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13 Random things that bring happiness

13 Random things that bring happiness

Bring happiness into your life by focusing on all the small amazing things happening in your life.

For example…

Seeing people singing in their car

Everyone does it. When your song comes on it is almost impossible not to belt out the words and sing along. Getting caught singing in the car or catching someone singing in the car will immediately put a smile on your face.

Talking to strangers

Whether it is a quick hello passing on the street or a random conversation that comes from a common interest. Talking to strangers is a simple pleasure that more people should indulge in.

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Dancing when no one is watching

There is something so alluring about plugging in headphones and jamming to music. Dancing shows so much expression and you can really start moving when you are alone and carefree. Blocking out surrounding sound and being in the moment, what’s better than that?

When you or someone else does a random act of kindness

Things like paying for someone’s coffee, or helping a stranger carry heavy bags. It is so easy to do and it provides you with a happy feeling throughout the rest of your day. Even witnessing someone else doing a good deed can give you a feeling of joy.

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Laughing so hard that you can’t breathe

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. When you are laughing so hard you can’t breathe that is one of the best feelings. Laughter is contagious after all so your laughter can even provide some happiness for the people around you as well!

Decorating for holidays

The warmth and coziness that happens when you redecorate your home for the holidays is such a nice feeling. It is a simple yet effective way to bring some happiness into your home and into your life!

When you think you know the words to a song and realize you have been singing it wrong for years

Yeah that’s always a little mind blowing. But the second someone calls you out on it you can’t help but think it is pretty funny. Plus, who knows if you have been saying those lyrics wrong for this long, what else you are singing wrong!

Waking up and your bed feels like a cloud

My favorite is waking up after a snowstorm and your bed is the perfect temperature and you are so cozy and snuggled up. It is the best if you don’t have any obligations that day and you can just rest up and enjoy the comfy warmth of your bed.

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Trying something new and being good at it

Trying something new can be scary. Whether it is a new recipe you are attempting, or trying a new activity, like yoga or golf. Finding out you are good at something that you have never done can feel like a huge accomplishment! It can even give you the push to try other fun activities.


Climbing trees, going on a hike and getting lost, or even just wandering around an old building. Exploring random places always seems to get me thinking. Simple pleasures.

Stepping on crunchy ice

I remember doing this as a kid and LOVING it. The ice that is so thin that when you step on it, it feels like you are breaking glass. Maybe that’s just me, but as an adult I will still go out of my way to step on crunchy ice.

Snow days!

Who doesn’t love a snow day! I mean it’s the perfect time to stay in that cozy bed I was talking about earlier.

Getting a good fortune in a fortune cookie

I take my fortune cookies very seriously. So getting a good one always makes my day. Even if you don’t believe in fortune cookies getting one that is relevant to your life and adds some positivity to your everyday can be the best feeling.

Final thoughts

These are just a few random things that can bring happiness to your life. What other random things bring a smile to your face?

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