25 Altered Carbon Quotes from the Netflix Series

If you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ll enjoy these Altered Carbon quotes.

The Altered Carbon is a neo-cyberpunk TV series on Netflix based on a 2002 Novel by Richard K. Morgan.

The story is set in the futuristic earth where consciousness is transferred to different bodies, essentially continuing life over and over, which is the equivalent of immortality.

The film centered around Takeshi Kovacs, a former soldier, brought to life through consciousness transfer to solve the murder of the world’s wealthiest man.

This show was filled with action and adventure with a mix of mystery which kept the audience on the edge of their seats each episode.

These Altered Carbon quotes will make you wish Netflix did not cancel this show.

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Altered Carbon quotes by Takeshi Kovacs

1. “Time is the greatest of all warriors. What it doesn’t destroy, it alters beyond recognition.”  Takeshi Kovacs

2. “A man who never loves gives no hostage to fortune.” — Takeshi Kovacs

3. “What we believe shapes who we are. Belief can bring us salvation or destruction. But when you believe a lie for too long, the truth doesn’t set you free. It tears you apart.”  Takeshi Kovacs

4. “Technology advances, but humans don’t. We’re smart monkeys, and what we want is always the same. Food, shelter, sex, and in all its forms, escape.”  Takeshi Kovacs

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5. “Peace is an illusion. And no matter how tranquil the world seems, peace doesn’t last long. Peace is a struggle against our very nature. A skin we stretch over the bone, muscle, and sinew of our own innate savagery.”  Takeshi Kovacs

6. “When everyone lies, telling the truth isn’t just rebellion. It’s an act of revolution. So think carefully when you speak it, because the truth is a weapon.” — Takeshi Kovacs

7. “The danger of living too many times: you forget to fear death.” — Takeshi Kovacs

8. “We’re all broken. There’s nothing more human than that.”  Takeshi Kovacs

9. “We tell ourselves this is progress. Selling each other the fruits of our destruction.”  Takeshi Kovacs

10. “Some people just need killing.” — Takeshi Kovacs

11. “Humanity has spread to the stars. We set out like ancient seafarers to explore the limitless ocean of space. But no matter how far we venture into the unknown, the worst monsters are those we bring with us.” — Takeshi Kovacs

12. “Death isn’t only about the destruction of the body. Sometimes, just like that, you extinguish oneself and another is born. But every birth is violent and there’s no death without pain.” — Takeshi Kovacs

13. “When the victors rewrite history, it’s just another kind of war, waged after the battlefield killing is done, to murder the memory of the defeated.” — Takeshi Kovacs

14. “Sometimes, belief isn’t about what we can see. It’s about what we can’t.” — Takeshi Kovacs

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15. “War is the only thing we really understand.” — Takeshi Kovacs

16. “There’s nowhere you can go that I won’t be with you.” — Takeshi Kovacs

17. “There aren’t any people like me. Not anymore.” — Takeshi Kovacs

18. “The moments of peace that we find sometimes, they aren’t anything but warfare, thinly disguised. And sometimes, surrender can be as savage as any attack.”  Takeshi Kovacs

19. “The instinct of violence curls inside us like a parasite, waiting for a chance to feed on our rage and multiply until it bursts out of us.” — Takeshi Kovacs

20. “Technology has conquered death, but with endless future comes endless past.” — Takeshi Kovacs

21. “Stay alive long enough, and there’s nowhere you can go that isn’t haunted.” — Takeshi Kovacs

22. “I’m gonna need access that you don’t wanna give, and I’m gonna find answers that you may only think you want.” — Takeshi Kovacs

Altered Carbon quotes by Quellcrist Falconer

23. “Without death we can’t know what a life is worth.” — Quellcrist Falconer

24. “This sleeve is a tool. It does not control me. I control it. This is the weakness of weapons. They are tools to kill and destroy. They are not what gives you power. You are the weapon. You are the killer and destroyer.”  Quellcrist Falconer

25. “The best place to hide something from someone is the first place they look. If it’s obvious, no one looks close.” — Quellcrist Falconer

Which of these Altered Carbon quotes is your favorite?

Altered Carbon perfectly captured the sci-fi element of transferring the human consciousness, which has always been a topic of debate and research in the scientific community.

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After all, it feels like brain implants that can alter or load memories, information and skills are not too far ahead.

If you want an action-packed series that will also keep your mind busy with all the science tech and futuristic ideas, then Altered Carbon will keep you entertained for two full seasons.

And while you are at it, try to research biotech developments today and share this Altered Carbon quotes and sayings with your friends.

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