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A Cinderella Story Quotes from the 2004 Hit Film

These A Cinderella Story quotes will take you back to one of the most iconic cult classics of the early 2000s.

A Cinderella Story is a romantic teen comedy film with several spin-offs. It is a modern take on the classic story of Cinderella to make it relatable to the new generation. It appeals to a very young audience with its wholesome and wholehearted depiction of comedy and romance.

The film revolves around two Internet pen pals who eventually meet personally at their high school’s costume dance. The only problem is they are separated before they finally reveal their identity.

It follows the story of Sam Montgomery, a waitress at a diner and having to deal with her evil stepmother and sisters. Enjoy these A Cinderella Story quotes!

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A Cinderella Story quotes from Fiona

1. “All right. Well, I’m going off to get some more lipo. Come on, girls.” — Fiona

2. “Oh, come on, no. Not my face. It’s much newer than the girls. Go for the girls!” — Fiona

3. “I’ve NEVER seen my husband’s hidden will before.” — Fiona

4. “ If you were part of my circus I’d have you wiping the elephant butts with a “wet one.” — Fiona

5. “There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you and I think you’re ready to hear it. You’re not very pretty, and you’re not very bright. Oh, I’m so glad we had that talk.” — Fiona

6. “Oh, Sam, I’m heartbroken. Life can be so unfair. Well, just look at the bright side: You have a job at the diner for the rest of your life. You want a cookie?” — Fiona

7. “Some little rat got into my salmon, and ate it all! I need more salmon! And pick up my dry cleaning. And wash the Jag!” — Fiona

8. “You take one more step and you’re fired!” — Fiona

9. “People go to school to get smarter so that they can get a job. You already have a job, so it’s like skipping a step.” — Fiona

A Cinderella Story quotes from conversations between Fiona and Sam

10. Fiona: “You can’t just walk out on me.”

Sam: “You know what, Fiona? You can mess with your hair and your nose and your face, and can even mess with my Dad’s diner, but you’re through messing with me!”

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11. Fiona: “No honey, leave those on! The lawn’s looking a little brown.”

Sam: “You know we’re supposed to be conserving water! We’re in the middle of a drought!”

Fiona: “Droughts are for poor people, you think J-Lo has a brown lawn? People who use extra water have extra class.”

12. Fiona: “Hey! Hey! I can pay for those parking tickets.”

Sam: “Actually, I’m selling your cars, Fiona, for college tuition money.”

13. Fiona: “Is this the Norwegian salmon I asked for? Because I need my omega-3s.”

Sam: “Only the best.”

Fiona: “Mmm. I can tell. You know it costs a fortune to fly that stuff in from Norwegia.”

A Cinderella Story quotes from Sam

14. “Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, lived a beautiful little girl and her widowed father.” — Sam

15. “You heard me. I quit. I quit this job, I quit your family, and I’m moving out!” — Sam

16. “ You turned out to be exactly who I thought you were. I never pretended to be somebody else. It’s been me all along. And it was me who was hurt in front of everybody.” — Sam

17. “Look, I didn’t come here to yell at you, okay? I came to tell you that I know what it feels like to be afraid to show who you are. I was, but I’m not anymore. And the thing is, I really don’t care what people think about me… because I believe in myself. And I know that things are gonna be okay.” — Sam

18. “Even though I have no family, and no job, and no money for college… it’s you that I feel sorry for.” — Sam

19. “ I know that guy that sent those emails is somewhere inside of you, but I can’t wait for him… because waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing.” — Sam

20. “Maybe this whole relationship is just better off in cyberspace.” — Sam

21. “Sometimes, fantasies are better than reality.” — Sam

22. “Well, that hidden will stated that the house, the diner, and everything belonged to me.” — Sam

23. “My Dad’s diner has been restored to its former glory. And my stepmom made a deal with the DA. She’s working off her debt to society, at Hal’s, under the watchful eye of my new partner. And my stepsisters? They finally put their teamwork to good use.” — Sam

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A Cinderella Story quotes from Austin

24. “Sorry I waited for the rain.” — Austin

25. “ I can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel all alone… Then I think of you.” — Austin

26. “Ladies, ladies, I can settle this, all right? The girl that I met at the dance, she dropped something on her way out. What was it?” — Austin

27. “Look, she’s not just some chick, all right? She was real.” — Austin

28. “No, real. The kind of girl who has more on her mind than what she wears, or how much weight she wants to lose. She listens to me, you know?” — Austin

A Cinderella Story quotes from conversations between Sam and Austin

29. Austin: “You need a wax.”

Sam: “Excuse me?”

Austin: “I meant the car.”

30. Austin: “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Sam: “I’ll let you know.”

31. Sam: “Don’t you know who I am?”

Austin: “Of course I do. You’re Princeton Girl. You’re the girl I’ve been waiting to meet. I know exactly who you are! What’s your name?”

32. Austin: “You’re not a guy, right? ‘Cause if you are I’ll kick your butt.”

Sam: “I am not a guy.”

A Cinderella Story quotes from conversations between Sam and Carter

33. Sam: “Carter, you could have totally made that light.”

Carter: “Uh, FYI Sam, yellow means slow down, not speed up.”

Sam: “I need the Fast and the Furious, not Driving Miss Daisy.”

34. Sam: “Carter, what are you wearing?”

Carter: “What? This is my Snoop-dizzle look!”

35. Carter: “How do you feel?”

Sam: “I’ll let you know when I can catch my breath.”

A Cinderella Story quotes from Shelby

36. “Well! If it isn’t Diner Girl!” — Shelby

37. “What can I get here that has no sugar, no carbs, and is fat-free?” — Shelby

38. “ She is so not getting a tip!” — Shelby

39. “Anything you say to me, you can say in front of my peeps.” — Shelby

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40. “Don’t say the word “friends”! Now, fortunate for you, I’m gonna… overlook this mental breakdown of yours. Look, just chill out, we’re gonna get ready for the dance, and; I’ll see you there. Hmm?” — Shelby

A Cinderella Story quotes from Rhonda

41. “ Oh, no. That won’t be necessary because I quit too. And you know what? The only reason why I stayed around and put up with you for all those years is because of that girl. And now that she’s free of you, there is nothing stopping me from kicking your butt.” — Rhonda

42. “Fiona, if I wanted to look like a clown I’d join the circus.” — Rhonda

43. “ I wanna get my breasts done. Where’d you get yours?” — Rhonda

44. “Call me girlfriend one more time.” — Rhonda

45. “You know, those kids remind me of why I used to fight in school.” — Rhonda

A Cinderella Story quotes from Carter

46. “You gotta love high school.” — Carter

47. “ Have no fear! Zorro is here! And he’s got the keys to his dad’s Mercedes!” — Carter

48. “ The lady said, ‘Stop’!” — Carter

49. “Oh yeah? Well, did you see the part where I run away?” — Carter

50. “Well I hate to tell you this, ‘dude’; but I starred in Pirates of Penzance three summers in a row!” — Carter

Which of these A Cinderella Story quotes is your favorite?

The film was able to relate to the struggles and triumphs of the new young generations and instantly became a classic during its time by successfully becoming a part of American teen childhood.

Although the film was categorized as generic, it was nominated for five Teen Choice Awards, winning the Choice Movie Blush Scene award.

The heartfelt drama and wholesome story of this film set as a good example of a movie for teens which is somewhat lacking in our present movies or series.

The success of Cinderella Story was followed by five more sequels, each a different modern version of the classic story of Cinderella.

Hopefully, you like these A Cinderella Story quotes and sayings, and of course, you can share these with your childhood friends for a quick bit of nostalgia.

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