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50 Elite Quotes that Are All Too Relatable

Elite is a Spanish thriller teen drama television series created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona for Netflix. It premiered last October 5, 2018, and is currently ongoing for its fifth season. The story is set around Las Encinas, an elite secondary school. It revolves between three working-class students enrolled through a scholarship program and their wealthy classmates.

Although the concept and theme are associated with teen drama, it also exhibits progressive social issues about family, sexual relationships, drugs, social status, and peer pressure. In addition, this series features an ensemble cast, giving every character an equal amount of screen time. This gives viewers the time to know each character’s story. These Elite quotes will take you on a thrilling and mysterious ride.

Elite Quotes by Lu

1. “Get out of there at once, because I need to hug you.”  Lu

2. “We have always relied on good times and bad times”  Lu

3. “You look like a 1999 soap opera heartthrob.”  Lu

4.“Sometimes I am too competitive. Although the prize is not worth it.”  Lu

5. “It is the fault of the one who killed her. From nobody else.”  Lu

6.. “Who am I to stand between you? After all, there was nothing between us.” — Lu

7. “If you do something like that again I swear that whoever kills you is me.”  Lu

8. “I came to bring some glamor. Well, no. A lot.” — Lu

9. “I’m not leaving here without a fight.”  Lu

10. “Guzmán is only interested because he has bet that he could make you lose your virginity.”  Lu

11. “We are women and I don’t like men to play with us.”  Lu

Elite Quotes by Nadia

12. “Maybe I haven’t changed. Maybe it wasn’t me before.”  Nadia

13. “If I return it is without conditions.”  Nadia

14. “Do you expect me to thank you for that?” — Nadia

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15. “Am I a challenge or a bet you have made with your friends?” — Nadia

16. “If my father changes my school, it is precisely so that I will not see you.” — Nadia

17. “You remind me of my sister, who left everyone with a broken heart when leaving home at age 18.” — Nadia

18. “I don’t know yet who I am but I’m going to find out.” — Nadia

19. “That isn’t love, it’s devotion, like you would have for a God. People who love you tell you the truth.” — Nadia

20. “When your name’s Nadia Shana you had better be informed of what can get you expelled.” — Nadia

21. “This gift only shows me that you’re a jackass who has money.” — Nadia

22. Nadia: “The human body is 70% water, so we are basically just cucumbers with anxiety.”

Guzmán: “Excuse me, with the amount of salt and alcohol I consume I’m more like an anxiety pickle.”

23. Azucena de Muñoz: “The rules state, no accessories of any kind are permitted.”

Nadia: “My hijab isn’t an accessory.”

Elite Quotes by Samuel

24. “It must be nice to be rich instead of having to develop a personality. — Samuel

25. “Buy my silence.” — Samuel

26. “Through good times, bad times, and the times we are f*cked up.” — Samuel

27. Samuel: “Have you read the notes?”

Christian: “I will wait for them to make the movie.”

28. “I went with alcohol and lost control because I wanted to gain strength to tell you that I like you.” — Samuel

Elite Quotes by Guzmán

29. “There is no longer an ‘us’.” — Guzmán

30. Guzmán: “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

Nadia: “I have strict parents. Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Guzmán: You have strict parents.”

31. “You are not a saint either. You undressed in my pool.” — Guzman

32. “She was a bright light. Marina was one of those people that you look for on a bad day, because you know her smile will turn your day around.”  Guzman

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Elite Quotes by Marina

33. “Thank you very much for the award, but I think someone else deserves it.” — Marina

34. “I am satisfied that you say nothing. Goodbye.” — Marina

35. “Press this button and travel wherever you want.” — Marina

36. “Lies are exactly what people tell to make life more bearable. To avoid pain and suffering and hurting people.” — Marina

More Elite Quotes

37. “I like him a lot but I will never be able to be with him.”  Omar

38. “We’ve done things I’m not proud of.”  Polo

39. “Have you been hurt by 40,000 euros? In the real world, people kill for less money, even if it’s just a calderilla for you.” — Nano

40. “You’re not angry, you’re jealous.” — Carla

41. Ander: “How much did he drink?”

Lucrecia: “I don’t know, Ander, all of it. Only thing he didn’t drink is the water in the pool.”

42. “You gotta stop making everyone choose sides in this, because you’ll end up alone on yours.” — Ander

43. Carla: “This is the chance of a lifetime.”

Christian: “Sounds like a shitty life. If it means that I have to betray my brother, then that life’s worth nothing!”

44. “A cow is a cow, no matter how many instagram filters you put on it.” — Lucrecia

45. Christian: “What else is against the rules?”

Nadia: “Drinking, smoking, doing drugs…”

Christian: “…so basically all the fun stuff.”

46. “That prison is full of Nanos. Their only crime is that they’re not able to afford to pay for a fancy lawyer who can get them out with cash.” — Christian

47. “You have his last name don’t you? I’m sure it’ll open tons of doors for you. If the price is a couple of dirty looks, then you’re getting off easy.” — Fernando

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48. “I’m a towelhead, I don’t play soccer and I read outside the class. I’m this close to being on a wanted poster.” — Omar

49. “Social Media is now the best way for us to introduce ourselves to the world, right? What we reveal or what we hide about ourselves, tells a story of who we are.” — Martin

50. “Look, in the real world people kill for a lot less.” — Fernando

Relatable Elite quotes

51. “Maybe I haven’t changed. Maybe it wasn’t me before.” –Nadia

52. “From now on it’s going to be me.” –Nadia

53. “Do you know why I am the best?  Because I never settle for less.”  –Lu

54. “I’m occasionally wrong, but my heart’s always in the right place.”  –Guzman

55. “I know this story has a happy ending only in movies.”  –Polo

56. “For you I have done things that I have shut up, and all for you.” –Polo

57. “Let’s go get them.”  –Samuel

58. “I’m quite lonely, and I think you are too, so we can be lonely together.”  –Carla

59. “I know it hurts a lot.  I know because if something happens to you, I die.”  –Lu

60. “You and I are anything but normal.”  –Carla

The series received positive views from critics and audiences. It also garnered a lot of nominations and awards throughout its four seasons. It was even hailed by some as a guilty pleasure and praised its writing, acting, and portrayal of mature themes. The writing is progressive in such a way that taboo topics are discussed and presented, similar to real life.

It showcased the different factors that influence the development of a person, such as social status, family relationships, culture, and gender identity. Every person’s attitude depends on the issues they are dealing with. Usually, the development of those issues influences our actions. Think about the issues you’ve encountered that affected your behavior while reading these Elite quotes.

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