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Coach Carter Quotes From the Inspiring Sports Drama

Looking for quotes from the inspirational sports drama Coach Carter? You’ve come to the right place. We have curated some of the best Coach Carter quotes that have inspired millions since its 2005 release.

What’s your favorite scene from Coach Carter?

Starring Samuel J. Jackson, Coach Carter centers around the true story of Ken Carter, former basketball coach of Richmond High School. The coach made headlines when he suspended his team’s practices and games after finding out about their poor grades.

The film features a talented ensemble cast including Rob Brown, Ashanti, and Channing Tatum in his feature movie debut. If you’re looking for a boost of inspiration, Coach Carter is the perfect movie to watch. 

Today, we have compiled dozens of quotes from Coach Carter on sports, society, and more. 

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Coach Carter quotes on sports

1. “You said we’re a team. One person struggles, we all struggle. One person triumphs, we all triumph.” – Jason Lyle

2. “I came to coach basketball players, and you became students. l came to teach boys, and you became men.” – Coach Ken Carter

3. “When we step on the floor every second that clock is ticking, we are pedal to the metal, we run the ball, we pressure the ball, and most importantly we control the tempo of the game, we make them play Richmond Oiler ball.” – Coach Ken Carter

4. “We have a game tomorrow so get some rest tonight. Remember: ties and jackets tomorrow.” – Coach Ken Carter

5. “It’s the same message that we as a culture send to our professional athletes, and that is that they are above the law. If these boys cannot honor the simple rules of a basketball contract, how long do you think it will be before they’re out there breaking the law?” – Coach Ken Carter

6. “If you listen and learn, you will win basketball games. And gentlemen, winning in here is the key to winning out there.” – Coach Ken Carter

7. “When we step on to the floor, every second that clock is ticking we are pedal to the medal.” – Coach Ken Carter

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8. “You men played like champions. You never gave up. And champions, they hold their heads high.” – Coach Ken Carter

9. “These students are student-athletes. “Student” comes first.” – Coach Ken Carter

10. “You won 4 games last season. FOUR! What gives you the right to the game that I love with trash talk and taunting? What gives you the right to wear Richmond on your chest and act like punks?” – Coach Ken Carter

11. “Before you leave my gym, you must pay an exit price of 50 made free throws before you can go.” – Coach Ken Carter

12. “If you vote to end the lockout, you won’t have to terminate me; I’ll quit.” – Coach Ken Carter

13. “Starting today, you will play like winners, act like winners, and most importantly, you will be winners.” – Coach Ken Carter

14. “Push the ball, go hard to the hole, everybody attack the board. You got that?” – Coach Ken Carter

15. “You owe me 1000 pushups and 1000 suicides before you can play. I’ll see you at practice tomorrow.” – Coach Ken Carter

16. “Gentlemen, you told me you deserved to be here. Well, you’re not playing like it.” – Coach Ken Carter

17. “You have achieved something that some people spend their whole lives trying to find. What you achieved is that ever-elusive victory within.”  – Coach Ken Carter

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Coach Carter quotes on society

18. “In this state, you’re 80% more likely to go to prison than college.” – Coach Ken Carter

19. “Sir, they can cut the chains off the door, but they can’t make us play.” – Jason Lyle

20. “”Nigga” is a derogatory term used to insult our ancestors. See, if a white man used it, you’d be ready to fight. Your using it teaches him to use it. You’re saying it’s cool. Well, it’s not cool, and when you’re around me, I don’t want to hear that shit! Are we clear?” – Coach Ken Carter

21. “I played basketball at Richmond 30 years ago. It was the same thing then. Some of my teammates ended up in prison. Some of them ended up dead.” – Coach Ken Carter

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22. “In this county, 33% of black males between 18 and 24 get arrested. So look at the guy on your left. Now, look at the guy on your right. One of you is going to get arrested.” – Coach Ken Carter

23. “God ain’t gon’ do you no good in this neighborhood.” – Timo Cruz

24. “I see a system that’s designed for you to fail.” – Coach Ken Carter

25. “I took this job because I wanted to affect change in a special group of young men, and this is the only way I know how to do that.” – Coach Ken Carter

Coach Carter quotes on life

26. “Now just because you deserve this doesn’t mean they’re gonna give it to you. sometimes you gotta take what’s yours.” – Coach Ken Carter

27. “I promise you, I will do everything in my power to get your to college and to a better life.” – Coach Ken Carter

28. “After you lose a son, every time the phone rings your heart stops.” – Willa Battle

29. “Everything in my power tells me if I take you back I’ll be making a mistake and you’ll make a fool of me.” – Coach Ken Carter

30. “It’s like I’m missing some happy part of me.” – Kyra

31. “What is your deepest fear? That you’re inadequate?” – Coach Ken Carter

32. “Quite the Pandora’s box you’ve opened.” – Principal Garrison

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Funny Coach Carter quotes

33. “I end up taking a road trip to the suburbs where I find my drunk ass point guard on top of Daddy’s little princess.” – Coach Ken Carter

34. “The ghetto called and they want their name back.” – Peyton

35. “Nigga, I ain’t scared of nobody. I will lay your ass out.” – Timo Cruz

36. “Ghetto hoop stars! Signing the autographs and humping the honeys!” – Coach Ken Carter

37. “You might as well call the baby ‘food stamp’.” – Peyton

38. “Why he keep saying that? What’s your deepest fear? What’s that mean?” – Jaron “Worm” Willis

39. “Get your ass out of that pool.” – Coach Ken Carter

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40. “So? You can’t show some class? Act like a champion? You owe me 500 push-ups a piece. On the line, NOW!” – Coach Ken Carter

41. “Teachers ain’t supposed to touch students.” – Timo Cruz

42. “I’m not a teacher; I’m the new basketball coach.” – Coach Ken Carter

43. “Stay outta my way, bitch. I own you!” – Ty Crane

44. “You’re about six words from getting kicked off and getting kicked off this Greyhound bus!” – Coach Ken Carter

45. “Yo dog, we hear you but we can’t see you. The glare from your big black ass head is hella shiny man, do you buff it?” – Jaron “Worm” Willis

46. “Let’s take the time to say whatever it is we want while the doors are closed.” – Coach Ken Carter

47. “Not quite your storybook ending, huh?” – Coach Ken Carter

48. “You do not want to know the answer to that question.” – Coach Ken Carter

49. “Those are numbers. Those are some stats for your ass.” – Coach Ken Carter

50. “Johnny, tell him what he’s won! Because you gave such a good answer and gave the coach attitude, you win the bonus prize of 500 pushups! Would you like to go for the grand prize of 1000?” – Coach Ken Carter

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What did you take from the events of Coach Carter?

In the movie Coach Carter, Carter wasn’t afraid to go against the grain and do what he felt was best for his students. At the time their neighborhood, Richmond, CA, wasn’t overflowing with positive influence. As a result, Carter was willing to do everything he could to ensure that his team didn’t become a statistic. 

Today, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Often, when you make your voice heard you are amplifying the voice of millions who wish they could be as brave as you. 

Which of these Coach Carter quotes and lines is your favorite? Is there another movie that you would like us to feature on Everyday Power? Let us know in the comments section below!

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