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Dolemite is a 1975 blaxploitation comedy film written by and starring Rudy Ray Moore, among others.

Dolemite was an urban action hero that comedian Rudy Ray Moore decided to use as his alter ego in his comedy routines.

When Rudy Ray decided to turn Dolemite into a movie, he got D’Urville Martin to direct the film.

Dolemite follows the story of Dolemite, a nightclub owner, pimp, and comedian who has been set up and is serving 20 years in prison.

Eventually, Dolemite’s fellow pimp, “Queen Bee,” gets the governor to release Dolemite to combat the drug problem in the “Fourth Ward.”

Along with trying to solve the drug problem, Dolemite and his kung fu pimps look to even the score with those that set him up.

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Memorable Dolemite Quotes

Check out these quotes that you are sure to remember from the movie!

1. “Ghosts? If you ever see a ghost, cut the motherfucker.” – Dolemite

2. “When you was on the street, everything was cool man.” – Creeper

3. “The truth shall make you free!” – Reverend Gibbs

4. “I had him bailed out. So I can hit him whenever we’re ready.” – Mayor Daley

5. “Mmm, mmm, mmm. Yes baby, you can get behind me and in front of me, too.” – Dolemite

6. “We don’t have the club anymore.” – The Queen Bee

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7. “Okay, Dolemite, the warden wants to see you.” – Prison Guard

8. “Who done it? Who killed Jimmy?” – Dolemite

9. “Damn! Looks like my women is on time.” – Dolemite

10. “That rat soup eatin’, insecure, honky mutha f***a!” – Dolemite

Tough Dolemite Quotes

Dolemite and the world he lives in are tough, as evidenced by the quotes below.

11. “Now you know Dolemite. Once he gets on your back, it’s hard to get him off.” – Willie Green

12. “Damn. It had to do with business stuff over at the schoolhouse, man, and uh, he wanted out, man, and uh, they wouldn’t let him.” – Creeper

13. “You know that club was my pride and joy, and you’ve gone and give it up.” – Dolemite

14. “You understand that an honest dude like me have to snatch pocketbooks all day to stay fixed, man. You know?” – Creeper

15. “When the shit hits the fan, Reverend, you’re gonna be dead down the middle. And I’m coming after you!” – Blakely

16. “You know what, honey? This is gonna give me a whole lot of pleasure sending you straight to hell on this toilet seat.” – Pinky

17. “Dr. Feelgood, calling Dr. Feelgood. You’re wanted in inhalation therapy.” – Nurse on Hospital Intercom

18. “Well, I might as well level with you: The game is rough, and the stake is your life.” – Warden

19. “Yeah, I’m so bad, I kick my own ass twice a day. Shit, you ain’t sayin’ nothin’!” – Creeper

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20. “Yes, I’m Dolemite. I’m the one that killed Monday, whupped Tuesday, and put Wednesday in the hospital!” – Dolemite

From Comedian to Actor

One of the best parts of the movie Dolemite is that Rudy Ray Moore brought it to life.

By taking the chance of turning his comedy success into an acting venture, he was able to tell the Dolemite story as he wanted to.

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