25 Dr. Phil Quotes For When You Need Some Advice

These Dr. Phil quotes cover everything from marriage and relationships, health and wellness, and working on yourself!

Dr. Phil has a doctorate in clinical psychology and held a license to practice until 2006.

He appeared several times on Oprah in the late 90s, quickly becoming a fan favorite, due in part to his witty Dr. Phil-isms.

Oprah helped him launch his own show, and over the years he has had a lot more to say!

I personally quote Dr. Phil a lot when I tell my husband, “Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?”

Dr. Phil’s wife Robin also appears on the show from time to time, but the whole family is involved in the production.

His son, Jay McGraw is an executive producer of Dr. Phil’s extension show, The Doctors.

Since Dr. Phil started his practice with his father, this seems fitting!

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Dr. Phil quotes on marriage and relationships

1. “Take it from a guy: If you’re in love with somebody, you will swim the stream, you will climb the mountain, you will slay the dragon. You’re going to get to her somehow, some way.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes on marriage and relationships

2. “There’s a big difference between falling in love and being in love. There’s a big difference between infatuation and falling in love.” – Dr. Phil

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Dr. Phil quotes that will encourage you

3. “When you get married, your loyalty, first and foremost, is to your spouse, and to the family that you create together.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes to helping others

4. “I think you’re running into a lot of trouble if your idea of foreplay is, ‘Brace yourself, honey, here I come!'” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes to inspire you

5. “Relationships are negotiated, and if you deal with ultimatums and authority all the time, then you’re not going to get anywhere.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes and sayings

6. “If you’ve gone into a marriage and you haven’t been clear about how you’re going to handle money, how you want to raise kids, who is going to work or stay home, or what have you, then you’ve set yourself up for failure.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes to motivate yo

7. “There is nothing wrong with your marriage if you’re dealing with bills and kids and the broken garbage disposal and in-laws and work demands. That’s a normal marriage.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes and sayings

8. “It’s better to be healthy alone than sick with someone else.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes for Instagram

Dr. Phil quotes on “you”

9. You’re only lonely if you’re not there for you.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes about you're only lonely if you're not there for you

10. “You need to listen to your body because your body is listening to you.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes on “you”

11. “If you want more, you have to require more from yourself.” – Dr. Phil

Short Dr. Phil quotes

12. “The most you get is what you ask for.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes about the most you get is what you ask for

13. “Sometimes you just got to give yourself what you wish someone else would give you.” – Dr. Phil

Special Dr. Phil quotes

14. “You have got to decide, look, this is who I am; this is my best way to present myself, and I’m going to ride that horse to the finish line. Not everybody will like it, but that’s OK.” – Dr. Phil

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Random Dr. Phil quotes

15. “At the end of the day, whether or not those people are comfortable with how you’re living your life doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you’re comfortable with it.” – Dr. Phil

Cool Dr. Phil quotes

16. “If you’re trying to get out of debt, you have to be willing to treat everything as expendable.” – Dr. Phil

Amazing Dr. Phil quotes

17. “We all have a social mask, right? We put it on; we go out, put our best foot forward, our best image. But behind that social mask is a personal truth, what we really, really believe about who we are and what we’re capable of.” – Dr. Phil

Appreciation Dr. Phil quotes

18. “I tell you, if you’re in the front row of the parade and you stop walking, pretty soon you’re back in the tuba section. And if you want to lead the parade, you’ve got to keep moving.” – Dr. Phil

Favorite Dr. Phil quotes

19. “Every one of us have things that we believe about ourselves when nobody else is looking, nobody else is listening, nobody else is monitoring what we’re doing. We believe things about ourself.” – Dr. Phil

Wise and inspirational Dr. Phil quotes

20. “When you allow a person’s words to upset you, you’re giving away your power.” – Dr. Phil

Motivational Dr. Phil quotes

Dr. Phil McGraw ‘isms’ and words of wisdom

21. “Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil McGraw ‘isms’ and words of wisdom

22. “Awareness without action is worthless.” – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil quotes about awareness without action is worthless

23. “It’s so much easier to tell people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.” – Dr. Phil

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Positive Dr. Phil quotes

24. “You don’t need a pack of wild horses to learn how to make a sandwich.” – Dr. Phil

Funny Dr. Phil quotes

25. “It’s hard to see your own face without a mirror.” – Dr. Phil

Wise Dr. Phil quotes

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What did you learn from these Dr. Phil quotes?

Dr. Phil has a unique approach to psychology that most of his fans appreciate.

He says, “I’m not the Hush-Puppies, pipe, and ‘Let’s talk about your mother’ kind of psychologist.”

This has earned him some criticism from other psychologists.

There are also some controversies and lawsuits that he has had to deal with over the years, including an interaction with Brittany Spears back in 2008.

There have been complaints from previous show participants, other professionals, and even his ex-wife.

She claimed that he was over-bearing and not the perfect husband he portrays himself as on his TV show.

The show is produced as an “advice show,” and because he isn’t a licensed psychologist he can not give medical advice.

What do you think?

Are you a fan of the show?

If so, share one of your favorite Dr. Phil quotes and sayings in the comment section below.

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