56 Tomorrow Is Not Promised Quotes For Living In The Present

Take a few minutes to redefine your present moment with our inspirational tomorrow is not promised quotes. 

Fully living in the present takes mindfulness and practice, but it is certainly worth the effort. 

What does the phrase ‘tomorrow is not promised’ mean?

We often hear people encouraging us to live in the present moment because tomorrow is not promised, but what does that actually look like?

Remembering that tomorrow is not promised is not a cure for our problems. 

However, it can alleviate unnecessary stress and help us avoid setbacks. 

The idea that tomorrow is not promised encourages us to make the most of every moment in the present. 

Below are some of the benefits of living in the present moment:

  • Peace can only be found in the present.
  • You can let go of regrets or grudges that weigh you down. 
  • Realizing you cannot control everything sets you free to experience more joy. 

Are you living the most exciting life you could experience?

If the answer is no, it may serve you to think about what could change. 

What is the funniest, most exciting thing you could do now?

Think about that action, and do it; this is not an oversimplification.

Many go through their day without thinking about completing activities that bring them happiness and fulfillment. 

When people are asked why they do not follow their passion, they usually come up with reasons or limitations that inhibit them from experiencing their highest joy. 

Life can be complicated if we allow it to be. 

Many stress triggers can get the best of us; job security, long hours, lack of autonomy, family concerns, and unstable economic conditions are all genuine parts of life that impact us daily. 

However, if we remember to live our highest excitement to the best of our ability, we put ourselves in a position to experience more joy. 

The key to unlocking more happiness is to live for today and not set our happiness aside for tomorrow. 

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Tomorrow is never promised quotes to inspire and teach

Let’s start with some short and sweet quotes about how tomorrow is not promised. 

1. “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” — Clint Eastwood

2. “Tomorrow is not a promise, but a chance.” — Rachel

3. “Tomorrow is not promised, and today is short.” — Chitra S

4. “Today is the tomorrow you were promised yesterday.” — Shaun Tan

5. “You have a beautiful laugh. Like the promise of tomorrow.” — Renee Ahdieh

6. “Tomorrow is promised to no one. Prioritize today accordingly.” — Gina Greenlee

7. “If all you can promise me is today, I’ll take it and hope for tomorrow.” — Ellen Hopkins

8. “Nothings promised, not the rest of tonight, not all of tomorrow!” — Eric Jerome Dickey

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9. “You can put things off until tomorrow, but tomorrow may never come.” — Gloria Estefan

10. “Don’t put off happiness you can have today. Tomorrow is a hope, not a promise” — Debra Anastasia

Tomorrow is not promised quotes about life

Our lives are a series of moments designed to help us live in the now moment. 

11. “When you realize tomorrow is never promised, every “today” — Carlos Wallace

12. “Tomorrow is but a metaphor to a door that may never open.” — Colette Parrino

13. “Today is a reality; tomorrow’s a promise, and yesterday’s history!” — Billy Blanks

14. “What if you were to die today? Tomorrow is not a promise but a chance.” — Beth Nimmo

15. “We’re not promised tomorrow, so don’t waste a moment living in the past.” — J. Osteen

16. “So many promises wrapped up in excuses, always tomorrow but never today.” — Michael Faudet

17. “What does waiting do? None of us are promised a tomorrow. We don’t always get a later.” — Jennifer L. Armentrout

18. “There’s nothing we can do other than live with the promise of tomorrow while knowing it may not come.” — Jennifer L. Armentrout

19. “God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination.” — St. Augustine of Hippo

20. “I always say you’ve got one life to live, and you’re not promised a tomorrow. So, you might as well just have a good time with it.” — Fantasia Barrino

Tomorrow is not promised quotes to keep you grounded 

We can learn from yesterday, but it is unwise to focus on the past. 

21. “I made promises to yesterday. I can’t start giving away my tomorrows.” — Stylo Fantome

22. “Embrace life and live every moment to the fullest, for tomorrow is a fragile promise.” — Lorri Faye

23. “I don’t care that we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. I’ll promise you forever, every day of your forever.” — Regina  Bartley

24. “You scare me sometimes. I’m always afraid I’m going to wake up tomorrow, and you’ll be gone.” — Carian Cole

25. “Tomorrow is promised to no man, though I’m under the impression I have an earthly meeting with God on the day after tomorrow. So that’s nice.” — Jarod Kintz

26. “Here today, maybe gone tomorrow! Never take anyone or nothing for granted! Be sure to count your blessing daily because tomorrow isn’t promised.” — Surgeo Bell

