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Who is Amine? 

Hip-hop is a culture that extends to all corners of the earth. 

However, when most people think of Hip-hop, they think of places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, and Houston. 

The last place you think of when someone mentions Hip-hop is Portland, Oregon. 

Yet, Portland rapper Amine is transforming that narrative. 

Amine is a rapper from Portland, Oregon. 

His story is unique as a first-generation child of parents from Ethiopia. 

Growing up in Portland with East African parents in a city known for things like “Portlandia” and its love for indie rock seems like an unlikely place for a Hip-hop star to emerge. 

Amine reminisces that growing up in Portland was hard, saying he felt like an outsider in Middle School. 

Musically, Portland lacked resources and collaborators, but Amine did not let that stop him. 

The artist whose hit songs ‘Caroline” has over 175 million views on Youtube continues to blaze a trail for himself, opening the doors of the Portland Hip-hop scene. 

Positively themed music spreads positive energy 

Amine’s music is fun, mindful, creative, and colorful. 

I first heard of him in my Middle School English class. 

I asked the students to do a five-minute presentation on a song that inspires them. 

One young lady, Emma, chose Amine. 

She explained to the class that his music made her feel accepted and inspired her to feel comfortable being herself. 

Middle School is a tough age for most students; they go through physical, mental, and emotional changes. 

Many popular songs encourage impressionable young people to engage in negative self-speak and other harmful behaviors. 

Anytime music inspires young people to want to be themselves more fully, that is a win!

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Short Amine quotes about music, food, and life

Amine addresses what keeps him going as an artist and his favorite things to eat in these quotes. 

1. “If it didn’t work out, then it’s fine.” — Amine 

2. “Sometimes we just go astray.” — Amine 

3. “I really like Shake Shack burgers.” — Amine 

4. “But like, I don’t ever try to expect anything.” — Amine 

5. “I’m a big believer in everything meant to be.” — Amine 

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6. “Being depressed in black culture is not a thing.” — Amine

7. “I like In-N-Out a lot, but Shake Shack is just divine.” — Amine

8. “I just decided not to tell nobody, not even my friends.” — Amine 

9. “I just like wearing what I like, and I can’t tone it down.” — Amine 

10. “I was just a huge fan of music, so that’s how I learned how to rap.” — Amine 

Amine quotes about success, careers, and politics

Amine tries to avoid political talk, but politics naturally come out in his music. 

11. “My music is colorful.” — Amine 

12. “The crowd is suburban, man.” — Amine 

13. “I wanted to reverse stereotypes.” — Amine

14. “When who I truly am as a person shines.” — Amine

15. “My parents are immigrants to this country.” — Amine 

16. “I felt like an outsider in middle school. Horrible.” — Amine 

17. “Trump as the president doesn’t make sense to me.” — Amine 

18. “I hate conforming to what people expect me to do.” — Amine 

19. “I’ma show you exactly what you like. You look corny.” — Amine

20. “I want positivity, I want storytelling, I want to be clever.” — Amine

Amine quotes on brands, movies, and being comfortable

We all have to be comfortable living in our own skin; Amine reminds us why we should all be ourselves. 

21. “Solange is just dope. I’m a huge fan.” — Amine 

22. “F.U.B.U.’ is one of my favorite songs ever.” — Amine 

23. “That’s just me as an artist. I say what needs to be said.” — Amine 

24. “It just like touches me; I almost like cry when I heard that song.” — Amine

25. “If you don’t believe in yourself, I don’t think people will believe in you.” — Amine 

26. “I don’t really care how people see me in my natural state, in a comfortable state.” — Amine 

27. “Addressing politics in my music is such a phrase, a sentence on paper, that I hate.” — Amine 

28. “I think I have the same hair as him. If a movie comes about, I have to be Static Shock.” — Amine 

29. “The intention for it is to be good for whoever’s listening to it, and my style is good for me.” — Amine 

30. “As an artist in this day and age with social media, you feel more like an object than you do a human.” — Amine 

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Amine quotes about career and life

Success comes when we work for it; Amine reminds us that it is a competitive world out there. 

31. “It’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to music and how people perceive it.” — Amine 

32. “You can never make America great again. All you ever did was make this country hate again.” — Amine

33. “Caroline’ represents the handful of women I’ve met in my life that I would put genuine effort in.” — Amine 

34. “If I saw people that looked like me, I’d be a little more comfortable saying what I was saying.” — Amine

35. “I don’t really think much of any songs I put out, as I know. I think they’re good; that’s why I’m putting them out.” — Amine 

36. “I didn’t want to release a song like ‘Spice Girl’ right after ‘Caroline’ because I didn’t want another ‘hit’ kind of song.” — Amine 

37. “I had people that didn’t even congratulate me for the success of ‘Caroline’ saying, ‘Thank you for doing that.’” — Amine 

38. “Def Jam commented on one of my Instagram photos once, and all my friends me hit me up, like ‘Yoooooo, you signed to Def Jam?’” — Amine 

39. “I loved growing up in Portland because I’m not from L.A. or New York or Chicago or some cool city. It was a very regular suburban life.” — Amine 

40. “I just put them out and hope for the best, and people kind of gravitate towards them, and I guess that’s pretty cool, and that’s a blessing.” — Amine 

Amine quotes on immigration, parenting, and his favorite music

Amine sets new trends by normalizing positivity in hip-hop music. 

41. “They came to this country for a better opportunity just like everyone else.” — Amine 

42. “Just checking up on someone with a, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ usually means the most to someone.” — Amine 

43. “Great scenes might be great, but I love your bloopers and perfects for the urgent. Baby, I want forever.” — Amine

44. “What keeps me going or keeps me wanting to do more music is just knowing that I can provide for my family.” — Amine 

45. “When Prince and James Brown were doing live sessions, recording a band is not easy. It’s all delicate, important stuff you want to make sure you’re doing the right way.” — Amine 

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46. “Someone talking about the country and the people who live in it that way when this country is made up of immigrants, I don’t get how that can even resonate with people.” — Amine

47. “That’s not really me because, at the end of the day, I wasn’t a political science major, and I wasn’t educated in that sense, so I hate when people talk about things they don’t know anything about.” — Amine 

48. “I don’t know Prince’s music like the back of my hand, but I was always a fan of him as an artist – just the way he was a person who did not care about what people thought and did his own thing and I thought that was so cool.” — Amine 

49. “I know that when it comes to your friends, especially in the music industry, we work so much and do so much that we don’t even really keep track of our days, or keep track of our health, or keep track of our mental health.” — Amine 

50. “I try my best to regularly check in with friends who are musicians just because I know we go through things where we feel like people only hit us up because they need something from us like a verse or a promo.” — Amine

Music can heal, teach and unite

Many rappers have songs about cars. 

Most songs are about how expensive the cars are and how they use them to win over admirers. 

Amine is a different type of artist, so when he released his song ‘REDMERCEDES,’ it flipped the script on traditional car songs. 

‘REDMERCEDES’ is a fun song, but within the thumping beats lies a powerful message.

The song is about privilege. 

In the video, Amine and his wear white-face makeup and play three young white males looking to buy a car from an all-Black car dealership. 

They go into a car dealership, where many typical American racial stereotypes are reversed. 

Amine notes that he intended to show people who subscribe to racist stereotypes how silly and “corny” they looked doing so. 

Music is about artistry; when music and videos are accompanied by powerful messages that make the audience think critically, we have to acknowledge the effort. 

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