50 Picnic Quotes For The Outing Lovers

Picnic quotes are on the rise due to the awareness people are getting to spend quality time with family and friends.

The hustle culture has gripped the masses so tightly that most people neglect the importance of quality time with their loved ones, family, or friends.

Spending quality time is now becoming a luxury, and people are not participating in outdoor activities, due to which the happiness index has declined many folds.

If you want to grow emotionally and desire more focus and peace of mind, make quality time with loved ones a top priority.

Due to advancements in technology, the mode of transportation improved so much and now it becomes easier to go to places that were pretty difficult to reach in the past. 

Picnic quotes are booming in popularity as travel companies encourage families and corporates to relax and chill out in the outlands with fresh air and vibrant sceneries.

Marketing campaigns and social influencers also promote the picnic culture by using picnic quotes in their content. 

But before heading toward the quotes section, let’s first define a picnic. 

What is a picnic? 

A picnic is a simple party with family or friends in an outdoor place, preferably near a lake, pond, or river, with healthy homemade meals.

Picnic is a tradition that spans thousands of years when people go out with their family, friends, or colleagues at work in beautiful places like lakes side, hilly areas, and grass fields and enjoy the tasty foods.

From emperors in ancient China to Kings of the Roman Empires, a picnic is loved by humanity as it gives us a little escape from the monotonous life and acts as a fresh breeze to recharge our minds.

Picnics follow some standard rules or norms all around the globe. Following are the everyday things people usually carry. 

  • Picnic Blanket
  • Picnic foods
  • Picnic Drinks (mostly fresh juices)
  • Jams 
  • Plates and glasses
  • Board Games
  • Kites
  • Napkins, cameras, musical instruments, etc.
  • And more!

Picnic makes a stronger bond with your family and allows them to connect with you and each other on a micro level. 

It increases the trust level among partners and brings joy to life.

If you want a fresh mind and fast growth, you need to add the picnic to your list after every few weeks or months to keep you active and healthy on all fronts.

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Now keep enjoying reading the best quotes we have compiled for you.     

Top 10 picnic quotes

Here are the top 10 picnic quotes you will like to read and share with your loved ones.

1. “The examined life is no picnic.” — Robert Fulghum

2. “Nothing is better than a picnic.” — Zooey Deschanel

3. “You bring your own weather to the picnic.” — Harlan Coben 

4. “Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors.” — Alice Walker

5. “I’ve liked lots of people ’til I went on a picnic jaunt with them.” — Bess Truman

6. “Among the delights of summer were picnics to the woods.” — George Brandes

7. “A picnic is more than eating a meal; it is a pleasurable state of mind.” — DeeDee Stovel

8. “If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all the picnics?” — Marie Dressler

 9. “I’m not opposed to a fancy meal, but I’ll take a picnic any day… food and nature? Sign me up.” — Ryan Paevey

10. “There are few things so pleasant as a picnic lunch eaten in perfect comfort.” — W. Somerset Maugham

Picnic quotes that are Insta-worthy

Check out the top Insta-worthy picnic quotes for your social media posting.  

11. “Life is a picnic when friends are around.” — Unknown

12. “Life needs a few more polka dots and picnics.” — Unknown

13. “How I feel when my sundress matches the picnic blanket.” Unknown

14. “When life gives you lemons… you make lemonade and go on a picnic.” — Unknown

15. “One compensation of old age is that it excuses you from picnics.” — William Feather

16. “Dinner and a movie, forget that. I’d rather have a picnic and a waterfall.” Amanda Grace

17. “Anyone who thinks that the climbing of Denali is a picnic is badly mistaken.” — Hudson Stuck

18. “Things taste better outdoors. And if it’s a forbidden thing, so much the better.” — Franny Billingsley

19. “Picnics are very dear to those who are in the first stage of the tender passion.” Arthur Conan Doyle

20. “I’m really big on day dates. If you go for a stroll, have a picnic or lunch with a glass of wine – it doesn’t get better than that” — Meghan Markle

Picnic quotes that are deep

Check out the deep picnic quotes and enjoy the meanings of these quotes.

