25 George Lopez Quotes From The Comedy Master

Our George Lopez quotes will prove to you that he really does it all.

Some people brag about being Superman, and others actually are Superman.

George Lopez has worked hard to build an empire for himself and his family.

Learn what motivates this master of comedy with our George Lopez quotes. 

Who is George Lopez?

George Lopez is a writer, producer, executive, author, performer, comic, actor, and businessman. 

He runs a brewery, a salsa company, a restaurant, and a camp for kids.

The better question is, what doesn’t George Lopez do?

In addition to a diverse portfolio, Lopez has earned:

  • Numerous Grammy Nominations
  • A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Time Magazine 25 Most Influential Hispanics In America

How has George Lopez shifted American culture?

Lopez has helped pave the way and normalize Mexican and Chicano culture into the fold of American popular culture.

Some people who live in places that lack diversity only know other cultures through what they see on television or in movies.

George Lopez created a lane for himself to showcase what makes his culture special, and audiences across the nation have benefited. 

His status as a titan of comedy transcends his ethnicity.

George Lopez is not just a Master of Latino Comedy but a Master of Comedy.

His stand-up specials have earned critical acclaim and garnered financial success. 

George Lopez and his kidney crusade

Fans of Lopez know he has a genetic condition that causes his kidneys to deteriorate. 

You probably have noticed his dramatic weight loss if you have been following him. 

Lopez has lost about 50 pounds due to a healthier lifestyle

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In 2005, his former wife Ann gave him her kidney, and his surgery was successful.

Lopez uses his platform to create awareness about his condition.

He even had his character’s son Max diagnosed with a similar illness on The George Lopez Show. 

To learn more, check out our George Lopez quotes below. 

Short George Lopez quotes about why Mitt Romney won’t get the Latino vote

Lopez insists that Mitt Romney is a Chicano who passes as a white American. 

1. “He ain’t going to get it.” — George Lopez

2. “Mitt Romney wants the Latino vote.” — George Lopez

3. “Mitt Romney is a Latino, and he won’t admit it.” — George Lopez

4. “But he won’t admit it. ‘I am not. I am Danish. I am French.’” — George Lopez

5. ”His father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Mitt Romney is a Chicano.” — George Lopez

Hilarious George Lopez jokes about weed brownies

George Lopez loves the simplicity of his weed brownie recipe. 

6. “Just get some Duncan Hines brownie mix and cook the weed right in there.” — George Lopez

7. “Very simple to make, too.” — George Lopez

8. “Drop it right in with the butter.” — George Lopez

9. “Marijuana brownies are amazing.” — George Lopez

10. “I don’t know who came up with this idea first, but it’s sheer genius.” — George Lopez

The best George Lopez quotes about beans, corn, and Mexican culture

11. “I like to go to a barbecue and see beans that I like: baked beans, red beans, black beans, big plump garbanzos.” — George Lopez

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12. “We’re Mexican, not Mexican’t!” — George Lopez

13. “Mexican people never say they’re sorry.” — George Lopez

14. “Chicanos never say congratulations when people do well.” — George Lopez

15. “But in the end, I always come home to my sweet, sweet corn.” — George Lopez

Funny George Lopez quotes from the comedy master

Lopez has reached legendary status with a long and accomplished career. 

16. “Go to the Hallmark store and look for that card. ‘Do you have a Now-You-Think-You’re-All-Bad card?’” — George Lopez

17. “Obama is the closest thing to a Latino that we have. Barack. Everybody wants to see his birth certificate too.” — George Lopez

18. “Life is too short to not have an orgasm every day.” — George Lopez

19. “When he starts paying the bills, then I’ll say sorry.” — George Lopez

20. “Look, I made a commitment to corn 17 years ago. Sure, I’m a man.” — George Lopez

Famous George Lopez quotes about embracing who you are

Lopez learned that you cannot run from where you come from. 

21. “When you think that honesty and truth is really your best weapon, you embrace it and put it behind you.” — George Lopez

22. “No one should be ashamed about where they come from as long as you desire to be a compassionate and decent person.” — George Lopez

23. “I tried to lie my way through better times.” — George Lopez

24. “I used to be ashamed by the way that I grew up.” — George Lopez

25. “In the end, it drives you and motivates you to do good work.” — George Lopez

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George Lopez is the American Dream

The American Dream suggests that anyone from any background can work hard and find success.

George Lopez exemplifies how determination and hard work carry us to our dreams. 

Do you have a favorite George Lopez quote?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below. 

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