Wreck-It Ralph Quotes From the Hit Animated Movie

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Disney fans will love these Wreck-It Ralph quotes from everyone’s favorite video game character!

Wreck it Ralph is a movie that was released in 2012 as a computer-animated comedy.

Walt Disney Pictures released the movie, and Walt Disney Animation Studios produced the film.

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What are the benefits of reading these Wreck it Ralph quotes?

Rich Moore directed Wreck it Ralph, which features the voices of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, and Jack McBrayer, among others.

The plot was from a screenplay that Phil Johnston and Jennifer Lee wrote.

The story follows Wreck it Ralph, a video game villain who wants to be the hero instead of the “bad guy.”

Wreck it Ralph can teach us many valuable lessons, like:

The movie received many nominations and won the Annie Award for best Animated Feature on the way to grossing over $496 million against its $165 million budget.

Enjoy learning more about this hit movie through these Wreck-It Ralph quotes!

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Wreck-It Ralph quotes about Ralph liking himself

Ralph struggles with being the “bad” guy but eventually comes to like himself.

1. “I’m gonna wreck it!”  Wreck-It Ralph

2. “I’m not leaving you here alone!”  Wreck-It Ralph

3. “There’s no one I’d rather be than me!”  Wreck-It Ralph

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4. “If that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”  Wreck-It Ralph

5. “I’m already happy. I got the coolest friend in the world!”  Wreck-It Ralph

6. “Turns out I don’t need a medal to tell me I’m a good guy.”  Wreck-It Ralph

7. “I mean, I’m very good at what I do. Probably the best I know.”  Wreck-It Ralph

8. “Look, a steady arcade gig is nothing to sneeze at; I’m very lucky.”  Wreck-It Ralph

9. “I get a perfect view of “Sugar Rush,” and I can watch Vanellope racing.”  Wreck-It Ralph

10. “It may not be as fancy as being president, but it’s my duty, and it’s a big duty.”  Wreck-It Ralph

Memorable Wreck-It Ralph quotes

Check out these memorable quotes from the movie.

11. “I don’t have to do boo! Forgive my potty-mouth.”  Fix-It Felix

12. “Lying to a child! Shame on you, Ralph!”  Vanellope von Schweetz

13. “Everyone here says I’m just a mistake.”  Vanellope von Schweetz

14. “Sometimes I think, man, it sure must be nice being the good guy.”  Wreck-It Ralph

15. “Turbo ended up putting both games and himself out of order, for good.”  Fix-It Felix

16. “Because of you, Ralph, I’m now the most powerful virus in the arcade!”  King Candy

17. “And if I ever see you here again, Wreck-It Ralph, I’ll lock you in my Fungeon!”  King Candy

18. “Your face is still red; you might want to hit it with your hammer again.”  Sergeant Calhoun

19. “Well, this may come as a shock to you, but in my game, I’m the bad guy, and I live in the garbage.”  Wreck-It Ralph

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20. “My name’s Ralph, and I’m a bad guy. Uh, let’s see … I’m nine feet tall, I weigh six hundred and forty-three pounds.”  Wreck-It Ralph

What happens to Ralph?

Ralph leaves his video game because he does not like his role.

He does not realize that this causes a domino effect, and all the other characters lose their jobs as the game goes out of order.

He journeys through other games and helps a character named Vanellope defeat an evil character named King Candy.

At that point, he learns the fate of his friends and goes back to his game, where he is known as a hero and not just a villain.

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