20 The Other Woman Quotes From the Hit Comedy Movie

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The Other Woman is a movie that was released in 2014 as a romantic comedy.

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The movie was written by Melissa Stark, directed by Nick Cassavetes, and produced by Julie Yorn.

The Other Woman stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nicki Minaj, and Don Johnson, among other talented actors.

Although the movie received negative reviews, it was a success at the box office, where it grossed more than $196 million against its $40 million budget.

The movie’s plot follows Carly, Kate, and Amber, who unknowingly sleep with the same man named Mark.

Mark is married to Kate and has Carly and Amber as his mistresses.

We can learn quite a few things from this movie:

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The Other Woman Quotes on Revenge

When the three women find out how Mark has cheated on them, they want revenge!

1. “I want him to feel pain.”  Kate

2. “You wrecked two marriages!”  Carly

3. “We should kick him in the balls!”  Amber

4. “Then cry on the inside like a winner.”  Carly

5. “So let’s find the money and ruin him!”  Amber

6. “I think you’re going through manopause.”  Kate

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7. “I am not ready to compete with women like you.”  Kate

8. “He must be cheating on both of us because it’s not me.” Carly

9. “If I let you in, we are not drinking cosmos and braiding each other’s hair.”  Carly

10. “How can you be so amazing that you can be friends with your husband’s mistress?”  Amber

The Other Woman Quotes That Sum Up the Movie

This next set of quotes does a great job of summing up the movie’s main points.

11. “Selfish people live longer.”  Lydia

12. “Yeah, that’s me, mistress of the year.”  Carly

13. “We got played by the same guy. Tequila or do you want vodka?”  Carly

14. “No, I’m his wife, Kate. Is this some kind of stripper-gram or something.”  Kate

15. “You can’t have my husband and my brother! That’s being very greedy!” Kate

16. “If we find any more mistresses, I’m going to have to send her to rehab.”  Carly

17. “I just can’t believe he’d lie to me. You must hate me so much right now.”  Amber

18. “You seem so nice, and this whole time, he had me believing you were the devil.”  Amber

19. “You must hate me so much right now, but if it’s any consolation, right now, I hate me more.”  Amber

20. “I think married guys would be the perfect fit for you. You need someone with something that’s going to keep him busy.”  Lydia

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Do the Women Find Out Mark is Cheating On All of Them?

Eventually, the women all find out about each other without Mark knowing.

They decide they will exact revenge on him and end up confronting him publicly and exposing his illegal business dealings.

The women all vow to stay friends and go on to successful lives.

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