Banana Fish Quotes From the Popular Manga Series

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Fans of classic manga series will love these Banana Fish quotes!

Banana Fish originally ran from 1985 to 1994 in Bessatsu Shojo Comic, a girls’ manga magazine.

The series was illustrated and written by Akimi Yoshida as a drama thriller.

Banana Fish was influential in pushing homoeroticism in manga.

Banana Fish is Yoshida’s most popular work and sold over 12 million copies.

The series was translated into English in 1997 and was adapted into a 24-episode television series in 2018.

The plot of the series follows seventeen-year-old Ash Lynx, a street gang leader who is also caring for his Vietnam Veteran older brother Griffin who is in a vegetative state.

Ash starts to investigate a drug called banana fish that he learns may have contributed to his brother’s state and is a drug that brainwashes people.

Check out these Banana Fish quotes below to learn more about the manga series.

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Banana Fish Quotes from Eiji Okumura

Enjoy some of the most popular quotes from Eiji Okumura.

1. “If I’m going to die anyway, at least I’ll die trying.” — Eiji Okumura

2. “Humans can change their destiny.” — Eiji Okumura

3. “If I ever lose you too, I’ll go crazy.” — Eiji Okumura

4. “Come back safely. I’ll be waiting for you forever.” — Eiji Okumura

5. “We are from different countries, and our skin and eyes are different colors. But so what?” — Eiji Okumura

6. “I think I wanted to protect you from your future because your fate was sweeping you away like a flood.” — Eiji Okumura

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7. “I know we’ll meet again, no matter how far apart we are. You’re the greatest friend I’ll ever have.” — Eiji Okumura

8. “I’m really glad I came to America. I met lots of people, and more than anything; I met you.” — Eiji Okumura

9. “My words might not mean anything now, but just remember one thing—even if the world turns on you, I’ll always be on your side.” — Eiji Okumura

10. “You asked me many times if you scare me, but I never felt scared of you, not even once from the first time I met you.” — Eiji Okumura

Banana Fish Quotes from Ash Lynx

Here are some of the best lines from Ash in the Banana Fish series.

11. “War is always good business for those in power.” — Ash Lynx

12. “They paid the price for their decisions, that’s all.” — Ash Lynx

13. “I wish I could hate you. I need someone to hate.” — Ash Lynx

14. “I wonder if I’m dying somewhere. I remember everything, but it’s peaceful.” — Ash Lynx

15. “I don’t care who it is. I am not letting anybody hurt you, Eiji.” — Ash Lynx

16. “I wasn’t expecting the law to protect me. I’ve ignored it all my life.” — Ash Lynx

17. “That guy always regarded me as a human being with a real heart, not some sort of tool.” — Ash Lynx

18. “Water-gate is history, Max. Don’t tell me you still believe the pen is mightier than the sword.” — Ash Lynx

19. “Even If you bust him, he’ll bail himself out in half an hour. Even a stupid street punk like me knows that!” — Ash Lynx

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20. “People are funny because, of course, they don’t know anything about death. They never experienced it and knew it was something to fear, but they feared it instinctively.” — Ash Lynx

Here are additional quotes from Banana Fish’s favorite characters.

21. “If we don’t fight back now, we’ll forever be expendable tools.”  Sing Soo-Ling

22. “No need to glare. I won’t eat you up.” — Yut-Lung

23. “You want people to protect you, like with Ash, or make them want to tear you apart and crush you.” — Yut-Lung

24. “Depending on your answer, I may not forgive you.”  Yut-Lung

25. If you go alone, you’ll just be killed. You’ll die for nothing!”  Shorter Wong

Does Ash Stop the Influx of Banana Fish?

Ash must battle Dino Golzine, the head of the Corsican mafia in New York that used to keep Ash as an enforcer and sex slave.

Ash defeats Dino with the help of Japanese photographer Eiji and shuts down the banana fish program.

At the end of the series, while reading a letter from Eiji, Ash is stabbed to death by a rival street gang member but dies smiling.

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