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What is Summertime?

“Summertime” is a popular Italian drama series streamed on Netflix.

It is a romantic drama set in the town of Viareggio, Tuscany. 

The story revolves around two young adults with different backgrounds who fall in love.

They come across each other on the Adriatic Coast of Italy during the summer season. 

This drama was inspired by “Tre metri sopra il cielo” a book by Federico Moccia published in 1992. 

The series allows viewers to explore various themes like self-discovery, first love, and the struggles of young people. 

This drama was first released in April 2021 on Netflix. 

Summertime gathered positive reviews from the viewers, and drama critics praised how this drama portrayed youth.

The cast of “Summertime”

The main cast of ‘Summertime’ is as follows:

  • Summer: By Campana 
  • Ale: By Andrea Lattanzi 
  • Dario: By Coco Rebecca Edogamhe 
  • Edo: By Ludovico 
  • Amanda: By Tersigni
  • Blue: By Thony 
  • Sofia: By Viola Conversi 
  • Lello: By Lorenzo Zurzolo 
  • Paolo: By Alberto Bufalini 
  • Niki: By Giulia Matturro 

Why Summertime Gained so much Popularity

There are various reasons for the popularity of ‘Summertime.’ 

A few of them are listed below:

  • Cinematography
  • Popular streaming platform
  • Relatable themes
  • Powerful performances
  • Soundtrack


One of the most prominent reasons for the popularity of Summertime is its beautiful cinematography. 

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This series offers a captivating view of Tuscany and other serene areas of the Italian coast.

As a result, Summertime is a visually appealing drama series capable of capturing and retaining audiences.

Summertime is an original production of Netflix, which is easily accessible to a wide array of audiences. 

This not only helped to increase the reach but also multiplied the degree of popularity.

Relatable Themes

This series can be related to an array of themes, such as youth, self-discovery, and struggling youth. 

Each of these themes resonates with the life of a wide range of viewers.

Hence, almost every viewer related this series to his/her life experiences.

Powerful Performances

No drama can gain popularity until its cast delivers the best performance. 

This was the case with Summertime, as almost every actor played his/her role in the best possible manner. 

Particularly, the lead actors were successful in showing the emotion and depth of their characters.


The soundtrack of this series is also engaging and melodious. 

The drama offers popular songs and original music, which enhances the overall experience of the viewer.

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Top 5 Summertime Quotes

These are the best summertime quotes to read.

1. “This summer it’ll be your time.” — Summer

2. “Maybe this summer you’ll fall in love.”Summer

3. “Hey, my friend is in love and needs support. I’m here.” — Summer 

4. “I believe you can do anything. You just need to believe it too.”Sofia

5. “You’re really becoming a pathetic old man, or you’re just madly in love.”Ale

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Sarcastic Summertime Quotes

These summertime quotes have the element of sarcasm inside.

6. “So, you were a couple.” — Summer

7. “One more sorry and I’ll be offended.” — Federica

8. “Thank you, Summy, for dragging me into this.” — Ale 

9. “Think you’re the only one suffering? You faced a tragedy, and we all need to coddle you?”Dario

10. “I think you like making problems. I think you want everyone else to be miserable. Because no one else really gets you, right?”Dario

Summertime Quotes About Support

Below summertime quotes show warmth and support towards the characters.

11. “You would have figured it out fine.” — Summer

12. “Ale, you’ll think of something that you need to say. Trust your gut.” — Summer

13. “Then if you want, um, maybe I can give you some lessons.” — Luca

14. “If you believe this will help you make sense of things, then I support it.”Fulvio

15. “In fact, I wanted to thank you because I couldn’t have done it without you, Summy.”Ale

Emotional Summertime Quotes

The following summertime quotes are quite emotional to read. 

16. “The last sip for you, beauty.” — Viviana

17. “You really sound like mom.” — Blue

18. “Then we’ll become boat neighbors.” — Ale

19. “It’s crucial to learn to trust yourself again.”Ale

20. “If this isn’t destiny, then I don’t know what it could possibly be.”Luca

More Inspirational Summertime Quotes

These are some more inspirational summertime quotes with several types of meanings.

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21. “This time, I want things to stay neutral.” — Lola

22. “It makes a difference because it matters.” — Ale

23. “It’s the beginning again. It won’t be easy.” — Fulvio

24. “So then it’s destiny. After all, it’s not like we really talked.” — Luca

25. “Is there anything you want to tell me? A secret that maybe you want to confess?”Isa

Which of these Summertime Quotes is your Favorite? 

These Summertime quotes collection consists of the top quotes from the popular drama series.

These quotes are actual dialogues of this series. 

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