27. “Tomorrow is not promised to us. Start dancing in the rain and look for your rainbow through the storm clouds. Once you find it, don’t ever let it go.” — Amelia Hutchins

28. “It said that we have now, right now, and that’s it. We have no promises for tomorrow, only right now, and we had to seize the day, the hour, the moment” — M. Leighton

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29. “Today is full of promise and hope. Yesterday was either like a rainbow or a fog that has dispersed into thin air. Tomorrow is yet to come and will take care of itself.” — Susan Mills Wilson

30. “There is nothing like the time we have with those we love the most. Every moment is precious because we aren’t promised tomorrow. Hold on to them tight and cherish them while you’re given the chance.” — N.E. Henderson

Tomorrow is not promised quotes for more gratitude 

Living in our joy means remaining grateful for every day. 

31. “Never take life for granted.” — Eleanor Brownn

32. “If you love someone, you should say it often, You never know when they’ll be layin’ in a coffin. Wake up, it’s important that you know that No one on Earth is promised tomorrow.” — MC Lyte

33. “Life was short. We weren’t promised tomorrow.” — Abbi Glines

34. “Savor every sunrise because no one is promised tomorrow or even the rest of today.” — Eleanor Brownn

35. “But the words are easy and soothing, promising tomorrow will be more hopeful than this awful piece o time we call today.” — Suzanne Collins

36. “I can’t promise you forever, Blaine. Hell, I don’t even know if I can promise you tomorrow. And you deserve so much more than a fling.” — Nya Rayne

37. “Wasting what time we did have on hating others or hating the paths we were given was pointless. We should embrace it and make the best of it.” — Abbi Glines

38. “Since our yesterdays are gone and our tomorrows are never promised, today I want to thank all my amazing friends and family for being in my life.” — Steven Aitchison

39. “Nothing about tomorrow was promised to them; Jamie understood that. But as long as God gave them the gift of today, she would cherish it with all her heart.” — Karen Kingsbury

40. “I know it’s hard; believe me, I know it feels like tomorrow will never come, and today will be the most difficult day to get through. But I swear you will get through the hurt and will pass as it always does if you give it time and let it so let it go slowly like a broken promise let it go” Rupi Kaur

Tomorrow is not promised quotes about success

41. “Forever is composed of nows.” — Emily Dickinson

42. “Yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be.” — Bob Dylan

43. “Tomorrow is not promised. Not in marriage. Not in life.” — Jo Wilson

44. “Live your life in the moment because tomorrow is never promised.” — Anonymous

45. “Don’t cry for me, just love yourself more today than you did yesterday” — Dominique Thomas

46. “You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time.” — Marie Lu

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47. “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come, and we have only today. Let’s begin.” — Mother Teresa

 48. “It’s true when they say tomorrow isn’t promised and live every day like it’s your last.” — Dominique Thomas

49. “Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything’s possible again.” — Marie Lu

50. “If I were to live for tomorrow, I would have lived fullest for today.” — Santosh Kalwar

51. “Live today facing forward—with your back on yesterday, your eyes on tomorrow, and your head and heart in the moment.” — Richelle E. Goodrich

52. “If her death taught me anything, it’s this. Cherish the time you have. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Right now is all we are promised.” — J.A. Saare

53. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” — Mahatma Gandhi

54. “Paradise is a promise no god bothers to keep. There’s only now, and tomorrow nothing will be the same, whether we like it or not.” — Heidi Heilig

55. “One must live as if it would be forever, and as if one might die each moment. Always both at once.” — Mary Renault

56. “We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” — Bill Watterson

Expectations limit our experience and create roadblocks

Perhaps one of the most well-known humanists and caregivers is Mother Teresa, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her efforts to help those in need. 

Mother Teresa once shared,  “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come, and we have only today. Let’s begin.” 

For her, she knew that every day was the perfect day to begin pursuing what you love. 

We all have dreams and aspirations, but when we insist they manifest in a particular way, we limit all the different ways we can experience our goals. 

This is not to sound like a defeatist, but when you drop expectations about the future, you let go of unnecessary pressure and avoid disappointment. 

Of course, we should strive for what excites us. 

We should follow our highest excitement and make the most of what we have. 

When we worry too much about the future, we create stress. 

When we remain present, we allow ourselves to reap whatever positive elements or experiences may be available. 

Live for today because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

What’s your biggest takeaway from these tomorrow is not promised quotes and sayings?

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