25 Akuma Quotes From The Lord Of The Master Fist

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Akuma is a character from the Street Fighter universe who has become a fan favorite over the years.

Check out our powerful Akuma quotes below to learn more. 

Who is Akuma?

In the Street Fighter video game series, Akuma is a character who practices martial arts and is obsessed with becoming the most powerful. 

As a youth, Akuma and his older brother Gouken studied marital arts under their master Goutetsu. 

The style they learned does not have a name but mixes karate, kenpo, and judo elements. 

Over time, Gouken begins to question the violent nature of their style. 

Techniques within the style take a toll on the practitioner’s health. 

This disagreement on the use of violence caused a rift between the two brothers. 

What is the dark hadou?

Hadou is an energy that martial artists get in tune with during training and fighting. 

It is known as Satsui no Hadou or the Surge of Murderous Intent in Japanese. 

In Akuma’s training, he was presented with a powerful killing technique called the Raging Demon. 

This move was so brutal it endangered the life of the user. 

His brother disagreed with this technique, and he and Akuma separated. 

Akuma also left the tutelage of his master Goutetsu because of his master’s unwillingness to give in to the Surge of Murderous Intent. 

Akuma aims to be the strongest fighter and will do anything to achieve his goal. 

He fully embraced the Satsui no Hadou and became compassionless, losing all empathy towards others. 

From there, his bloodlust increased, and he aimed to kill any challenger he fought. 

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Akuma eventually returned to kill his master using the Raging Demon technique. 

How does Akuma master his style?

Akuma pushes himself to the limit to become the strongest fighter ever. 

After killing his master, he fights his brother Gouken. 

Akuma loses the battle and asks his brother to kill him, but Gouken refuses. 

Akuma calls him weak and vows revenge. 

Years later, Akuma returns to fight Gouken.

Akuma defeats his brother using the Raging Demon technique, he thinks he killed him, but his brother goes into a coma instead. 

Since then, Akuma has walked the earth looking for strong fighters to challenge him. 

If you are a Street Fighter fan or love Akuma, you will enjoy our Akuma quotes below. 

Short Akuma quotes about victory and maximizing our power

Akuma is obsessed with getting stronger and ridding his body of weakness. These are some of his most memorable victory quotes. 

1. “You are nothing!” — Akuma, Street Fighter: The Movie 

2. “No. You are not the one.” — Akuma, Street Fighter: The Movie 

3. “Your martial arts is a joke.” — Akuma, Street Fighter: The Movie 

4. “You do not know how to channel your power.” — Akuma, Street Fighter: The Movie 

5. “You are not even worthy of being killed by Akuma.” — Akuma, Street Fighter: The Movie 

Top Akuma battle quotes about mastery

Akuma believes he is the master of the fist and nobody else can challenge his desire to win. 

6. “Fall, and accept your fate!” — Akuma, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers  

7. “My fists are forged in the flames of murder!” — Akuma, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers  

8. “The path to mastery is lined with the corpses of the weak!”— Akuma, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers  

9. “Your soul is fettered by goodness. Die for your foolishness!” — Akuma, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers  

10. “You are nothing before the Master of the Fist.” — Akuma, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers  

The best Akuma quotes from when he wins

Akuma has been entertaining fans for years with his witty victory one-liners. Here are some of his memorable victory quotes from Street Fighter Alpha. 

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11. “Now stay down!” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 

12. “This grows boring!” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 

13. “Weaklings! Is there no one worth fighting?” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 

14. “You are not enough even for a warm-up.” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 

15. “Is it possible that you can defeat me? No! I will always triumph!” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 

Akuma quotes about winning at all costs

Akuma differs from many of his rivals because he will do whatever it takes to win. 

16. “Fade to nothingness! Your weakness disgusts me!” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 3

17. “A weakling like yourself doesn’t deserve fists to fight with!” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 3

18. “If you are not merciless, your soul will be slaughtered!” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 3

19. “Shall I dismember you to demonstrate your weakness?” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 3

20. “It’s time for you to experience a million deaths in an instant!” — Akuma, Street Fighter Alpha 3

Heartless Akuma quotes about strength 

Akuma has lost all empathy for anyone who is not strong. 

21. “I am disgusted. You have zero potential!” — Akuma, Street Fighter 3

22. “I can tell how much power you possess!” — Akuma, Street Fighter 3

23. “Is that all? You must be joking!” — Akuma, Street Fighter 3

24. “My name is Akuma!! The supreme master of the fist!” — Akuma, Street Fighter 3

25. “The power of my fist holds no weaknesses. Grovel in your despair!” — Akuma, Street Fighter 3

How has Akuma changed the role of the villain?

When people think of classic villains, they may think of characters such as Darth Vader from Star Wars

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Vader is special because even though he is a villain, fans absolutely love him! 

There are times in the Star Wars series when fans root for Vader to win. 

Other times fans feel empathy for Vader when he is defeated.

Akuma is an equally polarizing character. 

Fans respect and admire him so much that they continue to root for him even though his aim is the destruction of all challengers. 

In this way, Akuma symbolizes how human potential has the capacity to reach the highest levels of excellence. 

He is an anti-hero in that he does not exude righteousness or seek justice; his only desire is strength by any means necessary. 

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