50 Ozzy Osbourne Quotes from One of the Godfathers of Metal

If you like heavy metal, you are sure to like these Ozzy Osbourne quotes.

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard the name Ozzy Osbourne.

He is considered by many to be one of the Godfathers of Metal.

Osbourne was born in England but has split much of his time between England and America, making him well known in both countries as well as around the world.

Ozzy Osbourne was originally part of the group Black Sabbath before personal struggles with substance abuse led to a separation after which he’s had an incredibly successful solo career.

However, he’s also been involved in quite a bit of controversy.

People tend to love or hate him.

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Ozzy Osbourne quotes about life

1. “What can go wrong will go wrong.” Ozzy Osbourne

2. “You’ve got to try and take things to the next level, or you’ll just get stuck in a rut.” Ozzy Osbourne

3. “It’s all part of my journey – I’ve done a lot of stupid things, but you learn by your mistakes.” – Ozzy Osbourne

4. “The power of people, when they focus on something positive, never fails to amaze me.” Ozzy Osbourne

5. “I used to get upset by people not understanding me, but I’ve made a career out of it now.” Ozzy Osbourne

6. “All rehab can do is tell you what’s wrong with you and then suggest ways for you to get better.” Ozzy Osbourne

7. “You gotta be really careful what you bite off. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s a dangerous world.” Ozzy Osbourne

8. “The funny thing is, I was never much of a fighter. Better a live coward than a dead hero, that was my motto.” Ozzy Osbourne

9. “I have a saying. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. I say that because I don’t even know who Ozzy is. I wake up a new person every day.” Ozzy Osbourne

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10. “When I slept outside in winter, it wasn’t unusual for me to wake up blue in the face with icicles on my nose. In those days, there was no such thing as hypothermia.” Ozzy Osbourne

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Ozzy Osbourne quotes about himself

11. “Out of everything I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most!” Ozzy Osbourne

12. “I wish I didn’t have to perform ‘Iron Man’ every night.” Ozzy Osbourne

13. “Whenever I have a bad day I just think of these people.” Ozzy Osbourne

14. “I used to fantasize that Paul McCartney would marry my sister.” Ozzy Osbourne

15. “I couldn’t be a royal. It’s like living in a supersonic goldfish bowl.” Ozzy Osbourne

16. “I’m a lunatic by nature, and lunatics don’t need training – they just are.” Ozzy Osbourne

17. “I am a raging alcoholic and a raging addict and I didn’t want to see my kids do the same thing.” Ozzy Osbourne

18. “The most unbelievable thing about my behaviour is that I was convinced it was entirely f**king normal.” Ozzy Osbourne

19. “I once had a dream about getting a marriage, house in the country, and at the end of the day we’d retire, but I’m never going to retire.” Ozzy Osbourne

20. “I’m about caring, I’m about people, and I’m about entertaining people. I’m a family man. A husband. A father. I’ve been a lot of other things over the years, which we don’t really want to talk about.” Ozzy Osbourne

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Best Ozzy Osbourne quotes

21. “Reviews? Didn’t read ’em.” Ozzy Osbourne

22. “Shock is a very weird thing.” Ozzy Osbourne

23. “Nothing more, nothing less…” Ozzy Osbourne

24. “L.A.’s not a good place to grow old.” Ozzy Osbourne

25. “It’s sad, y’know, what money does to people.” Ozzy Osbourne

26. “It’s gotta be any parent’s worst nightmare when they lose their child.” Ozzy Osbourne

27. “Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus.” Ozzy Osbourne

28. “To be a liar, you’ve got to have a great memory, and I don’t have a memory.” Ozzy Osbourne

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29. “Everything that I think is good is bad, and everything that I think is bad is good.” Ozzy Osbourne

30. “I’m a very simple man. You’ve got to have, like, a computer nowadays to turn the TV on and off… and the nightmare continues.” Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne quotes about music, war, and other things

31. “I’m not a musician – I’m a ham.” Ozzy Osbourne

32. “You can never take the violence back.” Ozzy Osbourne

33. “Rock music is not meant to be perfect.” Ozzy Osbourne

34. “What is this? It’s music to get a brain seizure by.” Ozzy Osbourne

35. “I’d rather see twenty thousand smiling faces than twenty thousand crying people.” Ozzy Osbourne

36. “Pink Floyd was music for rich college kids, and we were the exact f**king opposite of that.” – Ozzy Osbourne

37. “I listen to some of the lyrics I used to write and I say, “Where was my head at when I wrote that?”” Ozzy Osbourne

38. “I keep hearing this fucking thing that guns don’t kill people, but people kill people. If that’s the case, why do we give people guns when they go to war? Why not just send the people?” Ozzy Osbourne

39. “They say military have the so-called ‘secret intelligence’ – this amount of intelligence must be very secret, since I’ve never seen any intelligent military person, nor I have seen any sense in the bloody stupid wars.” Ozzy Osbourne

40. “All that stuff about heavy metal and hard rock, I don’t subscribe to any of that. It’s all just music. I mean, the heavy metal from the Seventies sounds nothing like the stuff from the Eighties, and that sounds nothing like the stuff from the Nineties. Who’s to say what is and isn’t a certain type of music?” Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne quotes about love and hate

41. “I didn’t have a clue what love was about until I met Sharon.” Ozzy Osbourne

42. “Maybe it’s not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate.” Ozzy Osbourne

43. “With time, people forget to say, “Darling I love you.” just that word…” Ozzy Osbourne

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44. “I love you all; I love you more than life itself, but you’re all fucking mad.” Ozzy Osbourne

45. “When you’re in love, it’s not just about the messing around in the sack, it’s about how empty you feel when they’re gone.” Ozzy Osbourne

46. “I loved being a dad. It’s just so much fun watching these little people you’ve brought into the world as they develop and grow up.” Ozzy Osbourne

47. “The Beatles. I didn’t like the first couple of songs, but when I heard “She Loves You’, it was like something went off in my head.”” Ozzy Osbourne

48. “I have a genuine love affair with my audience. When I’m on stage they’re not privileged to see me. It’s a privilege for me to see them.” Ozzy Osbourne

49. “Five kids in one lifetime ain’t bad – and I love them all so much. They’re the best things that ever happened to me, no question about it.” Ozzy Osbourne

50. “Hating people isn’t a productive way of living. So what’s the point in hating anyone? There’s enough hate in the world as it is, without me adding to it.” Ozzy Osbourne

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While Ozzy Osbourne has been part of many rumors, including that he is a Satanist, he tells a different story.

Drugs and alcohol have caused him to do what many consider odd or scary, especially in his early years.

But after having a family reality show with his wife and children, he’s been able to show some a different side of him than what they might see on stage.

He’s won numerous awards in both England and America, including things like Grammys, MTV Europe Music Awards, Billboard Touring Awards, and even a Lifetime Achievement Award and Guinness World Record for “longest scream by a crowd”.

He has also been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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