4 Reasons Why you should be disgusted with the 2016 Election Results

Feeling upset with the 2016 Election Results?

You clicked on this article for one of two reasons: Either you are passionate about the title of this article because you wanted Hillary Clinton to claim the presidency, OR your adrenaline is on a constant high today.

You’re looking for something to get fired up about, because you feel that Donald Trump is more than qualified to save our country from it’s current state.

Well, either way, you chose the wrong reason to read this article.

This is NOT biased in any way.

I am not one to speak my political views.

This is not even about politics.

It’s about America.

Forget political views – we’re talking about American views.

Here are the four reasons why we should all be ashamed of ourselves after the 2016 election results.

1. Emotions Have Ruled This Election

This election has made me wince, feel scared and nauseous, and constantly wonder what my life would be like on November 9th, 2016.

It has also made me laugh, believe that anything is possible, and made me more interested in politics and our country.

People have started riots, there were hundreds of arrests made, and many wounds have been sewn up all because one person did not agree with the other.

Let me remind you that these aren’t uneducated people.

These are people with families and careers.

The people who would ground their children for months if they ever got into a fight at school.

They let their emotions completely take over instead of following their better judgement.

We all did.

Friendships are over, families are at each other’s throats, and coworkers cannot collaborate today as we either mourn or celebrate.

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This morning, I tried to go into work with a positive attitude, knowing that most of my office did not have the 2016 election results end in their favor.

They have no idea who I voted for.

Just the presence of a positive attitude made them feel uneasy.

It seemed that their view of me shifted.

This is unacceptable…and quite uncomfortable.

2. We Are Claiming Sides

If the entire country had one mirror to look into right now, we would be disgusted.

We’d see bruises, wrinkles, and scars that represent the fights we have had and the vicious words we spoke.

As many of us have said over and over again, we are so divided right now.

Remember that whole “We’re number one” stuff?

Well, I’m calling bull.

The number one team didn’t win because they punched each other in the face or screamed violent insults.

Your team did not win or lose.

This is not the Super Bowl.

When you trash talk, you’re really just speaking ill of yourself because we as a country are one team.

Just ONE.

No shirts versus skins or red versus blue.


Undefeated since 1776.

World War Champs.

Wear your rings proudly instead of using them as weapons against each other.

3. We Are Relying on One Person to Save Our Situation

You do know that Donald Trump will not make America great again by himself, right?

Are we all on the same page when I say that Hillary’s policies would not have completely solved your problems?

Neither of them can save this country because they are partly responsible for all of the negativity.

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Their relationship with each other just egged on all parties and made it acceptable to hate.

The size of the smile on Hillary’s face when people would criticize Donald Trump could have lit up Alaska for those 3 months they’re stuck in the dark.

Trump’s evils eye’s directed toward Hillary and her supporters should have been reserved for the scariest haunted houses.

If you didn’t vote, don’t complain.

If you did vote, don’t complain.

You have problems?

Join the club.

Getting out in your own community (literally right in your backyard) will make more of an impact than praying that a presidential candidate will fulfill all of their promises.

Chances are they won’t, and you need to be okay with that.

4. The Right to Free Speech Has Been Abused Instead of Honored

Don’t be mad at your neighbor with a sign for a different candidate in their yard.

Be FURIOUS at the 17,000 people who voted for Harambe.

This election turned our nation into a never-ending Yelp review.

People have taken free speech and transformed it from a beloved right to a feared consequence.

Some of us are scared to even utilize free speech at the risk of being attacked for personal views.

I’m sure some people might say “suck it up – people are mean sometimes.

Yeah they are, and there is no reason for that.

If you don’t agree with someone’s Facebook article don’t waste your energy ridiculing them.

Go play with your kids or read a book.

Have an intelligent discussion.

Don’t just speak words because you can.

Honor the fact that you’re allowed to say anything you want and use it to inspire yourself and others.

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Instead of criticizing a candidate, share an emotional story for why you’re making the decision to vote for someone else.

Say something that you would want to quote for the rest of your life.

Don’t speak insults and high-five your friend for your clever attacks.

It’s weird, and kind of embarrassing.

Come Together, RIGHT NOW!

Even if you didn’t pick a side, speak ill of another person, or get violent – you still witnessed it.

America is the scariest high school in the world right now where bullying is not the biggest problem.

The problem is that those of us who witness it do not do anything about it.

I am definitely guilty of searching YouTube for campaign riots for a length of time I am not willing to confess.

All of us are saying how sad it is that our country is so separated right now.

The 2016 election results was not just a new president, but also a new divide.

The lack of action taken could be a feeling of helplessness.

We just have to turn to each other.

If your mom voted opposite of you, make her dinner tomorrow anyway.

If your friend rocked a Trump shirt for the past year and a half and you’re carrying a “Love Trumps Hate” sign, throw away the sign and ask them to lunch.

I truly believe that the repair of this country will be a ripple effect.

Mending one relationship will mend another, and another.

Eventually, we will all look at today in awe, knowing that this was our lowest point and our potential for improvement is remarkable.

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