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Elon Musk Quotes On Success & The Future of Space

Our latest collection of insightful Elon Musk quotes that will inspire you to live with power.

Elon Musk’s massive success has spanned products, online payment systems, electric cars, energy production and now space adventure.

Musk is an icon for start-up success and is paving the way for a new innovative future for social entrepreneurs.

We have had a great time searching the web for some of our favorite Elon Musk quotes and wanted to provide a wide range of insights from one of the worlds most influential billionaires.

Elon is defiantly Living with Power!

A Few of Elon’s Accomplishments

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur with a massive edge.

At 23, he founded Zip2, his first company and sold it for $300,000,000.

From the sale of Zip2, he used $10 000 000 to fund, create and launch Paypal.

SolarCity was the next company he created for the purpose of making solar energy more affordable.

Besides, Elon is the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla Motors, who are driven to make inexpensive (relatively inexpensive, of course) electric cars.

To inspire your success and happiness, below is our collection of inspirational, wise, and thought-provoking Elon Musk quotes and sayings, collected from a variety of sources over the years.

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Elon Musk Quotes and Life Lessons About Impact, Innovation and Success

1. “Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” – Elon Musk

Elon is defiantly not afraid to fail. With his companies almost going bankrupt in the past, it has caused him to re-evaluate, re-launch and come back 10X stronger.

2. “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” – Elon Musk

Don’t focus on the odds, focus on what gives you and your life some meaning. Odds are meant to be defied.

3. “Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience. It’s a tough lesson.” – Elon Musk

4. “Really, the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment.” – Elon Musk

5. “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then  – probability will occur.” – Elon Musk

Whether it’s through science, logic or imagination – decide it’s possible. Once you do that,  you’ve already increased the odds of the desired outcome.
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6. “For me it was never about money, but solving problems for the future of humanity.” – Elon Musk

7. “It’s OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket.” – Elon Musk

Yes it might be scary, but if you want something great to happen you have to go ALL IN! In our gut, we know when we are fully committed and when we are not. Don’t just focus on the result, focus on aligning your actions so that each task completed moves you one step closer, even if it’s a baby step.

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8. “Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.” – Elon Musk

Many times we quit just before we are about to have a breakthrough, make a new connection or have given appropriate time for the desired results. Be committed for the long haul.

9. “Life is too short for long-term grudges.” – Elon Musk

10. “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” – Elon Musk

Elon Musk quotes about being driven

11. “You have to be pretty driven to make it happen. Otherwise, you will just make yourself miserable.” – Elon Musk

12. “People work better when they know what the goal is and why. It is important that people look forward to coming to work in the morning and enjoy working.” – Elon Musk

13. “(Physics is) a good framework for thinking. … Boil things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from there.” – Elon Musk

Start with the basics and build from there. You can’t master something by overlooking the fundamentals.

14. “I came to the conclusion that we should aspire to increase the scope and scale of human consciousness in order to better understand what questions to ask. Really, the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment.” – Elon Musk

15. “Starting and growing a business is as much about the innovation, drive and determination of the people who do it as it is about the product they sell.” – Elon Musk

16. “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk

Focus on who you are and what your creating. Your brand will follow.

17. “You want to be extra rigorous about making the best possible thing you can. Find everything that’s wrong with it and fix it. Seek negative feedback, particularly from friends.” – Elon Musk

Real friends who have your best interest at heart are not giving you negative feedback to crush your dream. Use it to correct the flaws and come back stronger.

Elon Musk quotes about impacting the world

18. “When I was in college, I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world. Now I am.” – Elon Musk

19. “If you’re trying to create a company, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.” – Elon Musk

20. “I wouldn’t say I have a lack of fear. In fact, I’d like my fear emotion to be less because it’s very distracting and fries my nervous system.” – Elon Musk

21. “My motivation for all my companies has been to be involved in something that I thought would have a significant impact on the world.” – Elon Musk

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22. “My biggest mistake is probably weighing too much on someone’s talent and not someone’s personality. I think it matters whether someone has a good heart.” – Elon Musk

Many times the hard skills, such as there skills that are needed for the job are much easier to teach and learn than the soft skills needed for teamwork, leadership and influence. Skills can be learned, but intention comes from within. You can’t teach or train heart.

