25 WandaVision Quotes from an Alternate Reality

If you can’t get enough of the original Avengers characters, these WandaVision quotes are for you!

Disney+ picked up where Avengers: Endgame left off.

At the end of the last film, it left the audience waiting and wondering what was in store for our favorite superheroes.

It also left them mourning the loss of some of their favorites.

Wanda and Vision were two of these characters.

WandaVision is a Disney+ mini-series that gives us a sneak peek into the life of Wanda, but it doesn’t look exactly like we would expect it to.

These WandaVision quotes give you a glimpse into the mystery of the mini-series.

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WandaVision quotes by Wanda

1. “In a real magic act everything is fake.” — Wanda

2. “Don’t worry, darling. I have everything under control.” — Wanda

3. “There are rules in life. We can’t rush aging just because it’s convenient. And we can’t reverse death.” — Wanda

4. “I don’t understand this power. But I will.” — Wanda

5. “We just don’t know what to expect. Will the baby be human or synthezoid? Little bit of both?” — Wanda

6. “You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly, you’re my love.” — Wanda

7. “Vision is made from vibranium, they literally inherited tough skin.” — Wanda

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8. “Handle the military, mom will be right back.” — Wanda

9. “I have what I want and no one will ever take it from me again.” — Wanda

10. “The urge to run from this feeling is powerful.” — Wanda

11. “Thanks for the lesson…but I don’t need you to tell me who I am.” — Wanda

12. You’re not my neighbor. And you’re definitely not my friend. You are a stranger and an outsider.” — Wanda

13. “We are an unusual couple, you know?” — Wanda

14. “We don’t have an anniversary or a song.” — Wanda

15. “Well, I think we handled that well.” — Wanda

16. “Well I think this line of questioning is fruitless!”  Wanda

17. “It seems the people of Westview are always on the verge of discovering our secret.”  Wanda

18. “The baby is approximately nine months early.”  Wanda

19. “I only remember feeling completely alone. Empty.” — Wanda

20. “We’ve all been there right? Letting our fear and anger get the best of us, intentionally expanding the borders of the false world we created.” — Wanda

WandaVision quotes by Vision

21. “But what is grief, if not love persevering?” — Vision

22. “We are in uncharted waters.” — Vision

23. “Because it can’t all be sorrow, can it?” — Vision

24. “I’ve never experienced loss because I’ve never had a loved one to lose.” — Vision

25. “Oh Wanda, I’m incapable of forgetfulness. I remember everything. That’s not an exaggeration, in fact, I’m incapable of exaggeration.”  Vision

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Which of these WandaVision quotes is your favorite?

The mini-series keeps the audience guessing as the show progresses.

While you know something odd is happening, the pieces slowly put themselves together little by little.

Spoiler Alert: Eventually we learn that Wanda has taken over a town with her power and is creating an alternate reality in which Vision can be alive and with her again.

As she fights to keep her dream world alive we eventually see Wanda transition into the Scarlet Witch.

Now fans just have to wait to see where the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes her next.

But while you wait, you can enjoy these WandaVision quotes and sayings again and again.

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