25 Widowmaker Quotes From The Overwatch Sniper

If you are a fan of Overwatch, then you will enjoy our Widowmaker quotes. 

Widowmaker is a popular character in the Overwatch video game franchise. 

She comes equipped with a powerful scoped rifle and is capable of fatal headshots. 

Find out what makes fans love this deadly sniper with our Widowmaker quotes! 

Who is Widowmaker?

Widowmaker is the archetypal sniper in the Overwatch franchise. 

Check out these Widowmaker facts below:

  • She killed her husband as a sleeper agent. 
  • Widowmaker was one of the first characters in Overwatch.
  • Before her life as a deadly assassin, she was a ballet dancer. 

Wait, what is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a multimedia online first-person shooter franchise. 

It was released in 2016 and has grown to become extremely popular. 

Fans love the game’s storytelling and animation. 

The game has grown into a franchise that produces comics, animated media, and even fan-produced X-rated material. 

Why do people hate on Widowmaker so much?

If you play Overwatch, you have witnessed other team members groan or complain if somebody chooses Widowmaker. 

Why all the controversy?

Well, Widowmaker is an exciting character with strengths and weaknesses. 

However, some claim that people choose her when they attempt to throw the match. 

Let’s break down Widowmaker’s strengths and weaknesses. 

She is one of the game’s most deadly characters in the hands of any player who knows how to use her. 

What are Widowmaker’s strengths?

Widowmaker is a sniper. 

Her rifle can kill most of the game’s heroes with a fully charged headshot. 

At the very least, one hit from her causes severe damage to the body. 

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She also has infrasight and her venom mine weapons, allowing her to track enemy movements and set ambushes. 

What are Widowmaker’s weaknesses?

Ironically, her strength is her weakness. 

Widowmaker’s main weakness is that she is a sniper. 

She is weak in close-range combat and immobile while scoped, which leaves her vulnerable to attack. 

Skilled players can force Widowmaker to play away from the objective. 

To learn more, check out our Widowmaker quotes below. 

Short one-word Widowmaker quotes for the coup de grace

Check out these final blow quotes from the Widowmaker

1. “Enjoy!”  — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

2. “Rude.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

3. “Encore?” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

4. “Exquisite.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

5. “Magnifique.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

The top Widowmaker one-liner quotes

Widowmaker is notorious for her post-victory one-liners. 

6. “Talon strikes.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

7. “Now I feel alive.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

8. “A thing of beauty” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

9. “I could do this all day.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

10. “The huntress gets her prey.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

Famous Widowmaker quotes to live by

She may be deadly, but Widowmakers has plenty of quotes to live by. 

11. “What’s an aimbot?” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

12. “A single death can change everything.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

13. “The enemies of Talon will be eliminated.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

14. “I think it’s time for us to see other people.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

15. “Step into my parlor,’ said the spider to the fly.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

The best French Windowmaker quotes

Widowmaker tends to seal the deal in the language of love. 

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16. ”Ouh lá lá.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

17. ”Joyeux Noël.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

18. ”Une balle, un mort.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

19. ”Cherchez la femme.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

20. ”Et c’est comme ça.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

Widowmaker quotes and sayings for victory

We end our list with these sweet Window maker quotes. 

21. “I don’t miss.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

22. “A perfect 10.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

23. “The party is over.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

24. “Let them eat cake.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

25. “You have my attention.” — Widowmaker, Overwatch 

Why do you love Widowmaker?

Widowmaker is the type of character fans either love or hate. 

We would love to know your thoughts on Widowmaker or the Overwatch franchise. 

Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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