10 Things My Mother Was Always Right About

Back when we were young and stubborn, it pained us to admit the times when our mother was right about things.

As we grew older, we came to accept these tokens of wisdom from the woman who brought us into this world because she was usually right.

Now check out the ten things my mother was right about below!

1. You’re never fully dressed without a smile

As any teenage girl can do so well, I could look bored and uninterested at any given time.

More often than not, when I left the house, my mother would call after me, “You’re never fully dressed!”.

It was her way of telling me to smile, which I typically scoffed off with a groan and an eye roll for good measure.

Turns out, a smile really does complete you.

It sets your mood and opens you to positive interactions throughout your day.

2. My mother would check out dessert first

Mother isn’t shy about asking to see a dessert menu and would check if they will run out of anything.

What I took from that into adulthood is to plan ahead for treats and indulgences.

Having something special to look forward to and planning the rest of your meal – or day – knowing you’ve got creme brulee, a massage, vacation, drinks, etc.- coming up lets you indulge but keeps you from overindulging.

3. Those friends she didn’t like

It’s like a sixth sense!

Even if she didn’t say it, I had those friends growing up that I could tell she wasn’t crazy about.

I don’t know how, but those friends she truly liked are still friends of mine to this day!

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Moms can be character readers, much like dogs, so pay attention if she doesn’t trust that new guy; she may be onto something.

4. Mother was right when she said don’t sleep the day away

Mumbling for my mother to leave me alone as she tried to pry me from my bed at 1 p.m. was a routine weekend occurrence for some time.

I didn’t think there was anything to miss out on before mid-afternoon.

Boy, was I wrong!

Now in my 30s, I have dubbed 9 a.m. my “Power Time” because I have trained a client, worked out, walked the dog, and am on to coffee, fully energized and ready to take on the day.

There is a unique energy in the morning hours that is yours for the taking.

Whether you use that time to exercise, meditate, or simply have a few moments to enjoy your coffee in solitude, don’t let this time slip by unaware.

5. Just try a salad

I wasn’t a picky eater, but I didn’t eat a salad until mid-high school, and my standard Subway order was bologna, cheese, and mustard.

Like pretty much any other mom out there, my mother insisted that I at least try a salad with dinner.

She wore me down, and as my taste buds changed, I craved a good salad!

This goes for any food you may have avoided as a child.

Trying things can open a world of flavors and recipes that often become your new favorite food in adulthood!

6. Unfair teachers prepare you for unfair people

Whenever I complained about a teacher – basically every day once middle school hit – Mother would remind me there would be unfair bosses and people I’d have to learn to work with for the rest of my life.

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While this didn’t make 15-year-old me feel better, she – once again – was totally right!

Learning to brush off condescending comments and not taking things so personally is a life skill you will use in both work and play.

7. Busy work has a point, according to my mother

I distinctly remember a mandatory college course with projects that had no relation to my major and no apparent purpose other than taking up time.

I moped about the work being pointless and a waste of time, but my complaints were met with opposition.

Mother told me this was an exercise in persistence.

All I could see then was how this project was a waste of my time; it wasn’t accomplishing anything, and I wasn’t learning anything new.

Now, I see that I learned to endure.

I learned how to press on when things seemed pointless, which is a trait that serves you well in many areas of adult life.

8. There’s better music out there

Both parents were thankful when I outgrew the boy band craze of the 90s.

They played various music in the house, but I was completely immersed in all things Backstreet Boys as a teen.

Eventually, I found my way to genres outside of Top 40 Pop, but the bigger takeaway is not getting stuck in one genre or era of music.

It’s insanely easy, nowadays, to discover artists who are nowhere near mainstream yet doing really cool stuff!

Using Pandora, Spotify, or delving into a genre you know nothing about expands your creative side and feeds your soul!

9. Mother knew what she was doing when she said shop for feel-good clothes

I still make fun of my mom for holding an item of clothing and inevitably saying, “This has a great weight!”

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At 15, that meant nothing to me.

Was it “in”?

Did it make me look cool?



Finally, I get what she means, and I’ve actually uttered those same words I scoffed at years earlier.

Dressing in clothes that make you feel great is important as an adult.

You look more confident and feel better about yourself; it’s a total mood-booster!

10. A home should feel lived in

Mother always joked that I didn’t know what a vacuum cleaner was.

This is a huge exaggeration, but she meant she didn’t bark at people to take their shoes off or follow them around with a dustbuster.

Things had their general space, but crosswords and books sat on the table, and comfort took precedence over photo-shoot-ready decor and furniture.

I’d have friends come home with me from college, and all say: your house is so cozy!

They say this in awe, and it makes me feel proud!

People instantly feel at home and not like they can’t touch anything.

I like to think my apartment here in Chicago has that same feel.

My home is thought out and tidied up, but you can always tell what I’m reading and where my favorite spot to sit is.

What was Your Mother Right About?

As much as it pains us, our mothers were right about many things.

What’s one thing you see your mother was right about now that you’re older?

Tell us in the comment section.

We would love to hear from you!

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