25 Runaways Quotes for Marvel Fans

Jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe again with these Runaways quotes.

Runaways is an American TV series based on the Marvel Comics superhero team “Runaways”, which shares the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Marvel fans loved that this show is set in the same continuity as other Marvel movies and TV shows, making it more appealing to the general audience.

The story centered around a group of 6 teenagers who happen to share intriguing connections with each other.

So they unite against a supervillain organization called the Pride, which shockingly is run by their very own parents.

These Runaways quotes will help you enjoy the cinematic days of superhero movies again.

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Runaways quotes by Alex Wilder

1. “I’d like to report a murder? I mean, I wouldn’t LIKE to, but…” — Alex Wilder

2. “There’s something in here about any church intake files, arrivals, runaways.” — Alex Wilder

3. “I was scared, okay? Scared that you’d never forgive me. ‘Cause losing you forever, Nico… that’d be like another death.” — Alex Wilder

4. “Chase, come on. Can you honestly think of a single reason to justify their actions?”  Alex

5. “For as long as I can remember… whenever I was with you, I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. You weren’t just my father, you were my best friend. But the more I learn about you… the more I realize that you’re just not a good person.” — Alex Wilder

Runaways quotes by Chase

6. “Since there’s a very good chance that we don’t make it back from this, I wanted to tell you what I think of you. Which is that you’re amazing, you’re brilliant, you’re strong, you’re not afraid to be unpopular — I mean you stand by your beliefs no matter what anybody else says. You’re the most incredible person I’ve ever met.” — Chase

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7. “I love you and I have for a really long time. I guess I’ve just been too stupid and weak and insecure to tell you that before, but I just needed to say it in case I never get another chance.” — Chase

8. “Gert, you’re not real. I’d know that even without this weird thing happening to you because you haven’t talked about the patriarchy or gender bias or microaggression once since I got here.” — Chase

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Runaways quotes by Janet Stein

9. “Chase, I know that this is the most difficult thing that you have ever been through, but I am begging you, do not ask questions. The less you know, the better, about Jonah, about PRIDE, about your father. Just do not rock the boat in any way.”  Janet Stein

10. “Losing my husband, I could survive. But losing my son, I could not.”  Janet Stein

Runaways quotes by Frank Dean

11. “Secrets only live in shadows and there are no shadows in the light.” — Frank Dean

12. “Leslie, I’ve seen what Jonah can do. The gloves? I know that’s just the beginning. Is he what David wrote about? Is he the one who saw the full Spectrum? Is he the Being?”  Frank Dean

Runaways quotes by Gert Yorkes

13. “You wouldn’t understand. No matter where you go, or what you do, people see you. When someone like me walks through a door, no one really turns my way. Unless I just barfed orange juice onto my shoes.”  Gert Yorkes

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14. “When things calm down, I’ll come for you. I’ll find you. We have a connection. You’re the Costello to my Abbott. The Harpo to my Groucho. The old lace to my arsenic. Goodbye, Old Lace.”  Gert Yorkers

Runaways quotes by Jonah

15. “When I was laying here, my biggest fear wasn’t laying here, it was that I might die without ever having looked into her eyes. I want to meet her.”  Jonah

16. “I realize how difficult it must be, discovering the truth about yourself with no one to guide you, no one who truly understands. Unfortunately, the truth can make you very lonely. But now… now for the first time in such a long time… I don’t feel quite so alone. Maybe I could give you that gift.” — Jonah

Runaways quotes by Karolina Dean

17. “Please don’t say it’s going to be OK. My mom is a murderer; all of our parents are murderers!” — Karolina Dean

18. “We were friends because our parents were friends. We were just kids. We were always gonna grow apart.” — Karolina Dean

19. “Did you see them? The lights?”  Karolina

Runaways quotes by Robert Minoru

20. “At least Tina gets a wand. She loves that thing. She’s been sleeping with it.” — Robert Minoru

21. “Every day, Nico pulls further away. If things don’t change, we’ll lose her, too.”  Robert Minoru

Runaways quotes by Victor Stein

22. “My son, they used to say there would never be a self-driving car until they made one. I can beat this thing. I know it.” — Victor Stein

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23. “That thing is the work of a child. You got ahead of yourself. Don’t worry about the execution. Not yet. Just tell me your idea. Every detail. What it does. How it feels. How it makes you feel. Right now it is perfect in your mind, and that is where you need to live while we build this thing. Take me there.” — Victor Stein

Runaways quotes by Nico Minoru

24. “Some people hide behind makeup, others behind a smile. It’s still hiding.” — Nico Minoru

25. “Fine. I am Nico Minoru. I’m a witch. This is the hostel, I live here with five other kids. This is the most powerful weapon in existence, the Staff of One. Now let’s go.” — Nico

Which of these Runaways quotes is your favorite?

Runaways is a light story in general with a mix of family drama, superhero action and teenage dilemma, making it fun and relaxing to watch.

If you are a comic fan, you’ll love how the show tried its best to stay true to the original comic book narrative.

In addition, the show is a good place to start if you want to dive into the marvel universe.

Overall, the show received positive feedback from the viewers making the previous three seasons strong enough to pull some ratings and praises from the fans.

So if you want a simple alternative to action series with a fairly awesome story, give this series a chance because you just might love it.

Hopefully, these Runaways quotes and sayings get you excited for more action-packed series out there.

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