25 Ya Ya Sisterhood Quotes From the Popular Book Turned Movie

If you enjoy drama comedies, you will love these Ya Ya Sisterhood quotes.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood was a book written by Rebecca Wells and published in 1996 by HarperCollins.

The book became a New York Times Bestseller and was adapted into a movie of the same name in 2002.

The movie was directed by Callie Khouri and stars Sandra Bullock, Ellen Burstyn, James Garner, Ashley Judd, and more.

The story’s plot takes place in Louisiana in 1937 and follows four young girls who take a blood oath to stay loyal to each other, and they are dubbed the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

The plot flips back and forth between Louisiana in 1937 and New York City and Louisiana in the 1990s.

Take a look at these Ya Ya Sisterhood quotes to learn more about the book and movie.

The Best Ya Ya Sisterhood Quotes From The Movie 

Check out the best Ya Ya Sisterhood quotes from the movie. 

1. “I am sick of fighting!” — Sidda 

2. “I love you too, sunflower.” — Vivi 

3. “I should’a quit when I was behind.” — Sidda 

4. “I tried to be the best momma I could.” — Vivi 

5. “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!” — Vivi 

6. “Necie, me not loving momma was never the problem.” — Sidda 

7. “You are much more normal than you have any right to be.” — Connor 

8. “Listen, kids, we gotta slow down, or I’m gonna pop a lung.” — Caro 

9. “Why doesn’t somebody go to the bathroom? It always makes the food come.” — Caro 

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10. “Honey, I think the reason she stayed distant was because she never trusted herself again.” — Teensy 

The Best Ya Ya Sisterhood Quotes From The Book

Here are some of the best Ya Ya Sisterhood quotes from the book. 

11. “Life is short, but it is wide. This too shall pass.” — Rebecca Wells 

12. “I have been to the edge and lived to tell the tale..” — Rebecca Wells 

13. “But who has time to write memoirs? I’m still living my memoirs.” — Rebecca Wells 

14. “Uncountable the number of breaths I’ve taken for granted in my life.” — Rebecca Wells 

15. “I want to lay up like that, to float unstructured, without ambition or anxiety.” — Rebecca Wells 

16. “Friends are supposed to act like harbor boats—let you know if you’re off course.” — Rebecca Wells 

17. “You know how some people when they’re together, they somehow make you feel more hopeful?” — Rebecca Wells 

More Ya Ya Sisterhood Quotes From The Book 

Take a look at more Ya Ya Sisterhood quotes from the book. 

18. “Because I need them. Because I love them.” — Rebecca Wells 

19. “She used to say she could taste sleep and that it was as delicious as a BLT on fresh French bread.” — Rebecca Wells 

20. “But all she wanted to do was lie in bed, eat Kraft macaroni and cheese, and hide from the alligators.” — Rebecca Wells 

21. “Once the scent caught me on the street in Greenwich Village. I stopped in my tracks and looked around.” — Rebecca Wells 

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22. “Everybody thinks you’re one whole piece, and so they treat you maybe not so gentle as they could see that crack.” — Rebecca Wells 

23. “Jack says your letters still sound cheery, but I know that’s just because you’re putting on a good face for him.” — Rebecca Wells 

24. “Some women pray for their daughters to marry good husbands. I pray that my girls will find girlfriends half as loyal and true as the Ya-Yas.” — Rebecca Wells 

25. “I do not have the wide, bright beacon of some solid old lighthouse, guiding ships safely home, past the jagged rocks. I only have these little glimmers that flicker and then go out.” — Rebecca Wells 

What Happens In the Rest of the Story?

When Vivi is estranged from her daughter Sidda, the rest of the Sisterhood step in to help.

They get Sidda to come down to Louisiana from New York City to really learn who her mother is.

The friends get Sidda and Vivi to reunite and then induct Sidda into the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

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