25 Woman of God Quotes from the Gripping Novel

Explore the captivating tale that dives into controversy and faith with these Woman of God quotes.

The book Woman of God is a collaborated novel by authors James Patterson and Maxine Paetro, published in 2016.

Woman of God follows physician Brigid Fitzgerald who rose from a childhood with drug-addicted parents to become a successful physician.

When Brigid serves with a group called Kind Hands in Sudan, she is shot and almost killed.

She recovers, but tragedy strikes her again later when she simultaneously loses her husband and child.

Then she returns to Sudan before returning to Massachusetts with her new husband.

Brigid directly hears God speak to her at different times of her life, and she works to start a new religious movement.

Look at these Woman of God Quotes to learn about this intriguing book about loss and faith.

Top Woman of God Quotes from the Novel

Here are some memorable lines from the story by James Patterson.

1. “Yes. I’m a doctor.” — James Patterson

2. “I was already halfway there.” — James Patterson

3. “I blurted, ‘My husband and baby died just last week.’” — James Patterson

4. “I didn’t need to check his pulse to know what I’d done.” — James Patterson

5. “Tori burst out laughing, and I had to laugh, too; it felt like the first time in my life.” — James Patterson

6. “I didn’t want to see my father, but I couldn’t move forward without going back.” — James Patterson

7. “I went to my knees at the side of my bed. I folded my hands and closed my eyes.” — James Patterson

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8. “You’re a woman priest going against the Catholic Church. These are unsettling times.” — James Patterson

9. “The last time a priest had made a confession to me, I had been holding his hand when he died.” — James Patterson

10. “I went into his hug, again feeling that great surge of warmth when he held me. It felt too good.” — James Patterson

Woman of God Quotes That Tell the Story

Learn more about Brigid’s journey with these quotes.

11. “Dear Lord. Thank you for showing me the way to my dearest friend. Thank you for this amazing gift. Amen.” — James Patterson

12. “I forgot how achy and hungry and fatigued I was. Laughing with Colin was a new experience, and I liked it.” — James Patterson

13. “I’m sorry I made all this trouble for you. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but for what it’s worth, I am truly, truly sorry.” — James Patterson

14. “The possibility of a woman pope was extraordinary, astounding, and if it happened, the consequences would be profound.” — James Patterson

15. “While God had not forsaken this place, He was clearly expecting us to hold up our end, as it appeared, He was needed elsewhere.” — James Patterson

16. “Whether I’d returned to Africa because of the voice of God or my own need to do something worthwhile, I had gone. I had helped people.” — James Patterson

17. “ I hadn’t heard from James in months, hadn’t seen him in more than a year, and now he was telling me to drop everything, and he wouldn’t tell me why.” — James Patterson

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18. “Should he do his job? Or should he commit journalism’s greatest sin by interfering in this true epic drama? If he did that, he might very well change the outcome.” — James Patterson

19. “I promise to love you, to listen to you deeply, to support your passions, to stand with you even when there is chaos around us, to be a safe place for you, forever.” — James Patterson

20. “I had survived the plagues of Africa, bullets, and near death on the killing field. I’d survived the blade at my neck, only to lose my life to a virus inside a clean German clinic.” — James Patterson

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Additional Woman of God Quotes from James Patterson

Enjoy a few more memorable moments from the novel.

21. “When I took my seat opposite celebrity broadcaster Morgan McCartor on the 60 Minutes set, I didn’t have the slightest premonition that my secret life was about to be cracked wide open.” — James Patterson

22. “I walked back down Yafo and was mounting the steps to the hotel entrance when a concussive boom cracked through the air, lifting me off my feet and hurling me against the wall of the hotel.” — James Patterson

23. “My view of the past was gone, the dead people were gone, and I was seeing in two dimensions at once, as I had when I was both inside the airplane from Rome and flying outside it. I was not insane.” — James Patterson

24. “Jemilla, my little gal pal, grabbed me around the waist, and we did a funny little dance, part native to Sudan, part cha-cha slide—which was sharply interrupted by the loud chatter of automatic gunfire at the gages. Oh, God. It was starting again.” — James Patterson

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25. “My hands shook as I opened the box and found my well-traveled leather hobo bag with my actual credentials inside, along with my nubby sweater. Under the sweater, wrapped in my jeans, was my journal, with a note just inside the cover. ‘Mission accomplished. Best regards, J. Gurney, Captain, U.S. Army.” — James Patterson

What Happens to Brigid?

A new Pope is set to be selected, and although Brigid has made mistakes and has enemies, she is in the running for the position.

Will Brigid be able to navigate around those who fear that the Church has lost its way if they choose her?

She must get her enemies to her side before losing her opportunity and possibly her life.

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