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3 Ways To Deal with Post Election Anxiety

A country divided and a world on edge.

Some of you may be just fine on this cool November day. While others are feeling despair, fear, and anger. Regardless, if you are feeling any negativity because of the 2016 presidential election, it has probably shown itself through some type of anxiety.

Here’s how to combat that post election stress and make your way towards positivity, inspiration, and hopefully peace:

1. Post-Election Anxiety? Breathe

First of all, regardless of where you stand politically, you need to take a step back and breathe.

If this election has been anything, it’s been stress-ridden, for everyone involved. Between the scandals, news coverage, and the rollercoaster that was election night – we could all use some serious R+R to recover.

The first step in battling anxiety is getting control of your breath. While this may seem simple to some, if you are truly experiencing any type of anxiety, you know that your breathing can be one of the first things you panic about.

Stay off of Facebook and Twitter for the day and instead, stay mindful and control your breathing, calm your nervous system. It may shock you just how easy and effective this can be. If you swore off meditation in the past, now may be the time to rethink that choice.

If sitting in silence sounds horrible to you, then try spending some time getting exercise or just getting outdoors. Physical activity works wonders for post election anxiety feelings that may come about. And we could all use a little fresh air after being glued to a screen for so long watching last evening’s events unfold.

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No matter what, do something that your body will thank you for later. Anxiety is extremely detrimental to your physical and mental health, so any step you can take to prevent that is a step in the right direction.

2. Focus on the Positive

Moving forward, find something that you are really grateful for.

Are you in good health? Maybe you’re surrounded by amazing family and friends, or you have a great job that you love. Now, allow that gratitude to sink in and put things into perspective. If you need some positive inspiration, check out these easy tips to make your thoughts more positive.

But more importantly, try to think positively about the election. I know, I know. If you aren’t team Trump — the outcome of this election is extremely frightening and upsetting. But here’s the reality: this is who America voted for.

It may seem like the world is collapsing, but it’s not. Now, we as American people, have to figure out how to continue the progress our great nation has made, regardless of if we are standing behind the commander-in-chief himself.

If you are still struggling to find a silver lining, check out these ways to stay positive in a negative world. Whether it’s savoring a delicious meal you cook with your children. Or doing something nice to make your co-workers day better, find something that will spark joy inside of you that distracts you from post election anxiety that is bringing you down.

Changing our way of thinking is just like getting rid of a bad habit. Every habit starts with a pattern called a “habit loop” where your brain goes into autopilot, repeats the bad/good behavior, and then your brain rewards itself – making this process seem more attractive in the future.

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Recognizing when you’re letting negative thoughts fuel your election anxiety is half the battle. Try to use these tips to convert them into positive words and actions.

3. Let Your Fears Fuel You

One extremely negative side effect of anxiety is fear. You may fear the unknown or be terrified of your next family gathering when your cousin brings up politics *eye roll*. Either way, there are ways to turn fear into success.

This applies to every situation you experience in life where fear is a factor.

We as humans have the ability to take control of our actions that determine our future. It’s true that the 2016 election has come to an end. But the next one is only four years away. If you’re determined to see a change in our government, you have plenty of time to inspire that change within your community and even on a larger basis.

If your anxiety is causing you to be fearful – look it right in the face and battle it out.

We control our thoughts and our feelings. Get angry, get heated, these feelings will motivate you to do something about it. Regardless of your political views or who you voted for, you don’t deserve a life ruled by anxiety. So don’t let it silence you.

How do you deal with post-election anxiety?

Let us know in the comments below!

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