25 Cookie Monster Quotes From the Popular Sesame Street Character

Fans of Sesame Street will love these Cookie Monster quotes!

Cookie Monster is a fictional character that Jim Henson created for the children’s television show Sesame Street.

Cookie Monster is a blue muppet character that first appeared in the unaired commercial Wheels, Crowns, and Flutes in 1966.

The character was played by Frank Oz from 1969 to 2004 and by David Rudman from 2001 through the present time.

Cookie Monster has many sayings about snacks and food in general, but his most famous is shouting “Cookie” in his classic voice.

He is not a “scary” monster.

Instead, he often teaches kids about healthy eating habits, even though he loves unhealthy snacks.

Cookie Monster instantly became popular with audiences and has been mentioned or appeared in music, television shows, in books, and has appeared on numerous merchandise items.

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Here are some of the best lines to show how much Cookie Monster loves cookies.

1. “One cookie never enough.” — Cookie Monster

2. “Me not fussy — just give me box of cookies.” — Cookie Monster

3. “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.” — Cookie Monster

4. “Me love poetry… and cookies!” — Cookie Monster

5. “Cookie is like high five for stomach.” — Cookie Monster

6. “My tummy in despair.” — Cookie Monster

7. “Resist the urge to panic and eat Cookies.” — Cookie Monster

8. “I wouldn’t trade you for all the cookies in the world.” — Cookie Monster

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9. “I just took a DNA test turns out 100% cookies…” — Cookie Monster

10. “In the event that you need assistance eating all dem cookies, I know a person!” — Cookie Monster

11. “Dis year me concentrating on my self-care. When I need little love, me going to give meself cookie.” — Cookie Monster

12. “My most loved shape is a circle since I most loved sustenances are circles: pizzas, pies, and, obviously, cookies!” — Cookie Monster

13. “Today me will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie.” — Cookie Monster

These quotes show how funny Cookie Monster is regarding his favorite thing—cookies.

14. “Home is where heart is; heart where cookie is. Math clear: home is cookie.” — Cookie Monster

15. “Me wasn’t born with name Cookie Monster. It just nickname dat stuck.” — Cookie Monster

16. “Early bird gets the worm, but cookie taste better than worm. So me sleep in.” — Cookie Monster

17. “Cookie Monster thief, not liar.” — Cookie Monster

18. “It’s my birthday today! Me going to celebrate with two cookie cakes!” — Cookie Monster

19. “Sometimes me think, what is friend? And then me say: a friend is someone to share last cookie with.” — Cookie Monster

20. “Me just met you and this is crazy, but you got cookie, so share it maybe?” — Cookie Monster

21. “Cookie starts with C. Let’s think of other things that start with C…oh, who cares about the other things?” — Cookie Monster

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22. “A year ago, Telly spruced up as cookie for Halloween. I pursued him six squares till I understood it was simply ensemble!” — Cookie Monster

23. “Friend something better than chocolate ice cream…Maybe friend somebody you give up last cookie for.” — Cookie Monster

24. “Cheerful #NATIONALCOOKIEDAY to all me friends… be that as it may, above all, To me! Om nom!” — Cookie Monster

25. “Last call for cooooooookies! I don’t need you to pass up opportunity to eat cookies with me on Sesame Street!” — Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster has a voracious appetite and will eat almost anything from sweets to fruits and vegetables.

Like everyone, though, Cookie Monster has a favorite food which is, of course, cookies, and his favorite cookies are chocolate chip cookies.

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