20 Dio Quotes for the Manga Fan

Check out these Dio quotes about one of the Manga universe’s most powerful villains.

Dio, whose full name is Dio Brando, is one of the most potent and driven villains in the manga universe.

Created in 1987 by Hirohiko Araki for the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dio is a vampire that was once a man.

After growing up in a home with an alcoholic father that worked his mother to death, Dio has become callused and undeterred in his quest for power!

Dio is so mighty in strength and charisma that it was hard for Hirohiko to come up with any weaknesses for Dio.

Dio’s popularity has created many pop culture references, including internet memes.

Every fan of manga will enjoy reading the Dio quotes below.

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Powerful Dio Quotes

Here are some powerful Dio quotes from the powerful Villain!

1. “I’ve learned something. The more carefully you scheme, the more unexpected events come along.” – Dio Brando

2. “Go out there and take this useless world for all you can get!” – Dio Brando

3. “Muda! Muda! Muda! Muda! Muda!” – Dio Brando

4. “I don’t let anyone swagger over me!” – Dio Brando

5. “Go down two steps and I’ll let you join my side again. But if you’d rather die, than climb those stairs. – Dio Brando

6. “I reject my humanity, Jojo!” – Dio Brando

7. “Za warudo!” – Dio Brando

8. “It was me, Dio!” – Dio Brando

9. “Hinjaku! Hinjaku!” – Dio Brando

10. “Most men’s hearts are restrained by mortal, recoiling in fear from the fabulous fruits of evil.” – Dio Brando

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Classic Dio Quotes

Dio is a very quotable villain, as seen in the quotes below.

11. “That reason is as compelling as rat shit in the bathroom, and it will be your demise.” – Dio Brando

12. “You fools, I am about to become so much more!” – Dio Brando

13. “For seven years, I have to make nice with that buffoon. But now that I am of age, it is time for my plan to reach its fruition.” – Dio Brando

14. “You’re ugly and disgusting. You drove mother to an early death.” – Dio Brando

15. “You’re blatantly ignoring your grandfather’s wishes, even after he gave his life to tell you about the power of the world. Surely his pathetic pleas warranted a bit of consideration.” – Dio Brando

16. “So this is the brat I must usurp. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is quick to anger.” – Dio Brando

17. “What the hell! It’s impossible! I am the immortal Dio—I am Dio!” – Dio Brando

18. “At long last, the Joestar fortune will be mine. And the Devil takes anyone who tries to stop me.” – Dio Brando

19. “Goodbye, JoJo!” – Dio Brando

20. “Oh? You’re approaching me? Instead of running away, you’re coming right to me?” – Dio Brando

Dio the Villian

As Dio’s story shows, most villains have a backstory of why they are the way they are.

Growing up in a bad home made Dio view life a certain way, and as he got older, he got more and more power greedy.

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