8 Benefits of Drinking Water That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

We’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking water, but how much do we know about its good for our bodies?

We just know it’s healthy for us—it feeds us and cleanses us, both inside and out.

Yet we take for granted how fortunate we are to have easy access to clean water.

Robert Alan Aurthur reminds us that “We waste water needlessly and don’t realize that clean water is a very limited resource.

More than 1 billion people worldwide have no access to safe, clean drinking water, and over 2.5 billion do not have adequate sanitation service.”

Ancient traditions considered it a gift from the gods.

But how about now?

“The wars of the twenty-first century will be fought over water.”—Ismail Serageldin

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Presently, we live with the harsh reality that our living condition is only as unsoiled and gratifying as the water we use or have access to.

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” – Thomas Fuller

Save the planet (and your well-being) by conserving and consuming water correctly.

Never leave home without a bottle.

Water is a miracle maker in more ways than one.

Benefits of Drinking Water for a Healthier, Happier You

1. Weight Loss Booster

Sometimes our stomachache deceives us into thinking we’re hungry when in reality, we are just bored.

Drinking one to two glasses of water before a meal has suppressed appetite, reducing our tendency to eat more.

One study revealed that dieters who drank half a liter of water before meals lost 44 percent more weight over 12 weeks.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley

2. Healthy skin will enhance your confidence

Water is a natural moisturizer—and the cheapest, too.

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It works as an anti-aging substance, reduces wrinkles, and keeps skin glowing and smooth.

The less water you drink, the drier your skin looks, making you look five years older than you are.

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This doesn’t mean you can neglect exercise completely.

To bring out your body’s best, proper exercise needs to be done.

Typical everyday activities aren’t enough to burn dietary fats; work for it.

“I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man.” – Henry David Thoreau

3. Look and Feel Less Tired

Did little, but you’re feeling extremely exhausted?

It probably just means you’re dehydrated.

Less water means lower blood volume and less circulation around the brain.

As cortisol (stress hormone) levels decrease because of dehydration, stress levels are bound to increase.

Put a stop to the endless cycle of stress leading to dehydration and vice versa.

Maybe all you need is a glass of water.

Sip the stress away.

4. Ease Your Tummy Internally and Externally

One of the best benefits of drinking water is that it maintains—and improves—digestion and bowel function.

When you’re adequately hydrated, your intestines are happy.

Say goodbye to constipation when you keep up the hydration.

“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.” – Kevin R. Stone

5. Save Money

If you’ve already adapted to the water-only lifestyle, you no longer spend so much money on drinks such as soda, alcohol, or artificial juices.

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It doesn’t happen overnight, though.

Ease into it.

Start with replacing one of your five cups of coffee during the day with a glass of water.

Before you know it, Starbucks is no longer a mandatory part of your daily routine.

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The average cost of one order of coffee per work week is around $16.

That means you get to save around $65 a month.

In one year, you save almost $800.

You could’ve spent your yearly coffee budget on a cruise and still have some money left over for souvenirs.

Eating out won’t burn a hole in your pocket, as restaurants price their drinks much higher than normal.

6. Boosts Productivity

Drinking water makes you more refreshed and alert.

The more you drink water, the more frequent your visits to the bathroom, right?

Nothing else is better at making you stop everything you do than having the urge to pee.

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You’re up and moving when nature calls—even if it’s the AM.

Say goodbye to caffeine and carbonated drinks.

“An overindulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate.” – Criss Jami

7. Fight Sickness

It has been proven that water reduces the chances of your sickness worsening, especially with common colds or coughs.

However, in developing countries, the complete opposite might be true.

The lesser they drink, the safer they are since 80 percent of sicknesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions.

8. Hangover Remedy

“I fear the man who drinks water and so remembers this morning what the rest of us said last night.” Benjamin Franklin

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Too much alcohol consumption usually leads to dehydration, fatigue, dry mouth, and headaches.

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If you’re set on drinking your night away, a glass of water in between bottles will reduce the after-effects.

Although it doesn’t ease hangovers, one benefit of drinking water is that it lessens nausea.

Don’t forget to check out these water quotes that will inspire you to keep moving towards your goals and dreams.

Dehydration is bad, so drink the water

Our body may be composed of 60 percent water, but it’s no excuse for us to reduce water intake.

Dehydration is dangerous, and contrary to popular belief, eight glasses of water is not the only remedy.

A few ways to convince yourself to drink more water include:

  • Buying or using a pretty water bottle you’ll be excited to use.
  • Setting a challenge for yourself (and rewarding yourself if you succeed).
  • Depending on your favorite fruit(s), you can infuse your water with natural fruit extracts or fruit slices like lemon, apples, or pineapples.

Trust your bodily instincts—only drink what you can handle.

Water is present in every other food or drink—fruits, juice, coffee, etc.

Believe it or not, the 8-glasses-a-day advice still hasn’t been tested and proven by science.

Once you learn how to regulate your water intake, you’ll drink the amount your body needs in no time.

If you need constant reminding, there’s an app for tracking your water intake.

When our body is healthy and at its best, our quality of life improves – and we’re happy, too!

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