50 Alamo Quotes About the Legendary Battle for Texas

Fans of historical events will enjoy these Alamo quotes!

The Battle of the Alamo took place in the “Alamo Mission,” which had been reclaimed by about 100 volunteer Americans as a fort in 1835.

In February of 1836, a Mexican Army numbering several thousand Mexicans marched into what is now San Antonio, Texas.

The battle was fought from February 23rd through March 6th of 1836.

It was a major battle in the Texas Revolution when Mexico tried to retake Texas, but the Americans fought back.

The small company of “Texians” were led by co-commanders James Bowie and William B. Travis, and President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna led the Mexican Army.

Commander Travis knew his troops could not sustain a full attack and wrote for help.

Still, only about 100 volunteers showed up, leaving their number around 200 soldiers.

Take a look at these Alamo quotes to learn more about this historic event.

Classic Alamo Quotes

Check out these classic quotes about the Alamo!

1. “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” — Texan Army

2. “My tongue speak what my heart thinks.” — Davy Crockett

3. “I shall never surrender nor retreat.” — William B. Travis

4. “It would be a waste of men to put our brave little band against thousands.” — James Bowie

5. “The troops of other states have their reputation to gain; the sons of the Alamo have theirs to maintain.” — Jefferson Davis

6. “These citizens deserve our protection, and the public safety demands our lives rather than to evacuate this post to the enemy.” — James Bowie

7. “I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls – I shall never surrender or retreat.” — William B. Travis

8. “Colonel Neill and myself have come to the solemn resolution that we will rather die in these ditches than give up this post to the enemy,” — James Bowie

9. “I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his honor and that of his country, Victory or death.” — William B. Travis

10. “The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion; otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword if the fort is taken. I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls.” — William B. Travis

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Inspirational Alamo Quotes

These Alamo quotes will inspire you to fight for what you believe in!

11. “America would be a very different place if Texas had remained Mexican.” – Phil Collins

12. “Those men truly meant the words written by Travis during that 2-week siege: VICTORY OR DEATH!” — Tara Ross

13. “Alamo has been a strong inspiration for nations striving for freedom all around the globe since 1836.” — Vinko Vrbanic

14. “The Texans didn’t win at the Battle of the Alamo, but it further motivated them to fight for their independence.” — Alisa Harvey

15. “With no idea who they would be battling and no combat experience, these shabby, half-starved peasants hardly inspired fear.” — Bruce Selcraig

16. “The sieges of Gvozdansko (1578) and Alamo (1836) tell the true stories of the small bands of the heroes who stood against the massive armies to defend their homelands.” — Vinko Vrbanic

17. “No more than 250 Texians defiantly refusing to give up the Alamo to the much larger Mexican force (as many as 1,800 soldiers) sitting just outside the Alamo’s walls. BRAVE.” — Tara Ross

18. “There were ‘big stars’ at the Alamo! Bowie, Crockett! It is a huge political event because it, and the events at Goliad and San Jacinto, changed the look of a map of America.” — Phil Collins

19. “The rebellious Texas settlers included William Barrett Travis, who originally came to Texas as an undocumented immigrant. He became the co-commander at The Alamo and refused to surrender.” — Steve Inskeep

20. “Let the Convention go on and make a declaration of independence, and we will then understand, and the world will understand, what we are fighting for. If independence is not declared, I shall lay down my arms, and so will the men under my command.” — William B. Travis

Alamo Quotes From the 2004 Movie

Enjoy these quotes from the Dennis Quaid movie!

21. “I’m selling Texas.” — Dennis Quaid, Sam Houston

22. “We’re gonna need a lot more men.” — Billy Bob Thornton, Davy Crockett

23. “Sometimes… it’s just the way you say things.” — Jason Patric, James Bowie

24. “No, I’m with you fellers, not above you.” — Billy Bob Thornton, Davy Crockett

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25. “In a few days, all of Texas will know our situation.” — Patrick Wilson, William B. Travis

26. “Without blood, without tears, there’s no glory.” — Emilio Echevarría, Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana

27. “One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.” — Patrick Wilson, William B. Travis

28. “I called him a ‘catamite’; that’s one step up from ‘assistant pederast’!” — Dennis Quaid, Sam Houston

29. “General Castrillon, what are the lives of soldiers but so many chickens?” — Emilio Echevarría, Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana

30. “If we are not successful, our grandchildren and their grandchildren will beg for crumbs from the Americans!” — Emilio Echevarría, Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana

Alamo Quotes From the 1960 Movie

These Alamo quotes from the John Wayne movie are perfect for any fan!

31. “Republic. I like the sound of the word.” — John Wayne, Davy Crockett

32. “I hope they remember. I hope Texas remembers.” — Richard Boone, General Sam Houston

33. “The time to live and the place to die. That’s all any man gets.” — Hank Worden, Parson

34. “Davy, let’s do saddle up and go learn that gentleman his manners.” — Chill Wills, Beekeeper

35. “There’s right, and there’s wrong. You got to do one or the other.” — John Wayne, Davy Crockett

36. “Travis says! I wouldn’t take Travis’ word that night’s dark and day’s light.” — Richard Windmark, Jim Bowie

37. “It speaks well for men that so many ain’t afraid to die when they think right is on their side. It speaks well.” — Denver Pyle, Thimblerig

38. “I’d hate to say anything good about that long-winded jackanapes, but he does know the short way to start a war.” — Richard Windmark, Jim Bowie

39. “Travis, I’ve never been able to like you. But you are one of the very few men I would trust with the life of Texas.” — Richard Boone, General Sam Houston

40. “’ Republic’ is one of those words that makes me tight in the throat – the same tightness a man gets when his baby takes his first step or his first baby shaves and makes his first sound as a man.” — John Wayne, Davy Crockett

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More Alamo Quotes From the Movies

Here are some more quotes about the Alamo from the movies.

41. “For today, Remember The Alamo.” — Dennis Quaid, Sam Houston

42. “You’ll settle for blood. I want Texas.” — Dennis Quaid, Sam Houston

43. “You will remember this battle. Each minute.” — Dennis Quaid, Sam Houston

44. “Colonel Travis, I’m an old man — but you’re wrong.” — Jester Hairston, Jethro

45. “Step down off your high horse, Mister. Ya don’t get lard less’n you boil a hog.” — John Wayne, Davy Crockett

46. “Guess we can’t stop him from coming. But I reckon we can arrange for him to limp going back” — Chill Wills, Beekeeper

47. “I have here pieces of paper, letters from politicians and generals, but no indication of when, or if help will arrive.” — Patrick Wilson, William B. Travis

48. “Captain Seguin, your men will remain behind to guard the camp. Things will get confusing out there with men shooting any Mexican they see.” — Dennis Quaid, Sam Houston

49. “If it was just me, simple old David from Tennessee, I might drop over that wall some night, take my chances. But that Davy Crockett feller — they’re all watchin’ him.” — Billy Bob Thornton, Davy Crockett

50. “Well, I’m not empty anymore. That’s what’s important, to feel useful in this old world, to hit a lick against what’s wrong for what’s right even though you get walloped for saying that word.” — John Wayne, Davy Crockett

Who Won the Battle of the Alamo?

Although the American soldiers fought bravely on March 6th, the Mexican Army, which outnumbered the American soldiers by more than 10 to one, broke through the Alamo walls.

The fighting continued inside the mission.

Eventually, the Mexican army killed all the men and sent the women and children away to return to their homes in San Antonio.

The inspiring battle fought by the outnumbered soldiers led to many others joining the battle for Texas.

On April 21st, 1836, in the Battle of San Jacinto, the Mexican army was defeated and sent out of Texas.

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