Vicious? You don’t even know what Vicious is!”  Spike Spiegel

7. “Why do people stay longer in my head than they do in my life?”  Spike Spiegel

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8. “I’m not going there to die. I’m going to find out if I’m really alive.”  Spike Spiegel

9. “I’m not a criminal. Woah, that makes me sound more like a criminal, doesn’t it.”  Spike Spiegel

10. “You’re tense. I’m calm. You apply excessive force, and I control that force through fluid motion.”  Spike Spiegel

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Memorable Spike Spiegel quotes

Enjoy some of Spike’s most memorable quotes!

11. “You’re not going to let him get away, are you?”  Spike Spiegel

12. “And what was the real lesson? Don’t leave things in the fridge.”  Spike Spiegel

13. “Why are everybody’s family problems my problems? I’m the orphan.”  Spike Spiegel

14. “Life will challenge you to do things sometimes. You just have to let go!”  Spike Spiegel

15. “Since then, I have been seeing the past in one eye and the present in the other.”  Spike Spiegel

16. “Hex is no longer here. There’s no one left but an old man who loves to play games.”  Spike Spiegel

17. “I felt like I was watching a dream I could never wake up from. Before I knew it, the dream was over.”  Spike Spiegel

18. “That’s what you did? You took all the money you stole from us, and you lost it gambling in a casino?”  Spike Spiegel

19. “I was younger then; I wasn’t afraid of anything, I didn’t think about dying for a second. I thought I was invincible.”  Spike Spiegel

20. “We are all in the perpetual quest for keeping oneself occupied, entertained, and important—which burns at the edge of addiction.”  Spike Spiegel

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How did Spike partner with Jet?

Spike is a former member of the Red Dragon Syndicate, a large and powerful criminal organization.

Spike falls in love with a woman named Julia, and to leave his life of crime, he fakes his death, and after Julia fails to meet with him, he eventually meets the former Police Officer Jet.

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