25 When They See Us Quotes Telling the Story of the Central Park Five

These When They See Us quotes remind us of how far we’ve come and how far we have to go.

When They See Us is a hunting limited series on Netflix based on real-life events.

The story is about the Central Park Five and the systemized abuse of power they went through at a young age.

The boys were unlawfully convicted of rape and abuse of a lone jogger in Central Park, New York.

The show puts heavy emphasis on the widespread abuse and discrimination of minorities at that time.

The corrupt justice system and flawed distribution of power were chilling to watch and serves as a reminder that there’s a lot of things that need to be done to achieve real equality and justice even in modern times.

The When They See Us quotes below will provoke your thoughts and feelings to want real justice and accountability.

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When They See Us quotes by Delores Wise

1. “Somebody loves you, baby. You getting out!” — Delores Wise

2. “You don’t know nothing about being me.” — Delores Wise

3. “God knows he could use a boost right about now.” — Delores Wise

4. “Boy, I ain’t got nothing to give you.” — Delores Wise

5. “Drugs was easier. Ignoring you two boys in real life that was easier. But being scared for you that gave me something to ask God for and mean it.” — Delores Wise

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When They See Us quotes by korey Wise

6. “Sometimes all you can do is try your best.” — Korey Wise

7. “If they don’t wanna hear my truth, I don’t wanna waste my energy.” — Korey Wise

8. “The plan is you and me, little lady. Whatever you wanna do.” — Korey Wise

9. “My bad luck been used up.” — Korey Wise

10. “Please come back as much as you can.” — Korey Wise

11. “I like when you call me kid.” — Korey Wise

12. “Put me in solitary.” — Korey Wise

13. “They said if I was there and if I went along with it, that I could go home. And that’s all I wanted. That’s all I wanted, was to go home. That’s all I still want.” — Korey Wise

14. “What I am supposed to do? Just let them do whatever they to do?” — Korey Wise

When They See Us quotes by Raymond Santana

15. “They ain’t gonna get me again.” — Raymond Santana

16. “What those people stole from you, you can’t buy back.” — Raymond Santana Sr.

17. “When they say ‘boys’ they not talking about us. They talking about other boys from other places. When did we ever get to be boys?” — Raymond Santana

18. “I’m not letting you go like that. I made that mistake already.” — Raymond Santana

19. “I’m trying to treat it right, ya know?” — Young Raymond Santana

20. “I want to sleep in my own bed so bad.” — Young Raymond Santana

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When They See Us quotes by Angie Richardson

21. “Happiness is something to look forward to.” — Angie Richardson

22. “He’s got something to look forward to. You have to find one too. That the trick of a happy life.” — Angie Richardson

23. “I know you seen things, maybe had to do things, defend yourself, survive, whatever might have happened. But in the end, you have the same heart.” — Angie Richardson

When They See Us quotes by Antron McCray

24. “I guess I just like making dirty things shine, that’s all.” — Antron McCray

25. “If I had my way, you wouldn’t have took him back.” — Antron McCray

Which of these When They See Us quotes is your favorite?

A lot of people in the series really think the boys were guilty of the crimes they didn’t commit.

It shows how the media and the limited interaction with selected environments or groups can greatly alter one’s cognitive reasoning and compassion.

These people are educated, wealthy and with a high status of power, and yet they choose to act in a stupid and cruel way.

This film uncovers the trouble with the system we are all living in.

No matter where we are in the world we can still be a subject of human cruelty and thirst for power.

Hopefully, these When They See Us quotes and sayings compel you to take action and do the right thing in the situations you’re presented with.

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