23. “You shouldn’t do things differently just because they’re different. They need to be… better.” – Elon Musk

24. “I think life on Earth must be about more than just solving problems… It’s got to be something inspiring, even if it is vicarious.” – Elon Musk

25. “The idea of lying on a beach as my main thing just sounds like the worst. It sounds horrible to me. I would go bonkers. I would have to be on serious drugs. I’d be super-duper bored. I like high intensity.” – Elon Musk

A Conversation with Elon Musk

Elon Musk quotes about vision and the future

26. “Going from PayPal, I thought: ‘Well, what are some of the other problems that are likely to most affect the future of humanity?’ Not from the perspective, ‘What’s the best way to make money?” – Elon Musk

27. “I’m interested in things that change the world or that affect the future and wondrous, new technology where you see it, and you’re like, ‘Wow, how did that even happen? How is that possible?'” – Elon Musk

28. “Why do you want to live? What’s the point? What inspires you? What do you love about the future? And if the future’s not including being out there among the stars and being a multi-planet species, it’s incredibly depressing if that’s not the future we’re going to have.” – Elon Musk

29. “If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.” – Elon Musk

30. “I always have optimism, but I’m realistic. It was not with the expectation of great success that I started Tesla or SpaceX…. It’s just that I thought they were important enough to do anyway.” – Elon Musk

31. “Don’t delude yourself into thinking something’s working when it’s not, or you’re gonna get fixated on a bad solution.” – Elon Musk

Motivational Elon Musk quotes

32. “Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.” – Elon Musk

33. “There’s a tremendous bias against taking risks. Everyone is trying to optimize their ass-covering.” – Elon Musk

34. “If you go back a few hundred years, what we take for granted today would seem like magic – being able to talk to people over long distances, to transmit images, flying, accessing vast amounts of data like an oracle. These are all things that would have been considered magic a few hundred years ago.” – Elon Musk

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35. “You want to have a future where you’re expecting things to be better, not one where you’re expecting things to be worse.” – Elon Musk

Creating a personal and professional culture of optimism and vision is essential for any dynamic and innovative organization.

36. “I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.” – Elon Musk

37. “Don’t be afraid of new arenas.” – Elon Musk

38. “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.” – Elon Musk

39. “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success.”  – Elon Musk

40. “As much as possible, avoid hiring MBAs. MBA programs don’t teach people how to create companies.” – Elon Musk

More Elon Musk quotes and sayings

41. “I would just question things… It would infuriate my parents… That I wouldn’t just believe them when they said something ’cause I’d ask them why. And then I’d consider whether that response made sense given everything else I knew.” – Elon Musk

42. “When you struggle with a problem, that’s when you understand it.” –Elon Musk

43. “I say something, and then it usually happens. Maybe not on schedule, but it usually happens.” – Elon Musk

44. “If something’s important enough, you should try. Even if the probable outcome is failure.” – Elon Musk

45. “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” – Elon Musk

46. “My mentality is that of a samurai. I would rather commit seppuku than fail.” – Elon Musk

47. “You have to say, ‘Well, why did it succeed where others did not?’” – Elon Musk

48. “And we need things in life that are exciting and inspiring. It can’t just be about solving some awful problem. There have to be reasons to get up in the morning.” – Elon Musk

49. “I think we have a duty to maintain the light of consciousness to make sure it continues into the future.” – Elon Musk

50. “The tough thing is figuring out what questions to ask, but […] once you do that, the rest is really easy.” – Elon Musk

Which Elon Musk quote is your favorite?

At age 12, Elon Musk programmed a computer game and sold it for $500.

Since then, he’s founded multiple successful companies and established himself as one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs the world has ever seen.

Through his courage to take great risks to achieve success and bring innovation, Elon has made a massive impact on the universe.

Hopefully, these Elon Musk quotes have motivated you to think outside the box.

Did you enjoy these Elon Musk quotes?

Which of the quotes was your favorite?

Tell us in the comment section below.

Norbert Juma, Lead Editor
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  1. kz

    October 10, 2018 at 9:36 PM

    Thank you for collecting these quotes. I have been teaching my computer science students about Elon Musk’s innovations and innovative thinking for a decade now. I teach them about the perseverance, the futuristic thinking and problem solving skills/talent he possesses and how they too should never listen to the fray/naysayers, but follow their vision. Everyday I start with one of his quotes and a bit of news, updates, or history on his many innovations. This year, they went from “OMG, did you see Elon on TV, or Elon’s been fired, to realizing he is human and that we should pause before we jump on the social media bandwagon. They had no idea about his history and road he traveled to get where he is today. I also point out to them how many mistakes or obstacles he’s run in to along that way and remind them that they too will have a bumpy path at some point in their life, but it should not completely define them. Perseverance, vision, passion, courage, knowledge.

    • Jeffrey I. Moore

      October 10, 2018 at 11:04 PM

      As a former educator myself, thank you for sharing that!! I wish you a great year!!

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