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21. “Life is neither a picnic nor a pain” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

22. “Without picnics, life would be unbearable.” — Unknown

23. “A picnic may well be a metaphor for life” — P. D. James

24. “Cole’s law states that you must bring it to picnics.” — Unknown

25. “One man’s panic funds another’s picnic.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

26. “Expect it to rain nine times out of ten if you’re having a picnic.” — Unknown

27. “In a doubting democracy the picnic is often gatecrashed by the government.”― Mantaranjot Mangat

28. “Nobody knows why you go to a picnic to be uncomfortable when it is so easy and pleasant to eat at home” — John Steinbeck

29. “Picnics enable you to be outside, eat fun finger food and enjoy that greatest of pastimes: People-watching” — Gregg Wallace

30. “Never plan a picnic’ Father said.’ Plan a dinner, yes, or a house, or a budget, or an appointment with the dentist, but never, never plan a picnic.” ― Elizabeth Enright 

Unique and sensational picnic quotes

These are unique and mindful picnic quotes to soothe your mind. 

31. “The only thing missing in my picnic basket is you.” — Unknown 

32. “Did he annoy me? Yes, he was like a wasp at a picnic.” — Gary Barlow

33. “Like the end of a picnic, all the weenies will be roasted.” — Kim Harrison

34. “I am a critic – as essential to the theatre as ants to a picnic.” — Joseph L. Mankiewicz

35. “Having less food but with more people to share time with is what is important in a picnic.”  — Unknown

36. “As a diabetic, I’m a walking picnic. I have to eat measured amounts of food at certain times.”  — Elaine Stritch

37. “A food truce, the picnic suspension of oedipal feeling that permits the generations to love each other at family reunions.” — Karen Russell

38. “I adore war. It is like a big picnic but without the objectivelessness of a picnic. I have never been more well or more happy.” — Julian Grenfell

39. “If life on Planet Earth was really supposed to be a picnic, we would all have been born clutching gingham tablecloths.” — Jonathan Cainer

40. “No, it is not only our fate but our business to lose innocence, and once we have lost that, it is futile to attempt a picnic in Eden.” — Elizabeth Bowen

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Some more picnic quotes 

These are some more nostalgic picnic quotes for you.

41. “Life is a picnic on a precipice.” — W.H. Auden

42. “A picnic with kites is the feast to enjoy.” — Unknown

43. “If the wolf had ever come to our back door, he’d have had to bring a picnic lunch.” — Bill Anderson

44. “Refreshing failures roll off the travel easel like ants from a picnic blanket.” — Sara Genn

45. “If the rain spoils our picnic, but saves a farmer’s crop, who are we to say it shouldn’t rain?” — Tom Barrett 

46. “They remember when their parents went out there, had picnics on the Beck’s Mill grounds. It was the nostalgia of it.” — Larry Nelson

47. “My dream date would be a hike through the woods followed by an outdoor picnic followed by a glass of wine at sunset. Heaven!” — Nina Agdal

48. “Nature never quite goes along with us. She is somber at weddings, sunny at funerals, and she frowns on ninety-nine out of a hundred picnics.” — Alexander Smith

49. “I am never at picnics. The ground was not meant to be sat upon in its raw state, I feel sure, and I prefer my food without either caterpillars or drafts!” — Phyllis Bottome

50. “The only thing is quality of life; if you have a place where you can go and have a picnic with your family, it doesn’t matter if it’s a recession or not, you can include that in your quality of life.” — Jim Fowler

Which of these picnic quotes is your favorite?

This is our special compilation of the picnic quotes for you. 

There are various quotes ranging from funny to nostalgic and thought-provoking.

Some vibrant and unique quotes remind you to relax with family and friends and chill out to improve your mental health.

We hope these will spark the will of picnic in your heart and that you will join the party soon.

Take a break and breathe in the fresh air with the healthy picnic basket and the kites in your hands.

And don’t forget to tell us your favorite picnic quotes and sayings in the comment section below. 

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