25 Encanto Quotes for Uncovering Your Magical Gift

Embark on a journey to uncover your own unique magic with these Encanto quotes!

Encanto is a computer-animated Disney movie released in 2021 as a musical fantasy comedy.

Encanto was co-directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, and Bush and Charise Castro Smith co-wrote the screenplay.

Walt Disney Animation Studios produced the movie, and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributed the movie.

Encanto stars the voices of actors and actresses Stephanie Beatriz, Maria Cecilia Botero, John Leguizamo, and Mauro Castillo.

The movie scored well with critics and performed well at the box office, where it grossed over $256 million against a budget in the range of $120 to $150 million.

The movie’s plot follows the Madrigal family that had fled a dangerous village in Columbia and were saved by magic that created a safe haven in the magical realm of Encanto.

Take a look at these Encanto quotes to learn more about this Disney Movie.

Best Encanto Quotes

Enjoy some of the popular lines from the Disney hit.

1. “I’m losing my gift!” — Luisa

2. “I’m tired of perfect; I want real.” — Isabella

3. “Maybe your gift is being in denial.” — Cecilia

4. “I used to say my real gift is acting!” — Bruno

5. “I am the strong one. I am not nervous.” — Luisa

6. “Today’s the day I make my family proud.” — Mirabel

7. “Your eye is doing the… doing the… thing.” — Mirabel

8. “And that’s why coffee’s only for grown-ups.” — Mirabel

9. “Sometimes family weirdos just get a bad rap.” — Mirabel

10. “In our darkest moment, we were given a miracle.” — Abuela

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11. “You’re just as special as anyone else in this family.” — Julieta

12. “Mirabel, the fate of the family is gonna come down to you.” — Bruno

13. “In time, every member of our family was given their own magical gift.” — Abuela

Memorable Encanto Quotes to Take You Back to the Film

Try to read these quotes without jumping right back into the movie—or song—as you go.

14. “We don’t talk about Bruno!” — Pepa

15. “Bruno, your room is the WORST!” — Mirabel

16. “Welcome to the Family Madrigal.” — Mirabel

17. “Casita, help me out! Drawers, Floors, Doors!” — Mirabel

18. “Did someone say flowers? Please… don’t clap.” — Isabella

19. “My gift wasn’t helping the family, but I love my family.” — Bruno

20. “We must protect our home. We must protect our family.” — Abuela

21. “Surrounded by the exceptional, it’s easy to feel unexceptional.” — Agustin

22. “If you weren’t always trying so hard, you wouldn’t be in the way.” — Isabela

23. “Even in our darkest moments, there’s light where you least expect it.” — Mirabel

24. “So full of stars, and everyone wants to shine. But the stars don’t shine; they burn.” — Mirabel

25. “I gave you the special since you’re the only Madrigal kid with no gift. I call it the ‘not special’ special. Since, uh, you have no gift.” — Donkey Delivery Man

What Happens to the Madigral Family?

Fifty years later, the family is enjoying life in Encanto, where all of the Madigral family receive magic “gifts” that they use to serve the villagers.

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When young Mirabel sees Casita, their home in Encanto, being destroyed, she has a short time to work with her family to save the magical home before it is too late.

Although Casita is damaged, the family comes together and restores Casita bringing the family closer together than ever before.

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