25 Five Feet Apart Quotes From the Romantic Drama Movie

These Five Feet Apart quotes will leave you wanting to watch the movie.

Five Feet Apart is a romantic drama movie that was released in 2019 and was based on the book of the same name by Rachel Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, and Tobias Iaconis.

Justin Baldoni directed the movie.

Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, and Moises Arias, among others, starred in the film.

Upon release, the movie received mixed reviews from critics.

Still, it did well at the box office, grossing over $92 million against a $7 million budget.

The movie’s plot follows two teenagers named Stella and Will, who both have cystic fibrosis.

The genetic disorder makes patients susceptible to infections, so someone with cystic fibrosis should not get closer than six feet to another person.

Take a look at these Five Feet Apart quotes to learn more about the movie.

The Best Five Feet Apart Quotes

Take a look at some of the best Five Feet Apart quotes.

1. “I love you so much.” — Will

2. “You’re not losing me.” — Will

3. “Five feet apart. Deal?” — Stella

4. “I’m tired of wanting things.” — Will

5. “Stella. You need to lighten up.” — Will

6. “Six feet at all times. I got it.” — Will

7. “I’m tired of living without really living.” — Will

8. “Six feet at all times. You both know the rules.” — Nurse Barb

9. “Sorry to disturb you, but do you know how much a polar bear weighs?” — Will

10. “You really can’t practice just a little bit of discipline even to save your own life?” — Stella

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Five Feet Apart Quotes From Stella

Here are some Five Feet Apart quotes from one of the main characters, Stella.

11. “So, he’s a CFer?” — Stella

12. “These meds are not optional.” — Stella

13. “What are you doing? Do you have a death wish or something?” — Stella

14. “You’re the kind of guy that ignores the rules because it makes you feel in control. Am I right?” — Stella

15. “The rule is that we’re not supposed to get within six feet because we could end up catching each other’s bacteria.” — Stella

16. “This whole time, I’ve been living for my treatments instead of doing my treatments so that I can live. And I wanna live.” — Stella

17. “Like all kids with cystic fibrosis, I was born terminal, which doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to die tomorrow, but I could die tomorrow.” — Stella

Five Feet Apart Quotes From Will

Check out these Five Feet Apart quotes from the character Will.

18. “Shake on it?” — Will

19. “Oh. You’re deaf.” — Will

20. “I’m Will Newman. And you are?” — Will

21. “I need you to be safe from me.” — Will

22. “Painting class with Bob Ross. He’s dead, yeah.” — Will

23. “I just don’t know if I can walk away if you are still looking at me.” — Will

24. “Hey, my lungs are toast, okay? Can you just let me enjoy this view while I can?” — Will

25. “Look, I get that you have some kind of save the world hero complex going on, but can you leave me out of it?” — Will

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What Happens to Stella and Will?

Stella and Will fall in love, but due to their disorder, they cannot be closer than six feet to each other, although they decide that five feet is enough.

Stella eventually gets her lung transplant, but Will learns that his treatments are not working.

As he is infected with B. cepacia, he realizes they must break up so that he can save her life.

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