50 Geek Quotes About How Cool It Is To Be a Geek

Being a “geek” is now the ultimate form of cool, as you will learn with these geek quotes!

Geeks might have been someone that was considered eccentric, boring, socially awkward, or someone that preferred academics to other activities.

Originally the term “geek” was used to describe someone who was not considered “cool” by mainstream people.

Today the term “geek” has been remade into a positive term often used to describe experts or enthusiasts of different things.

You can be considered a music “geek,” a sports “geek,” a movie “geek,” a history “geek,” or anything else as long as you are passionate about the topic.

Being a “geek” is also now a way for people to meet others with similar interests.

Take a few minutes to read these Geek Quotes and see if they apply to you.

Best Geek Quotes

Here are some of the best geek quotes.

1. “I think I might be a geek.” — Samantha Young

2. “Geeks like to make things.” — Ken Denmead

3. “Age of the geek, baby!” — Keith R.A. DeCandido

4. “Books! The best weapons in the world!” — Steven Moffat

5. “You’re just embarrassed you don’t know more about dragons.” — J.L. Bryan

6. “Being a geek is all about learning the inventories of things.” Adam Savage

7. “First, I’m going to pummel her with my Pythagorean theorem.” — Charity Tahmaseb

8. “I was crowned King of the Geeks, not once, but every single year of high school.” — Lee Goldberg

9. “But to me and more and more people I know, being a nerd or a geek means having passion, power, intelligence.” — Olivia Munn

10. “So now books were her only friends. She’d read Lord of the Rings so often she could recite whole scenes by memory.” — Kristin Hannah

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Geek Quotes About Math

To all of the math geeks out there, enjoy these quotes about math.

11. “I just love math, and most people don’t.” — Danica McKellar

12. “Let no one read me who is not a mathematician.” — Leonardo da Vinci

13. “The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” — Paul Halmos

14. “There should be no such thing as boring mathematics.” — Edsger W. Dijkstra

15. “The important thing to remember about mathematics is not to be frightened.” — Richard Dawkins

16. “The essence of math is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.” — Stan Gudder

17. “If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics.” Galileo Galilei

18. “Mathematics compares the most diverse phenomena and discovers the secret analogies that unite them.” — Joseph Fourier

19. “A mathematician who is not also something of a poet will never be a complete mathematician.” — Karl Weierstrass

20. “There will always be science, engineering, and technology. And there will always, always be mathematics.” Katherine Johnson

Classic Movie Lines for Every Geek Quotes

Take a look at these movie lines that every movie geek should be familiar with.

21. “Just keep swimming!” — Dory

22. “I am your father.” — Darth Vader

23. “Here’s Johnny!” — Jack Torrance

24. “There’s no place like home.” — Dorthy

25. “To infinity and beyond!” — Buzz Lightyear

26. “You can’t handle the truth!” — Colonel Jessup

27. “It’s alive! It’s alive!” — Dr. Henry Frankenstein

28. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” — Martin Brody

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29. “Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” — Evil Queen

30. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” — Michael Corleone

Geek Quotes From Famous Geeks

There are many famous geeks and geek characters, from scientists to film producers.

31. “Did I do that?” — Steve Urkel

32. “Brain Blast!” — Jimmy Neutron

33. “No amount of money ever bought a second of time.” — Tony Stark

34. “I think that inside every adult is the heart of a child.” — Shigeru Miyamoto

35. “Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.” — Steve Wozniak

36. “I’m exceedingly smart. I graduated college at fourteen.” Sheldon Cooper

37. “You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.” — George Lucas

38. “It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons.” Bill Gates

39. “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Albert Einstein

40. “Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.” Spock

More Geek Quotes

Enjoy a few more geek quotes to inspire you to chase your own passions!

41. “I am a big, big geek at heart and a Sci-fi fan. And I love the Comic-Cons.” — Paul Garces

42. “You don’t have to be a mathematician to have a feel for numbers.” — John Forbes Nash Jr.

43. “I didn’t have a whole lot of success getting dates. I was always a bit of a geek.” — Jim Davis

44. “When I was a kid, it was a huge insult to be a geek. Now it’s a point of pride in a weird way.” — J.J. Abrams

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45. “I had the standard movie geek childhood because for as long as I can remember, all I wanted to do was make movies.” — Paul Thomas Andreson

46. “In many ways, if my work still resonates with the audience, it’s because I’m still writing from the point of view of the fan, so I’m geeked out constantly.” — Len Wein

47. “I’m kind of a geek when it comes to talking about chord structures or melody, so I always loved in-depth conversations with musicians about things.” — M. Shadows

48. “Carter got jeans, boots, and a T-shirt that read Property of Alexandria University in English and Arabic. Clearly, even personal shoppers had him pegged as a complete geek.” — Rick Riordan

49. “Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots.” — Rick Cook

50. “Luckily, growing up “unfinished” can make geeks the very best people to guide and nurture the next generation of outsiders: We know you don’t have to be finished to be awesome.” — Stephen H. Segal

How Do I Know if I am a Geek?

The truth is that we are all “geeks” in at least one area of our lives.

Are you more passionate about what you love than most other people?

That might be a sign that you’re a geek in that aspect.

Don’t keep hiding that passion; instead, embrace your inner “geek” and realize that many people like you are passionate about the same thing you are.

Please share these Geek Quotes with your family and friends and share your favorite with us in the comment section below.

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