20 You Matter Quotes About the Great Children’s Book

You Matter quotes will show you that everyone is intertwined and matters.

You Matter is a children’s picture book written by Christian Robinson, the Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Honoree.

Christian attended the California Institute of the Arts, where he honed his skills and would later go on with Pixar Animation Studios and The Sesame Street Workshop.

Christian blends his art with different perspectives to create a children’s book that is:

  • engaging
  • colorful
  • fun

You Matter shows many perspectives so we can see how everyone and everything is connected together and that we all matter.

Children will enjoy You Matter over and over as the engaging pictures and perspectives invite you to see something new each time you read the book.

Enjoy these You Matter quotes about the hit children’s picture book!

You Matter quotes right from the book

Here are some quotes right from the great children’s book!

1. “You matter.”  Christian Robinson

2. “Sometimes home is far away.”  Christian Robinson

3. “The small stuff too small to see.”  Christian Robinson

4. “When everyone is too busy to help.”  Christian Robinson

5. “When everyone thinks you’re a pest.”  Christian Robinson

6. “When something is just out of reach.”  Christian Robinson

7. “The first to go and the last. You matter.”  Christian Robinson

8. “Sometimes someone you love says goodbye.”  Christian Robinson

9. “For anyone who isn’t sure if they matter. You do.”  Christian Robinson

10. “Those who swim with the tide, and those who don’t.”  Christian Robinson

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You Matter quotes from reviews of the book

The review section is a great place to see what people think about a book!

11. “Delightfully simple and empathetic in its heartfelt affirmations.” — Edward Sullivan

12. “The most beautiful picture book I’ve read in a long time. For readers of all ages.” — Ann

13. “A splendacious book! The message is that we all matter – no matter who we are.”  Ina

14. “You Matter is a gem of a book. Each page affirms and reaffirms that all beings, of every type and stripe matters.”  Moonkiszt

15. “Christian Robinson continues to amaze with his spirited and bright focus on life and the human connection. We ALL matter!” — Jennifer

16. “Whimsy, intelligence, and a subtle narrative thread make this rise to the top of a growing list of self-love titles.”  Kirkus Reviews, starred review

17. “Another possible choice for the first week or so of school. I love the message of “you matter” – even for middle school students.”  Beth Honeycutt

18. “We watched Christian Robinson read this on PBS Kids, and he shared that he created this book because he wants every kid to know they matter, and he did.”  Kellee Moye

19. “Master picture book author and illustrator Robinson returns with a book just right for our pandemic situation. The book moves in a complete circle, beginning and ending with the same phrases.”  Tasha

20. “Christian Robinson can do no wrong in my book. He writes and illustrates stunning stories that are affirming and validating, smackdab in the center of kid experiences, with no sentimentality.”  Angela

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Pictures tell a thousand words

Christian Robinson uses his artistic talent to tell many stories with each picture.

You will see a new story each time your child enjoys this book.

Please share these You Matter quotes with your family and friends to spread the message that everyone matters!

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