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Hades in Greek Mythology

In ancient Greek, the term Hades was associated with the god of the underworld.

He was among the twelve Olympian gods.

Poseidon and Zeus were the two brothers of Hades. 

He was a god that ruled the dead.

Generally, Hades was portrayed as a gloomy and dark figure.

He had a helmet that made him invisible. 

Hades is also known for his emotional and stern demeanor. 

Here are the different attributions to Hades as a god:

  • Hades as a ruler of the dead
  • As a sign of wealth

Hades as a Ruler of the Dead

Hades is also popular in Greek religion due to his ability to control the afterlife of the dead.

He is responsible for deciding whether a soul will go to heaven or hell. 

Hence, he is the god who decides the fate of a soul. 

There are three different realms of the underworld, and Hades ruled over all of them.

These include:

  1. Tartarus 
  2. The Fields of Asphodel 
  3. The Elysian Fields

The Elysian Fields was one of the most popular of all these realms.

It was a paradise that was reserved for those who lived virtuous lives.

As a Sign of Wealth

Some myths also refer to him as a Pluton or the god of wealth.

Hades was known to have a strong connection with wealth.

This is so, as most precious gems and metals are underground. 

His connection with the underworld and wealth made him a powerful figure in the Greek economy.

Even in the modern era, Hades is known as a sign of wealth.

This aspect is commonly observed in the fashion world. 

For instance, various popular fashion brands have utilized the term Hades.

Depiction of Hades in the Modern Life

Hades is depicted in an array of styles and forms. 

For instance, Hades is a powerful and well-known character in a video game named “Hades.”

Although the game isn’t based on the original Greek religion, it appears to have drawn some inspiration from such methodology.

In this game, Hades is portrayed as the father of Zagreus (a protagonist). 

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He is the ruler of the underworld and a formidable opponent.

He exercises unmatched power and control over the souls of the dead.

Top 10 Hades Quotes

Here are the top 10 Hades quotes for mythology fans.

1. “Yes! Hades rules!” — Hades

2. “Let’s get ready to rumble!” — Hades

3. “Was that supposed to hurt?” — Hades

4. “Are you calling me a minor god?” — Hades

5. “So is this an audience or a mosaic?” — Hades

6. “It’s a small underworld, after all, huh?” — Hades

7. “I know, you know! I got it; I got the concept!” — Hades

8. “Hercules, stop! You can’t do this to me; you can’t.” — Hades

9. “I mean, believe me, if anybody knows conquering, I know conquering.” — Hades

10. “I, Hades, Lord of the Underworld, will personally send you to the land of the dead!” — Hades

Hades Quotes from Kingdom Hearts

Enjoy reading quotes by Hades, the god of death and ruler of the underworld, from the Kingdom Hearts series.

11. “You’ll pay for this! I have a very, very long memory!” — Hades

12. “Don’t tell me… You’re after the one Zeus hid on earth?” — Hades

13. “Oh, right, there was one rule I forgot: Accidents happen.” — Hades

14. “Did you forget who you’re talking to? I am the Lord of the Dead!” — Hades

15. “Kind of on a schedule. Don’t have time to toss around the old fire and brimstone.” — Hades

16. “See, that’s the thing. In the Underworld, heroes are zeroes-comes with the territory.” — Hades

17. “Hades, Lord of the Dead. Nice to see you. Hey, guess what? I got a place for you down under!” — Hades

18. “I thought you’d at least be useful enough to take out Hercules once and for all…But no, you’re useless after all.” — Hades

19. “Laugh, laugh, laugh all you want! Because the laughing is about to stop. Wanna know why? Because now we’re gonna play by my rules.” — Hades

20. “Fortunately, I still get to—them—destroy you. Rules say you face me next. And I have a whole lot of darkness…with your name on it!” — Hades

Hades Quotes from Hercules

Here are some of the most memorable quotes spoken by Hades in the Hercules movie.

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21. “My favorite part of the game. Sudden death.” — Hades

22. “Memo to me, memo to me: maim you after my meeting.” — Hades

23. “All we have to do is find out Wonder Boy’s weakness.” — Hades

24. “Baboom. Name is Hades, lord of the dead, hi, howya doin’?” — Hades

25. “And now that I set you free, what is the first thing you are going to do?” — Hades

26. “Anybody listenin’? It’s like I’m – What am I, an echo or something? Hello?” — Hades

27. “They couldn’t handle him as a baby. I need somebody who can…handle him as a man.” — Hades

28. “Bingo, they’re immortal. So the first thing we gotta do is make the little sunspot…mortal.” — Hades

29. “How sentimental. You know, I haven’t been this choked up since I got a hunk of moussaka caught in my throat!” — Hades

30. “I’m sorry. You mind runnin’ that by me again? I must have had a chunk of brimstone wedged in my ear or something.” — Hades

Hades Quotes from Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Hades is a recurring character in the “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” series. Some of his memorable quotes from the series are below.

31. “Hello, Father. You’re looking…young.” — Hades

32. “I am not an Olympian! My family has made that quite clear.” — Hades

33. “You liked that Orpheus fellow too. Look how well that turned out.” — Hades

34. “No, godling. I need no help getting subjects! I did not ask for this war.” — Hades

35. “My children are so rarely happy. I … I would like to see you be an exception.” — Hades

36. “My son here convinced me that perhaps I should prioritize my list of enemies.” — Hades

37. “There’s a war in the world above. You and Persephone are better off here with me.” — Hades

38. “The commute time alone from the palace to the gates is enough to drive me insane! And the dead just keep arriving.” — Hades

39. “Have you any idea how much my kingdom has swollen in this past century alone, how many subdivisions I’ve had to open?” — Hades

40. “I will prepare a room for you at the palace in case you do not survive. Perhaps your chambers would look good decorated with the skulls of monks.” — Hades

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Hades Quotes about Hades

Read on to learn what others have said about Hades right here.

41. “The road to Hades is easy to travel.” — Wilfred Bion

42. “The descent to Hades is the same from every place.” — Anaxagoras

43. “For even bold natures flee, whenever they see Hades close to life.” — Sophocles

44. “What horrible things would you have to do in your life to get woven into Hades’s underwear?” — Rick Riordan

45. “The myths about Hades and the gods, though they are pure invention, help to make men virtuous.” — Diodorus Siculus

46. “Nay if even in the house of Hades the dead forget their dead, yet will I even there be mindful of my dear comrade.” Homer

47. “For Hades is mighty in calling men to account below the earth, and with a mind that records in tablets he surveys all things.” Aeschylus

48. “Hades, God of the Dead, has built a gambling empire in the mortal world, and his favorite bets are rumored to be impossible.” — Scarlett St. Clair

49. “Tragedy is dead! Poetry itself died with it! Away, away with you, puny, stunted imitators! Away with you to Hades, and eat your fill of the old masters’ crumbs!” Friedrich Nietzsche

50. “Easy is the descent to hell; all night long, all day, the doors of dark Hades stand open; but to retrace the path; to come out again to the sweet air of Heaven – there is the task, there is the burden.” — Virgil

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