50 Inspirational and Funny Dinosaur Quotes To Make You Roar

Let out a primitive roar with these inspirational and funny dinosaur quotes.

Who does not love dinosaurs? 

The T-Rex is the most known dinosaur, but children worldwide are delighted to learn about dinosaurs.

The study of dinosaurs benefits humanity in many ways.

Much of our collective understanding of evolutionary theory and other scientific concepts comes from what we learned studying dinosaurs.

Humans have been the dominant species on planet earth for a long time. 

However, our time as a dominant species is a small percentage compared to when dinosaurs ruled the planet.

Our intimate connection comes from the long evolutionary history of life. The curiosity we have for dinosaurs innately teaches us about ourselves. 

People think dinosaurs are extinct due to climate change, and their fate has much to teach us about our climate concerns. 

You will love these awesomely hilarious and informative dinosaur quotes, jokes, and puns. 

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Inspirational dinosaur quotes

1. “I mean, in rock music terms, I’m like a dinosaur.” Belinda Carlisle

2. “I think most of the dinosaur specimens we find represent subadult sizes.” Jack Horner

3. “Well, I actually think. I think it’s a dinosaur. Have you ever seen the photos of Loch Ness?” Scarlett Moffatt

4. “If you’re just standing still, you’re going to be a dinosaur, and everyone else will go around you.” Davis Webb

5. “I think the game’s evolving – it always is. You don’t want to be a dinosaur. You want to evolve with it.” Davis Webb

6. “That ‘adult contemporary’ status nearly killed me… C’mon, I’m not a teenager, but I’m not a dinosaur either.” Jose Jose

7. “I also earned money from my waitressing and designing and selling my own range of dinosaur cards.” Alice Roberts

8. “As a kid, I was pretty obsessed with dinosaurs, and the day that my parents took me to Dinosaur National Park, I didn’t think life could get any better.” Chelsea Clinton

9. “The things I wanted to be when I was a kid were an archeologist because of dinosaur bones; a garbage man, because they got to ride on the side of the trucks; and a writer.” Nick Tosches

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10. “I’ve seen many dinosaur fossils, some mounted in museums, others in the process of being extracted from their rocky matrix, and it has never occurred to me that any could be anything other than genuine.” Alice Roberts

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Cute dinosaur quotes that make you think

11. “Dinosaurs are the best way to teach kids, and adults, the immensity of geologic time.” Robert T. Bakker

12. “Dinosaurs have a bad public image as symbols of obsolescence and hulking inefficiency.” Robert T. Bakker

13. “As soon as I saw it, I decided I was going to spend the rest of my life studying dinosaurs.” Robert T. Bakker

14.“Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations.” Steve Miller

15. “Fossils have richer stories to tell – about the lub-dub of dinosaur life – than we have been willing to listen to.” Robert T. Bakker

16. “The dinosaur’s eloquent lesson….if some bigness is good, an overabundance of bigness is not necessarily better.” Eric Johnston

17. “There’s no environment I can think of that would have remained constant enough to preserve dinosaur DNA.” Hendrik Poinar

18. “It is only at the beginning of the age of the dinosaurs that the deep sea, hitherto bare of organisms, was finally invaded by life.” Isaac Asimov

19. “If the human race ever stops acting on the basis of what it thinks it knows…then Homo sapiens will be making its application for membership in the dinosaur club.” Henry T. Davis

20. “I would give ten years off the beginning of my life to see, only once, Tyrannosaurus rex come rearing up from the elms of Central Park…We can never have enough of nature.” Edward Abbey

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Funny dinosaur quotes to make you roar

21. “Children have a great urge to learn about dinosaurs.” Jack Horner

22. “Dinosaurs are the uncontested stars of paleontology.” Sebastien Steyer

23. “Tyrannosaurus was truly the Schwarzenegger of dinosaurs.” Kenneth Carpenter

24. “The dinosaurs disappeared because they could not adapt to their changing environment.” Arthur C Clarke

25. “It’s very simple why kids are crazy about dinosaurs — dinosaurs are nature’s Special Effects.” Robert T. Bakker

26. “I believe implicitly that every young man in the world is fascinated with either sharks or dinosaurs.” Peter Benchley

27. “The dinosaur’s eloquent lesson is that if some bigness is good, an overabundance of bigness is not necessarily better.” Eric Johnston

28. “Great white sharks, big storms – somehow, I think we like to be put in our place by awesome things. Dinosaurs do that.” Sue Hendrickson

29. “If we measured success by longevity, then dinosaurs must rank as the number one success story in the history of land life.” Robert T. Bakker

30. “Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs? Yes, there are around twenty mentions of what we would call dinosaurs today. Why isn’t the word dinosaur used to describe these animals?” Kelly Landgraf

Dinosaur quotes and jokes for toddlers

31. “Don’t be a saur loser.”

32. “That concert was dinomite!”

33. “Dino-sir – A dinosaur knight.”

34. “Dinosaurs are just rawr-some!”

35. “We came. We saur. We conquered.”

36. “When you see a dino snore, don’t disturb.”

37. “Dino-smore – Favorite dinosaur campfire sweet treat.”

38. “Tea-Rex – That well-cultured tea-drinking species of dinosaur.”

39. “Dino-sour – Moody, bad-tempered dinosaurs prone to hissy-fits.”

40. “Dino-saw – What dinosaurs used before power saws were invented.”

Dinosaur quotes from TV show and movies

41. “Yummy, yummy veggies!” Barney

42. “Enough with the beauty sleep! You’re ravishing already!” Zini, Dinosaur

43. “Enough with the beauty sleep! You’re ravishing already!” — Zini, Dinosaur

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44. “Dinosaurs eat man……woman inherits the earth.” Dr. Ellie Sattler, Jurassic Park

45. “Oh boy! Just look at all the good things to eat. I think it would take a dinosaur to eat all of that.” Barney

46. “So the five hungry dinosaurs set off for the Great Valley. There had never been such a herd before.” Narrator, The Land Before Time

47. “God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.” Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

48. “Some things start out big, and some things start out small, very small. But sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest changes of all.” Plio, Dinosaur

49. “Dinosaurs and man, two species separated by 65 million years of evolution, have just been suddenly thrown back into the mix together.” Alan Grant, Jurassic Park

50. “Narrator: “Now the dinosaurs were of two kinds. Some had flat teeth, and ate the leaves of trees, and some had sharp teeth for eating meat, and they preyed upon the leaf-eaters.” The Land Before Time

Did you know that modern birds are the descendants of ancient dinosaurs? 

Paleontologists are the scientific detectives who examine our world for extinct dinosaurs.

They look for clues such as bones, teeth, shells, or footprints to piece together the era of dinosaurs. 

Sir Richard Owen coined the term dinosaur to describe the beings who lived unchallenged on planet Earth for roughly 245 million years.  

Dinosaur comes from the Greek word Deinos, meaning fearfully great, and Saurus, which means lizard.

Ancient cultures found fossils; they would confuse the remains of dinosaurs for giants or huge monsters. 

Every continent has dinosaur fossils buried below the soil, with over 700 species of dinosaurs known to have roamed the earth. 

Those numbers are just the fossil bones we have discovered.

There may be many more undiscovered species buried within our planet. 

Let us know which dinosaur quote was your favorite.

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