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Derry Girls Quotes from Your Favorite Characters

Read these Derry Girls quotes while you are relaxing at home to reduce your stress and remind you of fun times.

Derry Girls is an Irish sitcom that is set in Derry, Northern Ireland, during the time of conflict “The Troubles” in the 1990s.

The isolated war-era theme of this series makes it a unique comedy series. It is filled with sectarian gags and geopolitical jokes, causing fans to think of this series as both hilarious and fun.

It follows the story of unlikely friends who struggle to navigate their teen years in a Catholic girl’s high school in the middle of a war conflict.

The dark humor of this film was perfect for its ongoing theme and cast. Enjoy these Derry Girls quotes!

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Derry Girls quotes from Michelle Mallon

1. “You’re a Derry Girl now, James.” — Michelle Mallon

2. “Well, this prom is going to be a full-blown dick-fest.” — Michelle Mallon

3. “Feel free to kiss my hole.” — Michelle Mallon

4. “Old people are arseholes.” — Michelle Mallon

5. “Ok, girls, who wants to do drugs?” — Michelle Mallon

6. “I said be sexy, not be a fucking blowfish, Erin.” — Michelle Mallon

7. “Who’s her dad? Pierce fucking Brosnan?” — Michelle Mallon

8. “Love women. Can’t get enough of the ladies.” — Michelle Mallon

9. “Don’t be such a shower of bore bags.” — Michelle Mallon

10. “What part of me not giving a flying fuck are you struggling with, exactly?” — Michelle Mallon

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11. “We both know you’re gonna sit in the corner like a frigid fuck.” — Michelle Mallon

12. “Our carriage awaits, motherfuckers.” — Michelle Mallon

13. “Speak for yourself, sugar tits.” — Michelle Mallon

14. “You can’t ring Childline every time your mother threatens to kill you.” — Michelle Mallon

15. “I’m a big fan of the fandango.” — Michelle Mallon

Derry Girls quotes from Sister Michael

16. “Great stuff all together. A fitting rendition of what I consider to be the most godawful song ever written.” — Sister Michael

17. “You need to learn when to push back.” — Sister Michael

18. “You’re not a tongue person, are you?” — Sister Michael

19. “We’re all going to get our holes kicked, and we are all in the same boat.” — Sister Michael

20. “Sadly, I’m unable to come on this one, as I despise the French.” — Sister Michael

21. “If anyone is feeling anxious, worried or maybe you just want a chat, please, please do not come crying to me.” — Sister Michael

22. “Lovely job so far Seamus, but keep it moving, Raw Hide is on in 15 minutes.” — Sister Michael

Derry Girls quotes from Clare Devlin

23. “Sometimes in order to do the right thing, you have to do the wrong thing.” — Clare Devlin

24. “I can hardly parade around in just my bra, can I? I’m not Madonna.” — Clare Devlin

25. “I’m starting to understand how Moby Dick must feel.” — Clare Devlin

26. “Well, I’m not being individual on my own.” — Clare Devlin

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Derry Girls quotes from Erin Quinn

27. “I should be allowed to express my individuality.” — Erin Quinn

28. “You’re a mouth. That’s what you are.” — Erin Quinn

29. “It wasn’t bullying. It was attempted bullying.” — Erin Quinn

30. “I have locked my mother in a cage designed by her own art.” — Erin Quinn

31. “I’ve got my own people, and we’ll show you up for the amateurs that you are.” — Erin Quinn

32. “Macaulay Culkin isn’t a Protestant, ma!” — Erin Quinn

33. “Look, I wanted to be an individual but my ma wouldn’t let me.” — Erin Quinn

34. “I’m pretty sure interfering with your sunbed sessions isn’t very high up on anyone’s political agenda.” — Erin Quinn

Derry Girls quotes from Ma Mary

35. “Don’t say knickers in front of your father, he can’t cope!” — Ma Mary

36. “Half-load goes against everything I stand for, you know that da.” — Ma Mary

37. “No-one back there actually believed you were a Japanese tourist Gerry, they all thought you were a nutcase and took pity on you.” — Ma Mary

38. “Well, if he really likes you, it won’t matter what you wear.” — Ma Mary

39. “There is no such thing as a friendly wink.” — Ma Mary

40. “She’s melting my head.” — Ma Mary

Derry Girls quotes from Orla McCool

41. “The holy smirk, thanks be to God.” — Orla McCool

42. “You’ve never even kissed a boy before. You practice on your pillow sometimes, but you don’t think that’s the same.” — Orla McCool

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43. “I love me wee fingers.” — Orla McCool

44. “Protestants hate ABBA.” — Orla McCool

45. “There’s just nothing that doesn’t suit me.” — Orla McCool

46. “I don’t really believe in lesbians.” — Orla McCool

47. “I don’t smoke either, I just like meltin’ stuff.” — Orla McCool

Derry Girls quotes from Granda Joe

48. “I’ll never understand the point of you.” — Granda Joe

49. “It’s dinner she invited you round for, not an orgy.” — Granda Joe

50. “Before you know it, you’ll be faking your own death, assuming a new identity.” — Granda Joe

Which of these Derry Girls quotes is your favorite?

The political undertones of this series keep it engaging while allowing it to be lighthearted and enjoyable due to its comedic nature.

Several Northern Irish families actually expressed their gratitude for the accurate portrayal of the life of a typical Northern Irish teen during the time of conflict and how much they had to endure.

This series also portrays how much childhood is lost for children due to political unrest and war. This further shows that they are the most vulnerable and heavily impacted despite their innocence and having nothing to do with adult conflicts.

If you enjoyed reading these Derry Girls quotes and sayings, you are free to share them with your friends and browse for more genius quotes in both movies and TV series.

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