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How To Move On With Your Life After The Results Of The Election

The results are in: “Trump Triumphs”, or so the banners spouted this morning.

If you’re like me and a lot of people I know, this news made you want to burst into tears on the spot or start planning your exodus to go work in the Arabella vineyards of South Africa.

So much energy has been poured into the election hype, drama and anticipation, and now we have to digest the reality that the Trump name will soon be on, not only businesses, books and bottles of vodka, but also the White House.

If there were ever a doubt that “energy flows where attention goes,” this election result should squash any lingering scraps of skepticism, demonstrating once and for all that what we focus on does indeed expand.

As a nation and world, Trump has held our collective attention in massive quantities and ceaseless captivity for months on end. Oh, Hillary occupied our focus, too (which is what had her on the Democratic ticket instead of Bernie Sanders in the first place), but the drama she stirred up couldn’t trump Trump.

Whether it be positive or negative is irrelevant; energy moves in the direction of the object of attention, and Trump has held both ends of the spectrum—best and worst—in spades. To say it another way, whether you were for or against a certain candidate, your focus—thoughts, words and actions—contributed to the momentum of that very contender.

And Trump got the most energy overall.

Admittedly, I am not a political aficionado so I’m a little out of my realm when it comes being well versed in civic affairs. But I am a hardcore human-thought-energy geek. It’s the quality of our thoughts and the energy that comes from them (good vs. bad vibes) that creates our outcomes.

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What has been fascinating to me in these past months leading up to the election is how most people tend to get hooked by the drama—competition and comparisons, scandal and slander—and give the majority of their attention to that, rather than focus on what’s constructive and advantageous about each candidate.

Focusing on drama only brings more drama. So here we are.

As a group, we have co-created this new Trumpified reality that will ensue at the 2017 inauguration. Game over.

Or is it?

I would assert that we still have choices available to us. We still get a vote.

We get to vote each day on the quality of the thoughts and energy we are putting out there, now, from this day forward, to support the well-being of our national community as a whole. We have the choice to focus on the positive, and to take leadership of the perspectives we are empowering regarding the success of our future.

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, or whether your preferred candidate won or not, you are still powerful in your focus as you are part of the greater energy. You are an active participant in the conversation that is happening first in the ethers with your thoughts, then in reality with your words and deeds.

You are a contributor to the collective, and YOU matter.


So how do you move on after this election?

First and foremost, you take charge of your own “mattering” and how you’re influencing others. Your thoughts matter, your beliefs matter, your words matter. Be diligent about what you are co-creating by being conscious about how you are thinking about the future. Are you hopeful or doubtful?

Only you can choose that. No one but you can vote on your perspective or opinions and their associated energetic quality.

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If each one of would choose hope and good faith, rather than catastrophizing or fixating on drama, we would co-create a world that matches hope and good-faith.

Here are a few ideas for embodying a positive energy in spite of our ensuing circumstance:

Allow time for release and processing. Before finding better-feeling ways to think about the election outcome, you may need to slow down and take time for grief, particularly if you were a strong Hillary supporter. There is a loss of a vision and a dream that accompanies her thwarted would-be presidency. It’s important to allow that energy to get movement and come to resolution in order to make way for any potential optimism you may choose to step into about the end result.

Be judicious with social media. There are already countless negative messages and images flooding the worldwide web, popping up in your pocket or purse on the various apps of your (maybe-not-so-) smart phone that are stirring the pot of negativity, fear and rage.

Please be careful with what you are engaging and passing along. Which side of the conversation are you contributing to? What’s the energy you are spreading, and where will it take us collectively when exponentially more attention is placed on it? Consider this before you share or retweet.

Look for an alignment of values. What is the shared space between Mr. Trump’s ideas and messages and your personal values and beliefs? You might have to find broad generalities on this one, but even something as simple as “experiencing a greater America” can build a bridge. I think most of us can get on board with that idea.

Be encouraging with your words. People will want to gossip and collude about this election outcome and predict the worst. Be one who uses the power of your spoken—and written—words to uplift the conversation and give it a positive spin. Or change the subject altogether if the group momentum is too tough to overcome.

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Keep an open mind. Be curious about what kind of benefits can come from Donald Trump being president. This is an entirely new role for him too, and for all we know, he may embody stellar leadership in ways no one ever imagined. Miracles happen, but only if you are open to the possibility of them coming into your experience.

The purpose of this article is not to persuade anyone to suddenly love any candidate or jump on the Trump bandwagon if you (like myself) weren’t before. Hardly. It is to say, here we are, in a freshly co-created reality.

Now, what are we going to do about it? How are we going to respond as individual leaders of our unique lives and as a collective voice for the greater well-being of humankind? It’s not through amplifying the drama, I can assure you. It’s through acceptance and courageous, positive forward focus.

Your job now—our job collectively—is to find ways to feel good, optimistic and hopeful about the incoming leader of our nation. And if you can’t find something nice to think about, get off the subject and focus your beautiful mind on something—anything—that feels better to you.

For at the end of the day, it’s your positive energy going out into the world. And your state of joy in general, that makes the most difference in the promising unfoldment of life and peaceful, productive progression of our shared world.

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